Don T Use Cocoa Butter

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Robyn - May 25

I just spoke with my girlfriend last night, who had twins about a year ago, and we were talking about stretch marks. She said whatever you do don't use cocoa butter, I said that I don't but why not? She said when she was pg she had to go to a fetal heart specialist b/c one of her babies was having heart problems, the doc asked her if she was using cocoa butter and she said yes, I slather it on every day. He said to stop immediately b/c it contains caffeine and that is being taken in by the baby causing him to have a rapid heart. I had never heard this before, so I just wanted to spread the word in case anyboy might be sensitive to this kind of thing. Take care everybody!


bumps mum - May 25

this is not true hun


KellyO - May 25

If you do use it, use it in a small areas first to check to see if you are allergic. I was so desperate I slather up it in and a few hours later I founf out I was allergic. At 8.5 months preggo with hives, there wasn't much they could do! I was very miserable! I inherited some new allergies when I was preggo with my first! Now I am 18 weeks with #2 (girl) and I am staying clear of the cocoa b___ter!


LINZ - May 25

Thanks for the info! I began using cocoa b___ter lotion when I first found out that I was pregnant, however since then I have been advised (by friends) to use bio-oil, I have been using this ever since and probably will do throughout my pregnancy x


HannahBaby - May 25

I think that everyone should stop wasting their money on potions and lotions to prevent strech marks. I bought every product under the sun and used it religiously and at 6 months i had so many strech marks that i lost count!! I think it is all in genetics and the people who swear by coco b___ter or what ever else wouldent have gotten them either way. My mom was loaded with strech marks and i only gained 6lbs by the 6th month and was still loaded. Im thinking that maybe Robyns friend had a sensitativeity to the caffeine becuase doctors do say its safe to consume caffiene everyday in small amounts.


dee23 - May 25

i second hannahbaby


Erynn21 - May 25

I'm not allergic to cocoa b___ter, and if it did have caffiene in it the trace amount would have to be so minute that I really couldn't see this as being true. Now it is pretty up to genetics w/ if you'll get them or not, more than likely I won't get very many because my mom didn't, and I really like stathering lotion on my belly, so I will continue to do so, it just feels good.


venus_in_scorpio - May 25

hey - i dont know how much truth there is to this... but my friend who had her baby a year ago advised me that drinking a lot of water helps to keep your skin elastic... and if the idea of cocoa b___ter is to moisturize, we could try hypo-allergenic lotion!


San_dee - May 25

My mum got no stetch marks, and i got heaps of them, all the lotions do is improve the elasticity of your skin, which is the best it can do, cant prevent them, some peoples skin dont stretch as well as others, i will continue to use bio-oil as i know with my last pregnancy i mainly put it on my stomach and yet i did get stretchmarks but not as bad as they rest of my body in which i didnt apply it to


Lilu - May 26

YESS... it is genetics and the elasticity of your skin. And yes... drinking plenty of water helps to get your skin hydrated which helps it stretch. I used cocoa b___ter and I still got some slight... very slight stretch mark on my hips. You an barely see them now. But just some people are prone and others aren't. BUT YES... Venus... your absolutely right with the water!!


fefer1 - June 1

It's genetic from what I've researched. I still slather the lotion on because my skin is itchy and dry from the stretching. I drink coffee every morning too because I I don't think that Dr. knew what he was talking about.


chiyochan - July 30

I actually have a question, this is my first baby. my skin is so dry and itchy lately, so my bf bought me some cocoa b___ter lotion. he told me that a friend who was pregnant had told him it was ok during pregnancy. Im just wondering if it's true cause it works wonders but I don't want to hurt my baby


Teddyfinch - July 31

you should ask your doctor about that but i've heard it's fine. i use a vitamin E lotion since that's what skin needs to be elastic. and hun, if you're prone to stretchies, nothing you smear on will help lol. i gave up long ago lol.


mary b - July 31

There is no way there is that much caffeine in coca b___ter can affect the baby that much. If we are aloud a cup or two of coffee a day (has caffeine) how can coca b___ter be worse???? The baby prob had a condition but it was not due totally to coca b___ter!!!! How much coffee did the mom drink? How much chocolate did she eat a day??? If there was a prob with the baby, the doc probably asked her how much her caffeine intake was a day....she probably didn't tell him the truth for fear of what he would say...trusting her answer he had to ask her to cut ALL outside caffeines....on the list....the Trace trace amounts of caffeine in COCA BUTTER...come on ladies!!!!


Keldalynn - August 1

MayrB...I is just crazy! Cocoa B___ter lotion is okay for little babies (infant brands) I see no way it could be possible to affect a developing fetus if applied to the mother....Nonsense.....Let alone contribute to a heart condition? If anyone believes that I have swamp land for


darius20737 - October 10

Cocoa Butter Contains no caffeine. it is the Cocoa solids that contain about 12mg per 1 tablespoon. There are a lot of "forums" that say one or the other but rely on true sources. I work with the USDA and I can assure you that cocoa butter is caffeine free. review the USDA website and search for cocoa butter. it will be under the food composition databases.


Rocio Kaitlyn - October 25

Pregnant? Want to avoid stretch marks? Use dermalmd stretch mark serum. Rub on right after the shower while still wet. I gained >45 lbs. I credit dermalmd serum with 0 stretch marks. I have others from when I was younger, so I know I get them. I tried a bunch of other mommy oils and butters, but dermalmd serum was the best. It absorbs easily. You can even take it to use for the Non-stress test monitoring instead of the ultrasound gel. For the final month (when you start to feel your skin getting tight) I slathered this on, waited a few minutes and topped with a heavier pregnancy serum. Much thicker and greasier. This is the best for every-day.



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