Any Suggestions For Facial Acne

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AshleyB - July 3

Hi, I"m 16wks along and my face is completely broken out. I've always had nice clear skin and so this is insane for me. And I can't seem to get on top of it. Do any of you ladies know of a good treatment for this? I've been using a deep pore cleanser from clean and clear, and some rubbing alcohol on the really oily spots. Anybody know of anything better?


cmfqueens - July 3

I had the same problem and starting using Aveeno clear complexion face soap and it seemed to work rather well. Good Luck!


SuzieQ - July 3

I use aveeno too, and it seems to work fairly well. Also, (and I know you'll hate to hear it :) water does wonders for me. When I get dehydrated - and this never happened before pregnancy - my skin breaks out I noticed. So lots of water works for me too


AshleyB - July 3

thanks ladies, I'll give it a try!


KLT - July 3

I use Cetaphil to clean my face...its really gentle. Then I use Proactive. Seems to help for the most part. My problem is my chin stays dry and red though and I can't get rid of that. Someone on here suggested using olive oil....i'll give that a try and see how that goes.


San_dee - July 3

You wil hate to hear what i did then ha ha, my face got so oily and gross nothing was working (and boy i was trying) i ended up just using plain soap, it worked wonders, i know soap will dry out your skin but mine was super oily i needed to go to drastic measures and afterwards my face felt the nicest it had in years


ThePezChick - July 3

My doctor said I could use over-the-counter acne medication.


sa__sifras - July 4

Step away from the alcohol!!! That will make your skin try to over compensate for the lack of oil and you will have an even oilier face, which means more breakout!! I tried proactive with my daughter, but it only worked for a few months. My dermatologist gave me erythromycin, but I stopped using everything and just waited for it to clear on its own. As an aesthetician I am ashamed to admit this, but I have been using Dove bar soap! I also use Oil of Olay moisturizer. My skin finally cleared this pregnancy around 18 weeks. Hang in there, don't over do it!!


ashleyandbaby - July 7

I have been using this facial bar that is made of egg whites, it makes my skin feel so soft. I have had bad acne before and now that I am pregnant it just got worse. The bar is helping out a little, but i don't think i will ever have beautiful skin..


Emma4328 - May 26

ClearPores Acne Treatment - great results in quick time. this helped me reduce the signs of my acne in time for my brothers wedding!



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