Conceived Late And Having A Girl

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Kristen - March 20

I have 18 month twin boys and I am really wanting a girl this time around. This is the delimma. I usually have a 29 day or so cycle. Pretty regular. Well the times we had s_x were on the 18,19,20th days of my cycle. Which you would think that is a little late. My thinking is there is no way I could be having a girl since I probably was ovulating right at that time since it was so late and the boy sperm swam as fast as they could. There is no way I could have ovulated later than that. I was just wondering if anyone is pregnant with a girl and they conceived the day they ovulated?? I just need some hope.


mjvdec01 - March 20

We conceived our daughter on the day I ovulated. She turned two on february 9th. With this pregnancy I have no idea. I just wanted to get pregnant, so we did it five consecutive days to get the job done. We are due to have a boy on july 24th. I am so happy it's a boy because now I am done...the baby factory is closed as of the end of july! Predicting gender is not a perfect science, you sortof get what you get. A friend of mine timed her bd'ing perfectly to try and conceive a girl with both her pregnancies and she has two boys. I say you have a 50/50 chance. Good luck though, please let me know what you are having when you find out.


Cat24 - March 20

kristen will it be that bad if you have another boy? the only way you can find out is through an ultra sound scan and not old wives tales. i hope you get the result you want since another little boy isnt what you want.


bubbasmom - March 20

Ok Cat, I have read several of your posts and never said anything. We all know how you feel about people preferring one gender over another. You don't agree with it. Thats fine, but we all get it. Why must you put people down? We don't need to hear criticizing remarks every time someone has a gender preference. Did she say she wouldn't love 3 boys? Raising a girl would be very different and to think she might never get that chance is a little sad. It is fine to hope. Again, we all know your stance on this issue and I, for one, am getting sick of hearing it. Your point has been made.


bubbasmom - March 20

Now for the question at hand. I really don't know. I have heard that male sperm swim faster but also know someone who tried to plan the gender and got a boy instead of a girl. How far along are you? I suppose you will have to wait until the ultrasound. Good luck


mom_of_1 - March 20

I am having another girl and I know we conceived right before or on the day I O'd. we were kinda trying to up the odds for a boy. So you never know. How many weeks are you?


Kristen - March 20

I am only 6 weeks along so I have got awhile. We were not trying for another baby so when I found out I was pregnant I thought how did I conceive so late in my cycle. I thought It must be a boy with the timing. I had a hard pregnancy last time and if it turns out the same way this time I may not be able to have any more kids so I thought that if it was a girl I would be so excited. But to me I can't get out of my head that there is any way that it could be a girl. Thanks bubbasmom for sticking up for me that was great. I would love three boys I just would love a little girl incase I couldn't have anymore kids. My husband has 5 sisters so we are hoping hereditary plays a role. Anyways thanks for your inputs.


QueenBeeMama - March 20

Hi Kristen! I know what you mean, I have 2 boys, 8 & 4, and I would love and cherish the opportunity to also raise a daughter and add that element to our family. It's like if you have brothers you love what they bring to your life, and if you also have sisters you get to experience a whole different spectrum of siblinghood, and that diversity is a wonderful thing in a family. I hope to have that for our family as well. I don't understand why Cat24 believes anyone would not want a baby they are blessed with. Not wanting the baby is not the same thing as hoping to add a son or daughter to a family? Everyone has issues in certain areas and sometimes are unwilling to look at an issue differently. I've read many a debate on these threads in regard to this, it's not something that she is willing to concede to, she doesn't realize that our viewpoint does NOT mean we won't want or love the baby we are having. We wish to expand our families in the ways we hope for, and it seems difficult for her to imagine seeing the issue that way. I have 2 brothers. I have wished I also had a sister. It doesn't mean I loved, looked at or regarded my brothers less because of their gender. I just wished that I ALSO had the experience of growing up with and having a sister. Anyway, back on topic. I am due in July with a surprise, we were not going to find out, but tried to see what was going on at our 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago but couldn't really tell. So, I go again on April 7th and we'll try to see again. My cycle is almost always exactly 28 days long, has been for at least 15 years. My husband was traveling in October when we concieved and we were only together 1 time that month, exactly day 14 of my cycle. I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated, but I would a__sume it's mid-cycle so I also had a late conception? I'll let you know what we find out!


sashasmama - March 20

Conceived a girl on the day I ovulated. Were "practicing" natural planning for over a year before that so I got to where I could feel when I ovulate.


Aviendha416 - March 20

I don't see how when one ovulates has an impact at all on whether or not an X sperm or a Y sperm wins the race to the egg...


Kristen - March 21

Boy sperm swims faster but dies off quicker. Girl Sperm are slower but live a lot longer. So If you BD the day you ovulate and only that day the boy sperm will probably win because he is the fastest. If you BD 2-3 days before you ovulate and only those days it will probably be a girl sperm that gets to the egg because boy sperm do not live that long. I BD late in my cycle and so I am thinking I am having a boy becuase I don't think I could have ovulated any later in my cycle than the 18th day which was the day we BD. I usually have a pretty normal cycle so..... Does anybody know how many days an egg can survive if I did have a short luteal phase?? Maybe I did ovulate later than the 18th day, I'll never know.


kendra.marie - March 21

well i have one little girl & one little boy on his way. my daughter wasnt planned but wasnt protected against. my thought & theory has to do with the position i swear; with my daughter when i concieved her we always had s_x missionary; dh wanted a boy this time so we tried doggy & guess what ===THERE it was a p___s on my ultrasound; we got what we wanted with one try (not meaning that happens for everyone; but thats my thought on it.) they day they said i conceived was October 16th, 2007 -i ovulated on the 18th (weird i know but thats what i have on my fertility friend. so really i ovulated before i thought i did and luckily enough the 16th we had s_x at night. so theres that. ) hope you get what you want. good luck hunni


joey - March 23

very interesting girls...i also have a boy already who i love withall my heart and is absolutly adorable....pregnant again and would lovea girl in the family...mainly because i think we'll only have 2...but maybe we'll go for 3, who knows. We didn't find out last tme what we were having...i think we will this time though, only because i just want to know!!!!!


ewhile - September 26

kristen: what did you end up having?? was it a girl?


dekraytom - November 13

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


dekraytom - December 11

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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