Anyone Else Get Pregnant On The Pill

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frustrated - April 23

I am 12 weeks and got pregnant because I was late starting a new pack of the pill. This is the 2nd time I have gotten pregnant on the pill. My boyfriend is still mad at me and brings this up all the time....He thinks that I got pregnant on purpose, he says things like, "how could you forget?" Or.. "if you had only told me you had stopped taking it"... How common is it for people to get pregnant on the pill?? By the way, I am happy about the pregnancy now, I was not at first. I am hoping he will come around eventually.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 24

I have known several people who got pregnant on the pill. One was taking antibiotics and got pregnant and one was was taking them as directed. Scary!!!!


Heather - April 24

i was on the pill and now 21 weeks.


Beth - April 25

I got pregnant on the pill, and once I started telling people I was pregnant they would say "oh I got pregnant on the pill to" or "so and so got pg on the pill" I was like well why didn't you all tell me that when you got pg!! haa haa. Its like when you announce you are pg to your friends you need to mention it was on the pill so they all have that IT REALLY DOES HAPPEN warning!!


me - April 25

ur joking!!! i jus started taking the combined pill called yasmin. hope it works cuz i dont think there is another alternative cuz my boyfriend dont like condoms.


Beth - April 25

What is a combined pill?


frustrated - April 25

Well my boyfriend is finally coming around, saying he wants a boy and stuff....but after this baby...(I will have 4 kids) and one of us has to get fixed. I can't take the pill because even if I miss a day...I can get pregnant!


D - April 26

I was on the pill for 5 years, never got pregnant :) However, one friend got sick, threw up a pill - hence beautiful baby girl... Another got pregnant 3 times on the pill, thankfully (in retrospect - her husband got increasingly abusive prior to their divorce) she miscarried each time.


me - April 27

combined pill tricks body into thinking its pregnant so no ovulation will happen and also makes cervical mucas thicker.


Carol - April 27

Almost all my friends got PG on the pill....supposedly - all of our husbands have been friends since high school and they still think they are in high school (now 35) - I don't think any of them would have said - its time to have a baby ( too big of babies themselves haha) But anyway there are at least 3 of my girlfirends that were actually on the pill and got pregnant. Statics say 3%, but I have a feeling it is more - especially with the low dose pills


mel - April 27

I was on the pill for 6 years and even though I missed a few pills sometimes, I never got pregnant.


Mistee - April 27

I got pregnant on the pill but I think it's my fault. My car broke down when i was going to get a new pack so I started a week late but from the due date I think I was pregnant before I was even going to start the new pack so who knows


tinya - May 30

i took my pill late and my boyfriend let loose in me can i become pregnant?


To tinya - May 30 can happen. Just make sure you use protection (condoms) if you missed a pill or two (or more) if you do not want a baby right now.


Lynn - May 30

If you take the pill exactly as directed then it is very uncommon to get pregnant. There are a few women out there though whose bodies don't respond correctly to the hormones in the pill, hence it does not work for them. I know several people who say "I got pregnant on the pill" and after further discussion it turns out that they either missed a pill or two, were taking antibiotics, started a new pack late, etc, etc. I know some women who told their husbands/boyfriends that they were on the pill when they weren't, hence they "got pregnant on the pill". I was on the pill for 11 years & never got pregnant. I would miss some occasionally and would use other protection that month but other than that, no problems what so ever. There is a differece between being "on the pill" and "using the pill correctly" and that small difference usually results in a little baby.


lilmum - May 30

my friends have TWO children due to the pill and the depo-provera shot (respectively). I would also like to add, taking the pill properly would mean you take it at THE SAME TIME every day. In the morning one day and before bed the next day, especially if you have been on it for a long period of time, can result in pregnancy.


abeer1984 - June 24

i'm now start yasmin pill because i need to be pregnant  can same one help me yasmin pill is help full for perganacy or not. because 2 yr i'm tray get pregnant. but resalt zro my doctor gave me yasmin pill 21 days.

plz reply me:



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