Baby Movement In The Rectum Near Bowel Back Side

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Martha2007 - April 13

I am today 24 weeks 6 days. Sometimes I also feel the movement (vibaration feeling) in the r___m portion also. I feel the baby movement in the pubic area and slowly feeling kicks near belly button since two weeks. The feeling in the r___m or near bowel little weird. Is that normal? Anyone else feel it. I will ask doctor in my next appt anyway.. Thanks


jodie - April 13

Hey Martha. I have never experienced movement in the rectum before..but maybe the baby is kicking your intestines or something and that puts pressure on your b___t. I would deffinately ask just to see. It would be interesting to see what the doc says.


kimberly - April 13

I've never felt it there before either. I guess baby is just sitting low and maybe it just feels like the kicks ore coming from there. I would ask also.


pregnant76 - April 13

Martha, I've felt the same thing. Sometimes at the same time as when it feels like she's kicking my cervix. It freaked me out too. I actually called my midwife in the middle of the night for it bc I was so scared. She told me its okay and its good that the baby is moving! GL!


guest01 - April 13

me too...frankly speaking i never understood where exactly i am feeling it..but its quite low..sometime i felt its in v____a..and i also got affraid that is it some contractions happens!! i am 23 wk 3 days..i am more concerned bc in my 20 wk u/s doctor told me that my placenta is low and i have to do one more u/s at 28wk to check positionof placenta..I understood that it indicates i am not carrying low..but if i am not carrying low how could i feel it so low!! quite confusing..i am going to meet my doc. in next week..


lawlady72 - April 13

Feel it a little too. I don't really think it's in the rectum, I think it's just whatever he's kicking is moving everything around back there. Feels weird though.


jessicaspatherapist - April 13

i've felt the movement there and lately i've had really bad pressure that causes pain in the rectum (i'm 25 weeks)......i can feel the hemroids coming already :(


rjrmi - April 13

I haven't felt action by my rectum but I have felt ALOT by my cervix! It started when I was at a funeral in the front row. It was a catholic service and we had to kneel for about 10 minutes. I started tap dancing down there and it was making me jump everytime I felt it! I wasn't sure if I was going to pee my pants or end up with a foot poking out! He's done it a couple of times since then but never as much as then!


aliciavr6 - April 14

Oh I feel her kick me there all the time.


Wandab - July 12

Hello everybody, I'm 25w 5d I been feeling my baby movement in my rectum this is my 3rd pregnancy and this is the first time I feel something like that, is weird and I don't like it I prefer the kicking in the front not the back. I know a lot of movement mean healthy baby but I don't want to be 37w with a baby kicking my buttĀ 


NElizabeth - August 11

Everyone feels and experiances the kicks differently. I have never felt it near the rectum, but Im sure its normal. You can also ask your mid wife or obgyn.



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