Looking For A Leachco Snoogle Pillow In Canada

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alwaysfreakingmomma 2B - November 30

Does anyone know how the heck i can get one of those snoogle pillows shipped to canada without costing a fortune? I really want to get one and cant find any stores here that have them! Im dying for a good night sleep!!!


aaaaaaaaaa - December 1

I dont know, but I just have to say, I have a Leachco Back N Belly and it RULES!


Kar - December 1

Hey.......I'm from canada and I got mine from Baby's R Us have you tried that yet? I'm 26wks and not really crazy about mine, its actually under the bed,I use it for one night here and there.


alwaysfreakingmomma 2B - December 1

Thanks I will check there! What dont you like about it?


Kar - December 1

We only have a queen size bed so I find it takes up a lot of room in bed, so its either between me and my husband or me and the side of bed so that makes it hard to get in and out of bed. As well I roll from side to side during the night and it gets in the way.......and I'm getting bigger and bigger and need as much room to roll over as possible.


Gretta - December 1



Gretta - December 1

Oh and I hated mine at first but now that I am getting bigger its a lifesaver and it also blocks my husband from laying all over me which sadly for him I can't stand right now. Poor guy.


alwaysfreakingmomma 2B - December 1

tried ebay but all they had were used ones! i think a pillow is toooo personal to buy used dont ya think? Or, have i just become a major germ-a-phobe?!


aaaaaaaaaa - December 2

I thought my back n belly pillow was WAY too big at firs ttoo (we only have a FULL sized bed, not even queen), but now I love it... and, me, my husband, 100lb dog, and a cat all fit in bed (cozy, but we do fit). Leachco makes really nice stuff!


Gretta - December 2

oooh wouldn't want a used one....ick


babyrama - December 6

Hello Ladies. There are lots of different pillow models made by Leachco. BABYRAMACANADA.COM carries all of them :)



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