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c2beaudoin - February 4

Kristen- When I heard the heartbeat it felt so unreal, it's feels so weird to be pregnant. It's kinda like how I felt on my wedding day, you dream about it forever and when it finally happens to you it feels so out of this world. You see other people go through but then when it's your own turn it's so exciting. Now my next excitement will be the ultrasound :) I can't wait to find out with you what you're having, since we're waiting it out I have to live through the rest of you who are finding out :)


tritty - February 7

that's funny that you are living through all of us. that's what we're here for, right? so, we got almost 3 feet of snow this weekend. that's a big deal for us here in virginia because our winter snowfall average is 6 inches. lol! we've had 60 inches already this winter. we have 3 feet on the ground now and we're supposed to get 6-8 more inches on tuesday and then ANOTHER snow storm this coming weekend. seriously?!? we're gonna have snow up to the roof. lol! i'm getting over my sickness. thank goodness. i finally started some antibiotics and i think that's helping. i still have a lot of congestion in my lungs and i'm hoping that will clear up soon. other than that i'm feeling pretty good. counting down the days until my ultrasound. 3 more to go!!!!


fismama - February 9

well so technically I am not an August baby (although in the end I most likely will be) but I can't not check in with you ladies... I am 10w4d and I dont ever feel well and I think it's because I cant ever seem to find anything that sounds good, so I dont eat and then I get sick...the only things that sound good are ice cream, smoothies and thats about's the middle of freakin winter and I cant start this that early.. Celine: I am so happy you finally got to here your baby that is probably one of the best feelings ever!! Tritty: ok so how far along are you now? and you get to have an ultrasound exciting and your going to find out right?


lynzelou - February 9

i had another appointment today to meet with the doctor. she said all my tests came back great so no worries there! phew! heard the heartbeat again and it was at 158 bpm. she also made a comment i had a nice strong uterus which made me laugh. how are you supposed to respond to that? anywho, i can't wait for next week. we're finding out the s_x on monday so i'll definitely be posting something that night. tritty - gald you're feeling better! fismama - i can relate to you on the food thing. nothing seems good to me and i have to force myself to eat certain foods. i pretty much only want apples and grapefruit. when i make a meal what i have been doing is grabbing a small plate of it and even if i only take a couple bites i figure it's better doing that than only living off of fruit! i hope you find something that agrees with you and you start feeling better soon!


lynzelou - February 9

anyone else having crazy dreams? i've been having dreams every single night. i don't remember all of them but last night was a weird one. i was dreaming that i really wanted to see the baby and i could see the outline of its foot coming out of my belly. for some reason i was able to take the baby out of my stomach and hold it and all i wanted to do was kiss its feet! in my dream we still didn't know what we were having but when i was holding it, it felt like a girl! i read online that because of hormones and all the changes that go along with pregnancy we tend to dream more. was just wondering if anyone else had some interesting ones!


c2beaudoin - February 10

I have weird dreams all the time, usually about things that I watched on tv that night. On Monday night I had a crazy CSI dream lol. The thing I find the most is the dreams are really descriptive and for me it's almost always like a "build your own adventure" type of dream lol. So far I haven't had any baby dreams, but just other weird dreams. So it's 8:45am here and I'm eating potato salad lol! I brought it as my lunch but as I was driving into work all I could think about was the potato salad in my lunch, as soon as I got to work I dove into it haha. And I tell you it was so worth it, mmmm. I think I've finally found my craving, get ready for it... Frank's RedHot sauce lol! I put it on everything, it's soo tasty, it doesn't give me heartburn or anything. It's so bad that I will even alter what I make myself to eat so I can make sure I can put Frank's on it. Well I hope everyone is doing well, I feel ten times better now I can ease my miscarriages fears, I feel like I can just relax and enjoy the ride :)


hoping4bpf - February 10

Hello Ladies! I am excited to join you!! so glad to hear all of the updates as the other forum has DIED my morning sickness has greatly subsided which is nice and my appet_te is coming back. I actually lost 3 pounds so I guess this is where I start gaining! We have another ultrasound on Wednesday I am so excited! But we do not get to find out the s_x until March 24th so I cannot wait to hear all of your news!!!


hollyl2313 - February 10

Wow... There has been alot going on around here. I'm so jealous of you ladies that are getting your gender ultrasounds already!!! I'm excited to hear what everyone is having. My Dr. only does ultrasounds between 18-20 weeks, so at least another month to six weeks for me :( Tritty~ your ultrasound was today, right?? Can't wait to hear how it went. My next appt. is Tuesday the 16th. I am so tired all the time. It's worse than 1st trimester, ugh. No naps for me with 3 other kids running around. I have always had very vivid crazy dreams, but I did dream last week that I was going in for my ultrasound and just before I was about to lay down on the table ...I woke up! My biggest craving right now is pepper rings, (kind you get at subway) I'm sure it won't be long before they start giving me killer heartburn. I wish I was as excited about this pregnancy as you girls are. Things at home aren't very good and I just have so much anxiety about having another child. (I thought I was done having kids) I'm hoping the further along I get the more excited and happy I'll be. Keep up the updates mama's. Take care!


