16 Weeks And New Weird Sympton Bladder Pressure

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Lisa Pizza - October 3

Help! First time pregnant and wondering if this is normal. I have had had weird pressure on what feels like my bladder and slight pain in my lower abdominal area this week- feels like a UTI in that I feel like my bladder is full all the time and then I pee- and it is not painful at all- but not a lot. It feels like this just happened over the past couple of days. I am still carrying low- meaning that my pregnant belly has not popped yet and wondering if this normal? is this pain roudn ligament pain?? Is pressure on the bladder normal?? I feel like I go to the bathroom every 15 minutes! Help!


Jessica - October 3

Hi Lisa Pizza. It is round ligament pain. It really stinks. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have the same thing. It happens for me when I sit for to long or just random times. When it happens I feel like I have to pee real bad but when I stand up it goes away. I thought the second trimester was supposed to be the easy part? Guess not!


Lisa Pizza - October 3

Hi Jessica! It is so annoying! I went to a meeting over lunch this afternoon and we were seated for about one hour and when I went to walk back to the office- I could barely walk it hurt so bad!!! Any idea how long this lasts???


Jessica - October 3

I am not quite sure how long it lasts but I am guessing the whole time. The round ligament is a muscle that supports your uterus and the pain is because it is streching/growing with your baby. Mine happens when I lie on the couch watching t.v. I know your not supposed to lay on your back but sometimes it is just comfortable well that was until this started happening. It puts so much pressure on your bladder like a UTI. I went to the doctor about it and she said its normal. Just another joy of pregnancy. Hopefully it will get better. Or try not sitting for long periods of time.


Christy - October 4

I am the same way. I'm really glad I read your post, I'm 26 weeks and for me it has only gotten worse. My doctors office acts like I'm a nut. For me there is some pain when I try to go and my bladder is not full. It feels like spasms. Anyways, Lisa pizza, it's 8:30 in the AM and I seriously want some pizza now!!!


?? - October 4

Does it feel like you;ve got like a big rock just sitting in your bladder? That is what mine feels like,


Me too - October 4

Hi, I am 14 weeks and have the same thing. I was watching a movie the other night and when I got up to go to bed, I could barelly stand up it hurt so bad. I was a little nervous at first but since the pain was down and on my side I figured it was round ligament pain. When I work up the other morning I had it too, but not as bad. I thought we were suppose to feel great in the 2nd trimester too! Oh well, its worth it!


Lisa PIzza - October 5

Yes that is what mine felt like- it is off and on and my doctor thought I was crazy too. She was like round ligament pain is only on the sides and not a pressure or pain in your lower abdominal area... but i think it is that- I mean she tested for a UTI and it was negative. Today it is all but gone! Who knows!!! So funny the weird things happening in your body!


nikki - January 4

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and am also feeling the same thing....it feels like pressure right on my bladder ( or in that area) sometimes if i put my hand on it and press it helps maybe it makes the baby move and it only happens every once in a while but its a bit scary...the doctor said it was just the baby moving around and everything stretching..no worries!


26andpreggo - October 14


Oh my god me too!! I'm also 16 weeks preg with my first baby and it seriously feels like someone dipped my bladder in acid and now it just burns/throbs all the time, especially when standing up. I seriously don't think it's normal. I have a high pain tolerance and don't want to seem like one of those whiners who overreacts in Internet forums. This seriously SUCKS.

Rount ligament - Don't think this is it. The pain is centered deep in my bladder--not on the sides at all. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've felt those already. They hurt, but not nearly as much or as constant as this. 

UTI - Don't think this is it either. It hurts all the time, but it doesn't hurt more when I pee. No burning when I go or frequency beyond what I imagine is normal for pregnancy.

It kills after sex too. No STDs. Ahhh let me know if you find anything out! 


kristinstylisy - April 5

Didn't any of you ever figure out what was going on? Did it just go away after you had your babies? I have the exact same annoying problem. It started a few days after I hit 16 weeks. I'm almost 28 weeks now and am still dealing with it! Some days it's better and some days it's awful, it's almost impossible to walk around. So frustrating! I'd appreciate an update if any of you are still checking in here :)



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