24 Weeks And Very Uncomfortable

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DinaAW - March 10

Today is the start of week 24 for me (that's six months, right?) and I am more uncomfortable than ever before!!! I have been experiencing leg cramps, hip and back aches, and lots of pressure in my low back. The worst part is I feel like I have a twenty pound weight resting on my pubic bone! I am so uncomforatble walking around. Have any of you ladies experienced this? Doesn't 24 weeks seem a bit early to be this uncomfortable? And to already be waddling?


Tanna - March 10

you know I'm only 16 weeks and my hip is already giving me trouble.


Mindi - March 11

I am 24 weeks as well.....when are you due Dina? I have been experiencing this pain since I was about 18 weeks. It is the worse for me at night when I am trying to sleep. My left lower hip/pelvis just kills me. It also hurts if I am up walking for a little bit. So far I have found no relief. Let me know if you do?


DinaAW - March 11

Thanks for your responses ladies! I thought 24 weeks was too soon to feel this unconfortable but I guess not. I am do June 30th. How about you Mindi? As for relief from the pain...my doctor told me to use a support belt. It is not the most comfortable thing...or the most attractive but it does seem to help. Good luck!


cherryripe - March 12

Hey! Im 24 weeks tomorrow! :-) My advise to add along with the support belt is to really try to sleep on your right hand side (I have to have pillows all proped up behind me to help me stay in that position) and to try to take it as easy as you can with everything you do, cause remember girls we still have nearly another 4 months to go! Look after yourself! I hope this helps a little! (fingers crossed)


Been There - March 12

I've been having sore hips since 7 weeks. Yesterday some b___t pain started. I'm 19 weeks and I'm still trying to figure how to relieve the discomfort. If the waddling provides some comfort, I'm all for it.


Mindi - March 12

DinaAW- I do have one of those support belts, I guess it's time to break it out and use it. As for when I am due, I am still up in the air. When I went in for my first appt., I had a due date of June 26. Then, when I went in for my first u/s (internal one at 8 weeks), the dr. pushed it back to July 3. So who knows, because I read that sometimes you can measure smaller in the beginning, but during the middle, you catch up. I am hoping at the 7 month u/s they can give me a better idea. Oh, and I thought it was recommended to sleep on your left side instead of your right? Just wondering, I am a flopper.....I go between the two all night long.


DinaAW - March 12

I have also heard that it is much better to sleep on your left side. My doctor said to try to avoid sleeping on my back or right side and if I wake up in that posittion just to flip back over to my left side. I know it has something to do with blood flow for you and your baby, but I'm not sure. Anyone know why left is best? Also, have you ladies felt that pain and pressure on your pubic bone? Sometimes it's a sharp pain and other times it just feels like a weight. Any advice?


pammers - March 12

hey ladies...i'm also 24 wks pregnant & starting to have horrible back pain...'specially at night...sleeping has become sooo uncomfortable...it is also best to sleep on your left side (if u can) this helps by shifting the weight of your uterus so it's not putting pressure on your liver & large vein that moves blood back to heart from your feet & legs...good luck to all!!


stokie tania - January 2

24 weeks is not 6 months (there are 52 weeks in a year!)


stokie tania - January 2

24 weeks is not 6 months (there are 52 weeks in a year!)



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