Anyone Carrying Small And Having A Boy

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wantsecondangel - August 10

Okay, this is my second pregnancy and again I'm carrying small. With my first, I had my DD. I'm currently 17wks and barely showing and again I'm wondering if I'm having another girl. My maternal instincts is telling me another girl, but secretly I'm hoping for a boy. :-) So does any of you ladies out there carried small in the beginning and is having a boy? I would love for some comments. Thanks!!


sahmof3 - August 10

I carried small the whole time with my first one. No one would believe I was as far along as I was when I was near my due date lol. He was not only a boy, but a big one (9 lbs. 5 oz. 21"). I thought for sure it would be a tiny little 5 lb. girl for as small as I was ;-) I had a girl next and another boy after that, but I got HUGE with them (with those two pregnancies people thought I was 9 months along by the time I was 6 months haha)!


evae777 - August 10

silly question to add... but does carrying small or big necessarily determine if it is a boy or a girl??


sahmof3 - August 10

No, it doesn't really mean anything, but girls on average are smaller than boys, so I was leaning more toward girl because I was so small.


DeeD - August 10

The way you carry means absolutely nothing. Some people are bigger or show more and others are smaller. It can also vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. I am on my seventh baby and I just started showing about 4 weeks ago. But my first baby I was HUGE. It really just depends.


wantsecondangel - August 10

Thanks ladies!! Yah, it's more of an old wives tale "girls you carry small and boys you carry big." I know it varies from person to person, but i'm just to impatient to find out the s_x and thought I'd ask for some experiences. I will find out the s_x in another 2 wks...can't wait!! I'll keep everyone posted then. Thanks again.


Gemini_Girl - August 10

weird - ive heard that if your having a boy you have a small bump, all at the front, and if its a girl the weight is more wide spread! probably old wives tale though!


tori205 - August 10

actually gemini i carried my daughter all in the front and now my boy all around...but yea it's prob an old wives tale..:) little girl weighed 6 lbs 12 doc says this baby(boy) is big and is not going to be a 6 pounder.


Ashley86 - August 10

Oh yes I'm 6 months and I just started showing! And I'm having a healthy baby boy! Before I found out he was a boy I was surrrrrrrrrre he was a girl cuz all the old wives methods said I was having a girl! But now I'm showing fairly good...but my friend (it's her first pregnancy too) started showing as much as I was now at about 3 months! At 4 and a half months I was flat tummied and now I'm showing...I find I show more in maternity clothes...and since I like people knowing I'm pregnant I LOVE to wear them!


dezzx0 - April 18

I'm 25 weeks tomorrow and I'm having a boy. I'm also carrying low & smaller than most. It's also my first baby. I never heard the saying, carrying big = boy or carrying small = girl. I heard if you carry low you're having a boy; carrying high means girl... But who knows how accurate that really is. I show more some days than i do others. Two days ago I showed way more than I do today. It's odd. But there are so many factors that make you carry a certain way. Thankfully my little man is growing on track right now.



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