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Mari26me - January 19

Hey Ladies! How is everyone feeling these days? I have not been on in a while, just got back from a cruise with my hubby. Shannon, congrats on another baby girl1 :) We found out a few weeks ago we are havinga boy. We already have a 17 month old daughter. I have an OB checkup today. Hopefully I will not have to wait very long. Talk to you all soon. :)


angelmarkie - January 29

Well, I guess I will break the silence here! I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything is still really good. I have gained 8 pounds so far and still feel good (with the exception of acid reflux on some days, back aches on other days, and leaky bladder on other days! LOL). I had my gestational diabetes test yesterday as well and the nurse said that she would call today if abnormal results; no call, so all is good! I can't believe that in just a week and a half I enter into the third trimester and the next time I see the doc, I will be 30 weeks! I learned last week that work is planning a baby shower for me in early March. I am soooo excited! Reality has definitely set in!


Mari26me - January 30

I was wondering where everyone has gone! Angel, I hear ya on the leaky bladder. I have had a few episodes my self. I am also peeing at least 3x a night. It is so annoying! I will be having my glucose test Feb 8, and i hope I di not have gestational diabetes. I never had it when I was pregnant with my daughter, lets hope it is the same again. Wow, almost in the 3rd tri, time flies. I was 23 weeks yesterday. I have gained about 10 pounds so far, and starting to feel bigger. Glad to hear you are doing well.


hiperact13 - January 31

well what a few weeks this has been! I am 26 weeks now but for the last 2 weeks I was leaking amniotic fluid probably from a high leak. So I am now out of the hospital and on bed rest hoping this little girl will make it to term for her mommy who happens to be a NICU nurse and knows to much!!!!! Glad everyone is doing well and man is time flying!!!!


angelmarkie - January 31

Wow Hiperact! What do they do for that? Are you on complete bedrest throughout the rest of the pregnancy now? Keep us updated and I hope that baby makes it at least another 10 weeks! Mari-I, too, wake up several times in the night to pee and I have to wear pantyliners during the day due to the leaky bladder. I am really surprised that this is happening so early. Both my girls also laid low (on the bladder), but I don't remember the leaking urine this early with them. This baby not only lies on my bladder, but he/she also kicks me in it! Needless to say, it is a little uncomfortable.


mommylove2 - February 3

Wow, Hiperact, I couldn't imagine being on bed rest. Will it be for the duration of your pregnancy? My hubby teases me that he is going to put me on bed rest for my legs, as my veins are HORRIBLE! The thought is not appealing, but healthy babies are worth the pain and discomfort. I had a niece born at 30 weeks, and she did beautifully. She is nearly 6 now, and you would never have guessed she was so preemie. Actually, she was "caught up" well before a year. I had my glucose screening at my last midwife appt. Everything is good! My next appt was scheduled for three weeks later (instead of four!) and it makes it sink in that the end is nearing. My next appt won't be fun as I have to get the RhoGAM shot. That is an icky shot! I am excited that the details have been worked out so that I can deliver at the local birthing center instead of the hospital! I am a big advocate of natural birthing (though I know it's not for everyone!) and was worried about delivering in the hospitals in this area. My first two births were hospital births, and they were great. My last birth experience was amazing! The hospital staff were an encouragement, rather than a hinderance to my desire for natural labor. But, we've since moved to a new area and I am excited about the prospect of delivering in a birthing center with a midwife! This baby is so active. I, too, wake at least 2-3 times in the night to use the restroom! And, I understand the leaking issue! No sneezing, please! :)


angelmarkie - February 8

Yay me! I'm headed over to the third trimester board; hope to have you guys join me soon! I am officially 28 weeks tomorrow!


Mari26me - February 9

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Hyperact - How are you doing? I hope everything is going well and that you do not have to be on bed rest until your due date. I am 24 weeks and 3 days. I cannot believe I will be in the 3rd trimester soon. I have to go for my glucose screening this week. Apparantly, I have to stay for almost 2 hours! Did anyone of you ladies have to do the same? I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I sleep. Whenever I sleep on my left side, I get horrilbe pains in my lower abdomen. My right side is not much better. I am wondering if it is ligament pain? I do not remeber having this pain when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have an OB appt next week, so I will tell her about it. Angel - I will look for you over in the 3rd tri board! :) take care everyone. :)


angelmarkie - February 9

Mari-I only had to be at the office for an hour for my glucose screening. Word of advice, eat a little something before you have it done. I did mine at 7:45 in the morning and hadn't eaten. Within 15 minutes of drinking the sugar solution, I felt nauseous and had to feel that way until I could leave and get something to eat. Fortunately I am not feeling uncomfortable when sleeping. In fact, I still sleep on my stomach. Its just getting up 2-3 times in the night to pee that is getting to me! I'll see you soon on the 3rd trimester board. Hope everyone has a good week!


angelmarkie - February 23

What happened to everyone? I've been sitting over on the 3rd trimester board and no one has joined me! I am 30 weeks, so I know that there are others who have made it to the 3rd trimester too. Anyway, having a tough night tonight. The baby is absolutely mutilating my bladder! He/she has been lying on my bladder for quite some time (causing me to pee a lot), but some days the little one literally makes that organ hurt! Anyway else feel this way? He/she is lying so low; I rarely get kicked in my upper stomach area. I have a doctor appointment on Thursday so we will see how things are progressing. I think I will be going to see the doc every two weeks then. Yeah! The end is near! Well, come and join me on the 3rd trimester board! Look forward to hear how others are doing!


dreamy2433 - February 25

hi everyone I wanted to invite you all to check out chatterscene dot com they have a great pregnancy and due date area for mommies to chat in:)



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