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ReneeJ - January 30

Hi all, sorry I disappeared. My hubby cleaned out our computer, and it took me forever to find this site again. I am now 22w 3d. I had my ultrasound at 20weeks, and they said there money is on a girl. Baby has been kicking like crazy, we put things on my belly to watch them move around, Hope all is ok with everyone else! Has anyone been having trouble getting comfortable at night?


angelmonkey - February 3

hi everyone am 21 weeks today....ordered my new pram already should be here this week.....im even more excited because i can use it now for my daughter as it can be a single or double....its a phil and teds one if anyone had heard of them.......feeling lots of movment sometimes from the outside its alot harder this time because my DD was 7 half months when i fell pregnant so my belly is still a bit wobbly when im led down so it has a lot more to kick through lol...i remember with my daughter we both seen her move my belly (well sticking something out of my belly) at exactly 23 weeks...but my belly was stretched ect then...so i may have to wait a couple of extra weeks.........renee i wake up alot in the night!...im not as uncomfortable as i was with my daughter at this stage though....i can lie on my belly still (not very comfortably) but if i tried that now with my fist time it would of been like trying to balance on a beach ball lol....how is everyone doing its getting a bit slow in here


ReneeJ - February 4

Well, I guess it is a relief to find out there is nothing wrong with me! I work 2 jobs, so I am getting pretty exhausted from lack of comfortable sleep. Hope all is well with everyone!


shelly08 - February 4

Hey ya'll, Im now 23 weekds 2 days preggers. I have been having no trouble sleeping, too exhausted to stay away. I guess its from running around after my three boys and picking up after my husband who may also count as a child. I have come down with cold lately so my sleep has been disturbed to say the least. It's hard to sleep when you can't breathe through your nose and can't stop coughing. I can't wait till it's over with. I have been finding myself getting really excited lately about my baby girl. I can't wait to see what she looks like. It will be a different experience all around this time. I have no idea what it will be like. I have three brothers and they have all boys as well so I haven't had much experience with girls. I hope everyone is doing great!


stefkay - February 19

Hey girls! Haven't checked in here in a while! I'm 22 weeks now (should have been 23 but doc moved me back, ugh, at my 20 week u/s by like 5 days). But we are having another GIRL!!! I'm so happy :) My dd will love having a little sister. I feel her moving all the time so I hardly ever use the doppler anymore. This morning my dd was lying in bed with me and the baby was kicking her leg which was on my belly .She started giggling (she's 19 months old). It was so cool. I'm getting more and more excited for her to get here but it still seems so far away. I know the pregnancy has gone fast so far though that it will probably be here before I know it. With my dd's pregnancy it seemed to drag on forever! Chasing a toddler definitely makes it harder this time. Hope you all are doing well! I'm ready for warmer weather!!!!


angelmonkey - February 24

wow its been quiet recently........im 24 weeks today..my DD turned 1 on the 8th of this month....we've decided to snatch a quick break 4 weeks before this baby is due.....i wanted it to be as close as summer so its hot but didnt want to risk it to much incase i pop.....i feel this baby jump alot and wiggle around......it likes laying very low down so i sometimes feel it wiggling right on my pubic bone which is a very odd sensation.......every few weeks i get the odd couple of days of morning sickness.....i had th esame with my dd but it was a bit worse so maybe its another girl......my dp has picked the name rhyn for a boy but its not definate just a maybe but its the only boy name we have so far and if its a girl i want its middle name to be ruby and thats about as far as we've got with that one.......hows everyone doing?


dreamy2433 - February 25

hi everyone I wanted to invite you all to check out chatterscene dot com they have a great pregnancy and due date area for mommies to chat in:)


angel7240 - March 26

Hi Everyone. With The labor getting so close I finally got around to decorating the nursery!! I was having a bit of trouble finding nice Mini Crib Bedding Sets and I found these really cute ones at HomeandLiving.com, Just thought I'd share..Im so excited! Good Luck moms!!



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