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Kayla - February 24

im 17 weeks pregnant and at 13 weeks i was told that i had a blood clot in my uterus and a rip in my placenta has anyone else heard of this?


Abby - March 11

I'm 6.5 weeks and have a blood clot in my uterus too. Doc said it happens when the gestational sac attaches to the uterine wall and breaks a blood vessel. The clot needs to be watched because it can grow and tear the placenta from the uterine wall. Watch for bleeding (red, not brown blood) and severe cramps. He said that the pain I'm feeling and cramps come from the blood irritating my uterus. Good luck to you, hope all works out for the best.


Sunts - March 17

Hi, I also have a blood clot in my uterus and in the 13th week of my pregnancy I started bleeding (red) a lot and was put in hospital for days total bed rest. The bleeding stopped the very next day but ever since I have brown blood coming out, not too much though but it hasnt stopped or reduced. My last check up 2 days back showed that a part of the placenta is torn cos of the bleeding and that is critical. I'm in the 16th week now and under total bed rest still and just hope I dont lose the baby. I dont have much pain though


lisa-n-jose - March 21

I had cramps and spoting threw out my pregnancy i also was getting sick alote all i was told was dehidrated and told to drink my 35 th week i thought i was in labor they told me i had a yeast infection and was dehidrated.they told me to go in the waiting room and drink three cups of water and if my cramps were mild i could go home so i did they told me i was mesuring big they thought i had diabetis but the test came back negative.On march 15th i woke up not feeling good at all then i starded to bleed heavy cup fulls i past a blood clot the size of a soft ball mabey bigger i went to the hospital and had a emergency c-section because the baby was not breathing. the blood clot ripped my placenta. can anybody tell me why they did not find the blood clot.i had 3 ultra sound. my last ultra sound was on feb 5 2005 i dont know why the didnt see it.


Ashley - March 21

Hi Lisa, How is your baby? I cant beleive the tech or doc didnt see that size of a clot. I hope you are ok.


Rosanna - June 1

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I was just told that I have a blood clot and it is right in the placenta. They told me not worry but to rest alot, they say that because I have made it to 12 weeks that I should be fine, Do you thing this is true


sunts - June 1

I had written earlier, about my blot clot from the 13th week. Finally after 7 weeks the bleeding stopped after total bed rest!! Now I feel fine, I'm in the 27th week and my baby is doing great so far.. so dont give up hope, it was a very hard phase for me too at home sick and bleeding, but think positive & things will get fine again.


DIONNE - June 7

I'm 14 weeks now but,when i was told I was 2 maybe 3 weeks ago that i had a blood clot in my placenta doctors still havent did anything yet im still in pain..please help


BAL - June 7

I have been having severe cramping and bleeding(some clots). The doctor say it is my period but it is different. The blood is much redder and smells different.


Christine - June 22

I am 22 weeks and I have a blood clot the size of an orange right above my cervix. I started bleeding heavily two weeks ago and pa__sed some clots. I went to the emergency room and they admitted me for a couple of days. Now I am on complete bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. They told me to watch for bright red blood not brown blood. I am still bleeding. No signs of bright red blood. I just pray and hope not to have any futher problems. Until then I rest all day and watch alot of reruns on tv. Good luck. I know it is stressful. I feel your pain.


Michelle Williams - July 14

I am 9 weeks preganant and last week when I went to the bath I found myself looking at an blood clot that was hard so when I touch it It was blood that came out of it


MrsShabby - July 14

Have any of you been checked for clotting disorders? I have one and was told that I need to be monitored for clots. I take baby aspirin and extra folic acid to prevent clots. I think it is worth checking into, especially since the treatment is so easy.


Kris - August 16

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been experience severe menstral type cramps since the beginning (no bleding or spotting). Yesterday during and ultrasound the doc told me I had a blood clot in my uterus which was causing the placenta to not form correctly. He then said don't worry...Yeah right! Has anyone with this problem successfully carried a baby to term and then safely delivered a healthy baby? PLease advise, I am freaking out!


Justine - August 17

Kris - I had a blood clot in the uterus which was picked up at 8 weeks. It grew very large several times the size of the baby and caused me to bled 10 times until week 14. Mine was away from the placenta. I'm 28 weeks now and everything is fine and the clot has gone. There's a group of girls on the Pregnancy complications website who have all got the same thing - the thread is called Subchoroinic Hematoma.


HeidiK - August 13

@ Christine ... I've also got a 5x2cm blot clot above my cervix (next to the sac). I started bleeding heavily at 14 weeks, was booked into hospital for 6 days and have been on bed rest after that. I'm 20 weeks now and still bleeding brown blood. Have you stopped bleeding? And have you had any other problems?



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