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softbreeze200 - February 5

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with acne?? I have asked my dr. (she is also a dermatoligist) and she said that really there is nothing that is "reccomended "to use during pregnancy. Just wondering if there was anything that anyone found worked for them. Thanks!!


sarah21 - February 5

I have used Proactive since I was 16. It helped a lot during this pregnancy, too. There was a period when it didn't keep up and I added straight hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and put it on my face twice a day and it really helped with the acne and blackheads. Just follow up with a good moisturizer.


softbreeze200 - February 5

Is proactive safe to use?? I had asked her about this and she said that it was "not reccomended". I would really like to use something to try and keep it under control. Did you use it on your chest too?? I knwo not on your bbs - but on your chest under your collorbones? Any suggestions for the back??. This is so frusterating, as I never had a problem before this. Thanks so much for your help!! :)


newlywed0915 - February 5

There is a safer alternative to Proactiv...and it has better results. Also there isn't much bleach in the product as there is in Proactiv. Do you have regular acne problems, or is it just the pregnancy hormones enhancing it? I have two products I use that you could try....


softbreeze200 - February 5

I do have a slight acne condition when not pregnant, but since I have become preggers it has gotten so much worse. And on my chest and back. Any suggestions Newlywed would be really appreciated. :)


newlywed0915 - February 5

well, if you check out beautipage.c o m /criccomini and look for Acne Care or Skinlogics for 20's skin...those work. I would reccomend trying out either..but I think the Skinlogics for 20s skin would work for ya. I'm not trying to be a "seller", but it IS something I sell... I joined this company so I can be a stay at home mom when the baby arrives. Anywho- it works...because I use it, and my face is back to clear! I'm just here to offer a helpful suggestion. If you're willing to try it, go ahead. ;-) I know it sux when you feel ugly, bloated, and preggo and your face doesn't look any better either...and you just want to cry. Lol.


softbreeze200 - February 5

That is great Newlywed!! Thanks so much, I am going to check it out! ANything to help get my skin back on track.!! Thanks again!!:)


newlywed0915 - February 6

no problemo! ;-)


ekay03 - February 6

Quick question Newlywed.....Do you know what is in that product, like as far as active ingredients? Just curious. :-)


xvkx - February 6

Mint julep facial masque. You can use it as a spot treatment or whole facial treatment, and it doesn't have any of the chemicals that are normally put in acne treatments - it's mostly clay and volcanic ash. For daily washing I've found St. Ives Apricot scrub for sensitive skin does really well (the regular kind might be too rough), and if a little extra boost is needed their Apricot Cleanser for acne prone skin has a very negligible amount of salyctic acid (2% vs. the normal 9% in other acne products).


disko love - February 6

i have used proactiv for several years now through my last pregnancy and this one. it has worked wonderfully. my doctor said it was safe to use.


stefkay - February 6

Do any of you know if the skin will go back to normal after pregnancy? I'm having terrible acne too and have resigned myself to it for the rest of the pregnancy. I use the apricot scrub and cetaphil bar soap because I can't use the other stuff I used to use (I'm too scared to use the clinique scrub with salicylic acid and would rather just go natural for now). 3 years ago I suddenly went from never having an acne problem to having severe adult was so unexpected and very hard to deal with so I went on accutane and it cleared it up completely! I rarely ever got a zit after I finished the 5 month treatment and was ecstastic. As soon as I got pregnant it has been one breakout after another on my face and upper back. All the red spots from my earlier bout with acne had disappeared finally and now it's all back .I'm really worried it won't go away after pregnancy and I refuse to do the accutane again as it is really hard on the body and liver.


softbreeze200 - February 6

Stefkay - my dr. swears to me that it doe get much better after baby is here. She said that women that tend to get it throughout their pregnancy actually end up with nicer skin afterwards. An idea for after if you are planning on going back on the pill after baby, you can try Dianne. It is a birthcontrol that helps with acne. I had been on it and it was a charm. Much much easier on the body than accutane. SOmething to think about. Thanks so much ladies for all your suggestions!! ANything to help feel better is great!! Happy baby dust to you all!! :)


Emma4328 - May 26

ClearPores Acne Treatment - great results in quick time. this helped me reduce the signs of my acne in time for my brothers wedding!



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