Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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JMP - April 7

My BF loves my pregnant belly!! He is so so sweet and I know he's totally obsessed with the belly lol..I love being pregnant 9 months out of my total existence is really nothing at all. I love all the attention from my BF and all of our family. This is my first so I'm totally embracing this miracle that I'll only experience a few times in my life. I miss having wine or going out all night but this is much better than all of that! I guess you can also say I'm so happy because I never got sick or experienced any annoying symptoms except some intolerable headaches and bloating..but anyway I'm really excited can't wait =)


Missie76 - April 7

Hey Ladies Sorry I haven't been around. Had my baby shower on Sunday and it turned out awesome! Had it at the park and the weather was perfect!!! Have any of you suffer from swollen feet? Ugh, it's really disgusting. My feet don't look like mine! I drink tons of water and still get them. What is your remedy? SO tired of my shoes not fitting.


jlecabwit - April 8

I have a reason why your feet get swollen, the key is from salt. Salt can make your face, even create pimples and make you gain to much in your pregnancy. You find Salt in some foods that are already there, you just have to look for foods that does not contain that much in foods, and try not to use any extra salt. I love salt however as what my doctor and even my whole family tell me, you get an after affect which can come out looking horrible. Anyway you just have to soak your feet and keep them raise about 20 mins. or less depending on how horrible they come out. Anyway, I hope this helps... ask your doctor [ they can give you many other reason but to me i think you are taking to much salt [ it all the signs as what you mention in your note above.


MNMOM - April 21

Yes I hate it. All of it. Also I hate myself for hating it. UGH I can't win :(


littlekmom - April 21

I am not a happy, glowing pregnant woman--I'msick all the time. The only thing I like about pregnancy is that, at some point, I can go several months without having to suck in my stomach.


Bumblebee - April 28

I hated it while nauseous... but now that it has settled down, and I can move about freely, look for clothing, found some cute stuff, and can cook and eat better, I am starting to enjoy it. Also, all the attention is fun ! LOL..


Bumblebee - April 28

Oh but I do miss working out and doing some of the yoga that I cannot right now...


Dicegirl15 - June 5

I think that I previously posted that I do hate being pregnant. Now that I am over the being sick and can finally feel the little one move, I like it. I think I like it only because I know that DH and I have created such a beautiful baby! I hated being sick and now I find that I hate a couple of other things too. I hate having almost no energy, back aches, sleepless nights (which I will need to get used to), head aches, and getting out of breath so quickly. So I guess the only thing I do like is knowing there is such a perfect little guy in there letting his presence be known by his constant kicking LOL. It is so awesome and cute!


l0z - June 29

I hate pregnancy, and im only 8 weeks! :S It's painful and makes you feel sick ...I cant wait to get it out!


MyLifeNotYours - June 29

I love being pregnant!! If it wasn't cause this is my 3rd c-section. I would have 4 kids. I love everything except throwing up. I love feeling kicking & my belly growing. I love having no period. My husband finds me more s_xy.


aprilrayne9 - June 19

btw I absolutely hate it. this is my second time round and it was worse this time.... I nvr had morning sickness with my first but this one made the first pregnancy look like a piece of cake even though I hated that one too. I love to go out here and there and enjoy food and drink and that's instantly off the list when pregnant. I first couldn't eat what I used to love (got sick) then I couldn't eat as much (not enough room) and then eating made me bloated and out of breath in third trimester. then the back pain, the discomfort of not being able to sleep on your stomach, the mood swings, the helplessness, the lack of comfortable clothes, and most of all nvr being able to find a comofrtable sleep position while getting up to pee every hour. and for me my personal worst is feeling the baby move, I love my baby and I love my daughter whose 15 months but omg being pregnant and the baby movement hurts so bad it feels like they are kicking me withot abandon and it really hurts. sometimes it feels like they are twisting your insides and raking your insides with their nails. it is horrible. I'm 36 weeks and I can't even begin to tell u how much I resent my husband and eeveryone else who thinks pregnancy is a piece of cake. :/ omg make the end come faster plz thnx :)



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