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DDT - November 20

Moving into the second trimester, I am 13 weeks today! Hoping there are some other mommies out there expecting in May. It would be good to chat. This is my 3rd pregnancy. Have 2 DS's (aged 3.5 & 2.5). I had a 12 weeks U/S done and baby is looking great. Also picked up the HB yesterday which was nice to hear.


Kat21 - November 24

Hey i am due may 29th had my last ultrasound on nov 17th everything is looking good still don't know the s_x yet. I am 24 and my boyfriend is 32 this will be our first child. I still haven't heard the HB yet i have seen it but never heard it my entire pregnancy yet hopefully at my next dr app on dec 7th.


DDT - November 24

Hi there Kat21! I am due May 28th, so our due dates are really close. Did you have any nausea in the 1st trimester? I did and it was awful! I never had it at all with my previous pregnancies. I just started feeling normal again about a week ago. I find I am not as tired either. I used to want to pa__s out on the couch at 8pm every night.


AmbientGirl - November 25

Hey I found ya! I'm due June 1st so I'm close! I currently have a cold that my son gave me, includes a nasty cough and stuffy head so I'm feeling less than lovely today. My nausea has been so bad and I'm even on Diclectin for it which is helping a little bit but not enough. I'm ALWAYS exhausted. I heard the baby's heartbeat on Tuesday which was really cool:) To me that makes the pregnancy seem more real. I dunno in the beginning I just feel like c___p and it's nice to hear a little heartbeat or see a tiny bean on the ultrasound to know that you don't feel like c___p for nothing.


Kat21 - November 26

Hi DDT wow our due dates are really close! I did have nausea my doctor thought about giving me diclectin if i got any worse but in the end i didn't need it though. I never actually threw up but i did gag quite a bit which wasn't a fun feeling. I just starting feeling better again too i don't need my afternoon naps anymore and my appet_te is coming back but there are still certain foods i can't stand to eat for example eggs bother me not sure why.


Kat21 - November 26

Hi AmbientGirl i was suppose to be due on june 1st but at my last ultrasound the baby was measuring ahead of schedule so i was given may 29th as my new due date i am thinking it probably changes a couple times through the pregnancy.I am looking forward to being able to hear the heartbeat in a cpl nausea is pretty much gone hopefully you will feel better shortly!! One thing that worked for me but i wasn't really sick was sour things anything from lemons to sour candy it sounds weird but it worked so i didn't question it.I know it not a fun feeling to have a cold while pregnant it just seems to amplify the symptoms we already have i ended up with laryngitis at the beginning of my pregnancy and i was so tired from it not to mention we can barely take any medication for it! Hope you are feeling better soon!!


AmbientGirl - November 26

Thanks Kat21! Oh man with my son I was on Diclectin for 7 months, I vomited so much I burst blood vessels in my face. This one isn't TOO bad, I gag a lot and have only thrown up a few times at night. My son and I are just getting over our cold, it doesn't help with the exhaustion and nausea so glad it's going away. Are you guys going to find out what you're having? I HATE surprises so I'm definitely finding out the s_x of the baby!


DDT - November 26

I was also on Diclectin from 8-12 weeks. Horrible all day nausea but no vomiting. Never has ANY morning nausea with my other pregnancies, so it was something new. It went away almost overnight. We are finding out the s_x of the bub. I have no patience or drive to wait till the end. With both my boys before I just instinctively knew what I was having. But with this one I am stumped. I have no clue. At my 12w3d week ultrasound the tech noted my GA (LMP) at 13w4d. Don't really know what that means, and no mention was made about any date change. I guess babies at this stage grow at different rates. I guess I will find out at my next prenatal when my doc has reviewed the ultrasound.


DDT - November 27

*morning sickness


AmbientGirl - November 27

I was confused because going by my dates (LMP) it was August 25th... which would put me at about 13 weeks right now.... but according to my doctor the baby is only measuring 11. Not sure if it's just a small baby but my dates shouldn't be THAT far off, ughh!


Kat21 - November 27

My(LMP) was august 25th i am due may 29th now according to my last ultrasound but i think babies grow at different rates anyways. Yes we want to know the s_x at our last ultrasound we got 3 print outs and it does look like there is something between the legs lol but we aren't sure seeing as its our first nothing to compare it to.


AmbientGirl - November 27

haha I wish I could fast forward to the moment of finding out, I'm so impatient. My LMP was august 25th but my doctor said to me at my last appointment that she changed my LMP to September 7th or some c___p.... which makes NO sense...


Kat21 - November 27

That doesn't make any sense at all because i was originally due june 1st and my lmp was august 25th but according to the length of the baby i was 3 days ahead at my last ultrasound she can't change when you had your period cause its not when you had it!


AmbientGirl - November 27

I know! She said from now on if they ask you when your LMP was tell them Sept 7th but my ACTUAL was August 25th. Maybe the baby is just measuring small? Small babies run in my family and it's just odd she wants to change my period date.


Kat21 - November 27

Ya it should be you are 13 weeks pregnant but your baby is measuring at 11 weeks it doesn't make sense to change the date of your period cause its not true maybe it will work itself out as your pregnancy continues plus as you said small babies run in your family i think your doctor is a bit mixed up haha but i am not too sure how accurate due dates are anyways!


AmbientGirl - November 27

hopefully things work out because it's silly. I'm going to see my gyno on Dec 22nd so hopefully she will have a better answer as to why I have to change my period date. Glad you guys have been online though. I find being pregnant very lonely as my non pregnant friends don't want to hear about it and don't know what it's like.


Kat21 - November 27

I know me too actually i only have one girl friend where i live cause i moved here 4 years ago and the rest of the people i know don't speak english too much and i can speak t a bit but i can't write in french plus its way too complicated to express yourself in a different language so i feel really lonely here sometimes and my man comes with me to all my appointments cause they are in french at least for that i pretty much understand though!



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