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AmbientGirl - January 7

Glad you had a good holiday Kat! I haven't felt my baby move in 2 weeks, kinda freaking me out a bit. I find out what we're having on Jan 26th eeh!!! I love my maternity jeans, I even wore them long after I had my son they were so comfy! I've gained 5lbs too although I look like I've gained more. Hope you guys are well!


DDT - January 7

Hello ladies, Well, we went to the growth ultrasound on Tues. Firstly, we couldn't get a definite on the s_x. Baby was face down towards my pelvis with knees drawn up the entire appointment. Very stubborn. The tech tried everything but baby wouldn't move. We are inclined to think it was a boy because we think we spotted a p___s but we cant be sure yet. I have to go for a follow-up ultrasound on the 12th because the tech didn't get enough angles of the heart. He got 2 our of the 4 needed. Everything looked good except baby was on the smaller side. My doc is not worried at all. Glad to hear you are enjoying your maternity clothes Kat. AmbientGirl: Don't worry about baby. I am sure everything is fine.


DDT - January 7

Anyone thought of names yet? we have narrowed it down finally. I am an early planner :o) Jude Allan (Allan is a family name) for a boy. Ka__sidy Alice (Alice is a family name) for a girl.


AmbientGirl - January 8

Honestly I haven't thought about names much, going to wait until my ultrasound Jan 26th to think of some! When we were planning our first we liked the name Madelaine for a girl so we may still use that. My son is called Caelan Blair (Blair after his godfather). I find that the baby name books are so unhelpful, some of the names are just AWFUL! One book in particular 'Cool names for babies~ Pamela Redmond Satran & Linda Rosenkrantz' oh man... names like Pirate and Rambo... DDT at least you have another ultrasound coming up soon so hopefully babes would have moved by then and you will be able to see what the s_x is! Can't wait to have ours!


DDT - January 8

Well, I couldn't stand the suspense and ambiguity of it all. I booked a 15 min 3D gender ultrasound and went today. Baby has been 98% confirmed as BOY! I am so outnumbered, but at least prepared for another boy (toys, clothes ect.). My eldest boy is so excited to be getting another brother. My hubby is excited to. More so than I thought he would be because he was the one really driven for a girl. To see pics if you would like you can visit my babysite: (look in the Baby Album).


Kat21 - January 20

Hey everyone Hope you are all doing well. Me i am doing good feeling lots and lots of kicks which is a fun feeling!! We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and we found out what we are having!... A GIRL!! We are excited i went shopping for pink stuff yesterday it was so fun i was half expecting it to be a boy so i was having some unexpected fun getting some pink stuff lol She is growing accordingly so everything looks good so far!! There are a few names i like but my boyfriend is stuck on the name laeticia pronounced lay tee see ah i don't mind it the ones i like were serena emma hailey but he is french so it has to be a name that works in both languages which just makes things a bit difficult lol i have a feeling we will end using his name because he wont choose anything else and i dont hate it plus if we use it now then when have another baby if its a girl he will have no choice to find another name lol. I have been feeling pretty good starting to get back pain and stretching pains in my belly but besides adjusting to my expanding body i have nothing to whine about lol. The one thing i am curious about is i have a fairly big belly and the doctors keep weighing me and say i haven't gained any weight at all but i look like i have so i am sort of confused to why i look like i gained weight but the doctor says i havent. I am not that worried about it though because the baby is doing fine she just over 1 lbs i think they said yesterday so maybe i will just put on the weight of the baby and that's all i don't know. Well this is probably long enough for now lol again i hope all is going good for everyone!!!


AmbientGirl - January 21

Hey Kat! Congratulations on your little girl eeh!!! I find out next Wed, 5 more days for me I'm SO excited! My last prenatal on Wed they said the baby's heartbeat is strong so that was a relief. I can't feel this monkey move half as much as my son was at this stage so it worries me a little. I lost 5lbs since my last appointment and I'm looking like an easter egg. I think the baby is slowly taking the fat off of me (not complaining) and I'm losing it from other places but gaining a belly lol. I'll update you all when I go to my ultrasound on Wed! Congrats again Kat, I'm hoping for a girl this time around!


AmbientGirl - February 1

Hey guys, Just a quick update from me, we found out we're having a little girl! Already found a name we like "Adelynn" it's French so my in laws will be happy! Hope everyone is doing well!


DDT - February 2

Congrats on both your girls! Looks like Ill be the only one having the little boy. :) I am doing good. Gained 10lbs now and am 23 weeks. Doctor changed my due date from 28th to 31st May. I thought it was pointless considering its only a 3 day difference. Oh well. Baby was measuring 9 days smaller than my original due date at my 19 week ultrsound, but doctor wanted to got with the dating done from the 12 weeks ultrasound which showed bub to be 3 days smaller than originally predicted (hence my 3 day due date change). I am feeling more energized, but still have bouts of nausea from out of the blue. Baby Jude is kicking and rolling a lot. My eldest boy loves feeling the kicks on my tummy. My next appointment is the 11th Feb. Will update if any exciting news. Should be going to do the GD test this month some time. Take care ladies!


AmbientGirl - March 21

Hey guys, I haven't heard from you in forever! Hope everyone is doing well, how are you all feeling? I've been having a lot of pain in my hips and back and we had a bit of a scare when they thought I was going into preterm labour so we had a bit of a hospital stay. Things are okay now thank god. I'm 27 weeks and I feel like this pregnancy is never ending. The baby is healthy and she's been making me feel ill with all her kicks and flips! Hope you're all well!


Kat21 - April 4

Hey everyone hope you are all doing well!! I am doing good i feel huge and been having some pain on my hips and my back but all is ok baby is nice and healthy kicking away! I have my last ultrasound next tuesday 12 april excited to know what she weighs i have gained 20lbs in total so far. The only thing that's not going well is that we have to move we have a month to get out of our house because the city decided they are tearing our house down so that's not the best time and plus my boyfriend decided he wanted to build a new house and that will take a few months so we have found a place to rent for the summer and will move again at the end of the summer when our house is built!! Lots of changes for us plus with the baby it will be a new adjustment too, my mom is coming to spend the summer with us because my boyfriend will be busy building the house and if i need any help at least she will be there. Hope you're all doing well!!


AmbientGirl - April 5

Glad you are doing well Kat! Wow I hate moving, I was 5 months pregnant with my son when we moved to this place and that was hard so I can't imagine all the changes you're going to have to go through. At least your mom will be there though! I've only gained about 5lbs this pregnancy so far but I was the same way with my son until my last month when I gained about 25lbs in water weight that was awful! I feel like my baby has dropped already, not sure if this is normal for this time of my pregnancy. According to the doctors I'm just over 29 weeks and going by my dates I would have just been 32 so we'll see when she's born!



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