Concerned With My Heart Heavy And Fluttering

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hannah - August 28

I've been getting these really weird episodes of heavy heartbeats - it feels like like an anxiety attack (though I never had one, but imagine that's how it would feel). My heart would pound realy hard and fast and I can feel them without touching my chesting and feel like I need to calm down, but I'm not stressed. My doctors says it's nothing and that's it normal, but it sure doesn't feel normal. Anyone else getting these? And have you recieved any advice from others?


kades_momma - August 28

I have anxiety attacks, I have for 3 years now. It is scary and that is what it feels like. Heavy beats, hard to catch your breath. But I am 16 weeks pregnant right now and my heart beats so fast sometimes, I see my stomach moving. It could just be pregnancy, because you have so much more blood flowing that, your heart works harder.Hope this helps!-Kari


tinkri - August 28

I also suffer for anxiety attacks, and that is sort of what they feel like. I have been having the same racing feeling in my chest and able to feel my pulse throughout my body at times since about 12 weeks. I spoke to my doctor who said it is normal because of the increased blood volume and heart working harder to pump. Unless it is accompanied by dizziness or actual chest pain, he said not to worry about it. I also only seem to get it bed in the evening or if I have been busy doing housework or something then sit or lay down. As long as it is not all the time, he also said this is normal.


hollyg - August 28

I've never had an anxiety attack but, since pregnancy, my heart beats SO hard. I can ALWAYS feel my heartbeat in every part of my body; arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, stomach, legs....everywhere! It's super weird but I don't think it's bad, we just have WAY more blood and our hearts have to work harder than they did before.....I think! Good luck!


olivia - August 28

I don't get anxiety attacks, but I do have heart flutters like you describe. I get them mostly while laying on my right side and my doctors advise was simply not to lay on that side if it is bothering me. So I a__sume it is fairly common to have some heart palpitations during pregnancy. If you get shortness of breath or a heavy chest during one of these episodes you may want to recheck with your doctor. As hollyg says, your heart and lung work very differently during pregnancy and are also adjusting to your weight changes and extra blood flow. Hang in there and take it easy.


DDT - August 28

I have felt that way for the last 3-4 weeks. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I have episodes where y heart starts to beat faster and I can actually feel it. It isn't a anxiety attack. I'm guessing ...increased blood flow to baby? My heart usually calms down after a little while.


kleem22 - August 28

Wow, hannah, I experience the exact same thing! I am going to be 24 weeks this week, and I have been having that sensation for a couple weeks. I'm going to the doc tomorrow, and I'll try to remember to bring it up with him. It's a scary feeling. It happens to me when I'm just sitting up normally. It happened in the car the other day and then again last night when we were out to dinner. I'm really curious as to what could be causing this!


tubbybear70 - August 28

I too, suffer from anxiety attacks....For those of you whom also suffer from these, they SUCK to say the least. I notice my heart does this more if I am drinking too much caffeine - so if you drink beverages that contain caffeine, I would just cut back some and see if that helps. Also, to the other anxiety sufferers, do you manage through pregnancy ok with your anxiety?? I usually take paxil and then have to get off of it when I get pregnant, and then right back on after the baby gets here. This is pregnancy #4, and with baby #3 - I should have been back on it a while before I had her because I had really bad postpartum depression with really bad anxiety attacks. It is nice to know that I am not the only person in the world that suffers from this.


angie12 - August 28

I have that feeling too mostly in the morning when I wake up it's like I've been running a marathon.....and my heart feels like's it's racing still....I where every I put my hand in my body I feel the heart beat....and I've also experience dizzness and headaches like I'm going to pa__s out.....I've told my doctor and he said the same thing that I've read here that it's the blood flow that is going down to the uterus and it's cutting off my blood from my head so just to stop what I'm doing and take a death breath...I've ask for medication to control that anxiety because it' makes me nervous that I might pa__s out but he didn't want to give me any.....the doctors try not to give you medication to keep the baby safe


b__terflies - August 28

I had this too but in the beginning of the pregnancy. There is not really a whole lot you can do, just sit down and relax. I have found lately that I get really winded from just going up and down the stairs and I am only 14 weeks.


mizzy71 - April 1

I also get this I'm 12 weeks pregnant and i don't suffer from anxiety attacks. My hole body feels like its pulsing like i have just came bk from a run but really just laying in bed and my heart feels like its running a marathon, its mostly laying down when I get this but can also get it when sitting up, its very worring at times. But I'm assuming that its normal as I've done Heep's of research and keep comeing up with the same awncer. Its because of all the extra blood that's circulating in your body with makes your heart work over time. 

If you get any pains in your chest or start finding it hard to breath contact you GP straight away. 



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