tritty - February 10

Hey all! So glad to see more of you making your way over! So today WAS supposed to be my ultrasound (prepare for me to vent). Lol! However, mother nature has decide to dump blizzard after blizzard on us here in the Washington D.C. Area and EVERYTHING is closed due to hazardous roads. We got 35 inches (yes, almost 3 feet) on Friday last week and we are just getting the roads cleaned from that and we get 12 more inches last night and we are expecting another snow storm this weekend. I mean, seriously?!? Enough is enough already! Needless to say, I'm going to have to reachesule my appointment. I hope I can get in there soon! I've been having funny (vivid) dreams too! I'm almost embara__sed to say but we can't control our dreams, right? Lol! Anyhow, all I dream about lately is s_x! Haha! I feel like such a perv but I honestly can't help it. It just started over the past few days but still..... In hoping that soon comes to an end. Maybe intelligender was right and I am having a boy, thus the "h__y" dreams. Oh lord, the joys of being prego. Anyhow, we are snowed in so I'm going to go watch a movie with my family ;)


fismama - February 11

Tritty: I am so sorry about your appt. I would be so mad LIVID!!!! but what can we do mother nature just feels the need to vent sometimes OK so your dreams ya well they might not go away..I had them the entire time with Fiona and now this time there even better...but my ? is have you guys had s_x? Because I notice when I start having them I need to do it and then I dont have them for dont have to answer that but try it and see if it helps...I have they so bad that I can feel the "O" coming in my dream and I wake up and ya know just have to do it..makes my hubs happy for a few days]]]lol Celine: after my notty dreams have been lay to rest for awhile I totally have CSI dreams CRAZY!!!!! I love that show and when your a stay at home mom reruns are fab.. So Tritty do you still feel like a


c2beaudoin - February 11

Tritty- That really sucks! I was excited to find out what you were having lol. If I'm disapointed I'm sure you are ten times more! I feel for you, waiting sucks!!! I have s_xual dreams all the time, well since I've been pregnant they are pretty frequent lol. So don't feel like a perv, I'm sure it's all the hormones screwing with us. It's so cute, my friend at work is 7 weeks pregnant and the other day she comes to me and asks me if I get crazy dreams and I laughed. I told her it's totally normal lol. Is anyone else starting to show? I'm starting to show quite a bit and I get so annoyed with people, they're always like wow your pretty big for 3 months are you sure you're not having twins. I just want to tell them to shut up, way to make a girl feel good about herself geez! Like getting a belly at this stage is a bad thing lol. I just tell them that I'm going to be a huge mama haha.


Rosiemama - February 11

OK here I am. I thought I was too early to come over here (I'll be 14 weeks on Saturday) but I guess not! So, I heard the heartbeat at nearly 12 weeks, now I have an appointment on the 23rd where I'll hear it again, and then I have to wait until March 24 (nearly 20 weeks) to have my next ultrasound. My colleague is a week behind me (12 1/2 weeks) and had one yesterday, so I got to see approximately what mine would look like. My thing right now is: I opted not to have any of the genetic testing done. I am a paranoid person with a lot of anxiety PERIOD let alone while pregnant, and I just didn't think I could take it. My doctor casually agreed and said no worries. Now I am worried that that was a mistake and my window for it is closing - by my next u/s, it'll be late. I guess I shouldn't obsess - I wanted this pregnancy badly enough - but it just crossed my mind yesterday and now I can't shake it. Did any of you opt for the tests?


c2beaudoin - February 12

Rosie- I think it's a good idea you didn't do the testing. Would you really want to know about any genetic abnormalities? Think if you did find something then you would be thinking about it for the next 6 months! I think whatever is meant to be will be and you just deal with the cards you are given.


c2beaudoin - February 16

So has anyone else been extra tired lately? I'm finding myself extra tired since entering the second trimester. Everyone keeps telling me I should be getting my energy back but it seems my trimesters are reversed lol. I had tons of energy in the first trimester when normally you should be extra tired because of all the changes lol. I've been sleeping 12 hours or more a night and I still feel like I could use a nap in the middle of the day.


hoping4bpf - February 16



c2beaudoin - February 17

Lily that is awesome! Were you hoping for a boy??? I'm so jealous you guys all get to find out lol it makes me want to find out as well but I know my husband will never go for it lol, he's old fashioned. He wants it to be a surprise for every single pregnancy, lame a__s haha.



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