Anyone Have Dreams About The Sex Of Their Baby

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Tiffany814 - December 12

I'm just curious if any of you have had dreams about the s_x of your baby and it turned out to be right or was confirmed by an ultrasound? When I was pregnant with my son and I didn't know it was a boy, I had dreams about a girl all through the first and second trimester. This pregnancy I keep having dreams that I'm having a boy, for weeks now. I'm due on June 22nd. It may be because I really 'feel' this time that it is a boy?? I don't Feel free to share your experiences!


meganmacg - December 12

I had several dreams I was getting a girl. Ultrasound says... it's a boy. I'm happy, I just thought it was funny that I kept having girls in my dreams.


^lucy^ - December 14

with my daughter, i always saw a boy in my dreams.. but then we knew by an u/s that she was a girl and i kept dreaming about a baby girl who was actually me when i was a baby :) now, we still dont know the s_x of this baby, but we're hoping for a boy so i can have one of each and stop :) so thinking about boys, i see boys in my dreams this around as well, we'll find out!


Santana0409 - December 18

Every single dream I had before I found out was about a little girl so I was shocked when I saw a p___s on my ultrasound.


Tiffany814 - December 18

I did read somewhere that sometimes when you're pregnant you will have dreams about a girl and really your pregnant with a boy and vice versa. Apparantly it's pretty common, so we'll see.


Shal - December 21

I'm 13 weeks and keep dreaming i'm having a boy, i told my gran this and she says my baby will be a girl as the old wives tale says you reverse your dreams?? from reading this thread it looks like she could be right lol


squirrely4 - December 22

well the old wives tale is kinda weird then... b/c i have had dreams that my baby was a girl and the the next night a boy and back and forth... i was hoping that would mean twins, but no luck there is only one bun in the oven. I love the IDEA of twins but am glad that its not happening after all this is my first baby...


icelandmommy - December 29

Yes I did all three times and turned out I dreamed of boys the first two and got two boys and this time I dreamed of a girl in a stroller with my two boys and its so far a girl, and whats even cooler is that my hubby told me all three times what the gender of our baby would be and he has been right:O


IsabellasMommy - January 27

With my first pregnancy I kept having dreams of a boy and it turned out the baby was a girl. Now with this one, I've had dreams the baby was a girl (my friend even had a dream the baby was a girl) but we have to wait to find out with this one. I'm hoping for a boy, but I'm thinking it's another girl.


augustmommy3 - January 27

That is really funny, i kept on having dreams that i was having a boy, for some reason though, i have a feeling it's a girl(intuition). I'll find out the gender in 4-6 weeks, so will see what happens. I'll be happy either way, since it's the first one. The only thing i worry is that all these dreams also include an early labor, like i was giving birth after 4 or 5 months with lots of complications although the baby was all healthy. Maybe it's all opposite as well and in fact, i will have a normal 38-40 week labor :)


Missie76 - January 27

I keep dreaming of a boy and my gut instinct says it's a boy. We aren't gonna find out the gender until the birth, so we'll see!


xare - January 4

My wife dreamt we were having a baby girl, and I dreamt that we were having a baby boy. So we will see.


mrsrogers2012 - January 19

My stepmom told me that my first is going to be a girl. Her family has this superst_tious thing where they have this intuition that it'll be a specific gender and they are ALWAYS right. Though its too early for me to know the gender of my baby or if I'm even having a baby yet. I'm 13 days late and having tons of pregnancy symptoms but still getting negative test results. I'm getting an ultrasound done on Tuesday so ill know then. But I've been having dreams about both a boy and a girl. So I don't know yet :)


ERIKA060813 - January 21

sinc the night before i found out i was pregnant i kept dreaming that i was having a baby girl n i had a feeling the whole time that i was having a girl n just last thursday i found out that it is a girl. which is strange because my dreams werent right with my other two kids


mrscriado87 - September 20

I had a dream I had a baby girl but have wanted a boy and feel like this is a boy.. I have 5 girl. I hope to find out monday. I also was told u have opposite of what u dream about. We will see.


xare - September 20

We ended up having a baby girl and now we are expecting baby #2 and I dreamt it was a boy again so if it holds true it will be another girl 100% unless my wife dreams of something different this time around then that would change everything



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