14 Weeks And Cramps And Lower Back Pain

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Kar - September 17

Hello All.....I've had some cramping really like period cramping and lower back pain....I had a m/c at 11 weeks last time and i guess I'm just worried anyone else have this? Am I kindof over the hump of having a m/c yet?


amybaby2 - September 17

they say when you hit week 14, the likely hood of m/c goes down to 5%. So, you can probably relax a little. i know when i was prego with my 1st, i didnt relax until i could feel her move, and then i still counted down to 35 weeks i figured by that time, if i had her she would be ok. at my 12 week appt, i asked if i could be having braxton hicks yet, he said that it was probably cramping, because braxton hicks dont start until 16 weeks...he said as long as i am not bleeding, everything is fine...i have had horrible back pain..dont know if it is due to pregnancy or not...i hope this helps!! we should keep in touch, i am 14w2d, due march 16..when are you due??


Bailey2786 - September 17

Yes you are over the hump once you hear the hb the first time :) the cramping could just be gas or just growing pains! my back has hurt so bad since day one! GOSH sometimes I just want to cry.. they think the baby might be on a nerve or something! Also I am very sorry about your m/c! I had one at 10 weeks but hey think the fetus was only 8 weeks when he/she died! I know thats really hard to deal with and scary! i wish you the best of luck!


Kar - September 17

Thanks Gals........I'm due Mar 18 amybaby would love to keep in touch!! Where r u from?


christan10 - September 17

Im 24 weeks and i have really bad lower back pains and period cramps...i dont know what they are but they come and go and are driving me crazy...i go to the doctor tomarrow for a reg. check up and plan to ask him about them


amybaby2 - September 18

KAR..I live close to York,Pennsylvania, in Felton. where are you??


redhead125 - September 18

Good questions! I have been having similar pains, though they aren't regular and seem to come and go (a few a day)--but they are disconcerting. Put your feet up and rest if you can, and stay off your back when lying down. If these pains come at regular intervals, it wouldn't hurt to call your doc. I am sorry about your mc--I had 5 first trimester miscarriages before this pregnancy (almost 17 weeks!). The worrying just never goes away. You're in my prayers.


Kar - September 18

amybaby, I'm from canada


Nutmeg - November 19

hey ladies. I'm also due may 16th! Right now going thru some terrible cramping and lower back pain. Can't help but freak out a little bit, but the only thing that has put my mind at ease is that I just had an ultrasound a day ago and I have another OBGYN appt tomorrow. Using a heating pad at the moment and that seems to help a little bit, but not much. I'm from the Harrisburg PA area. Nice to see someone due the same day as me! 



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