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Ashley2121 - May 26

I am currently 13w2d pregnant with twins. I thought I would start a post for other women who are pregnant with twins. I have not been able to find any good forums with other twin mommies to be. I just thought we could go through it together :)


munchmom04 - May 26

ashley2121~~~ Congrads on the twins!!!! I am not having twins but I just wanted to stop by and tell you congrads on the double blessing. I am 18 weeks today with one little pumpkin. Dont now what I am having yet, but as long as it is healthy all is well. Congrads again on the twins! Oh yeah this is a good forum to meet and chat with other ladies. And they are very nice.


mm28 - May 26

Hi Ashley, I'll join you on the forum. I know there are more of us - the twins forum is so overrun with Clomid threads, hopefully we'll have more luck here. I'm 15w2d and we are just waiting for our 16week appointment to find out for sure if they are girls/boys/1 of each. I am counting down the days!


Ashley2121 - May 26

munchmom - Thanks! I have been on these forums for a while, but like I said I cant find any good twim forums. mm28 - I am hoping to have more luck here. the twins one is all about Clomid not anyone pregnant with twins. I cant wait to find out what we are having. When are you due? How have your symptoms been? Oh you only have 5 more days to find out!!!! You are SO SO lucky. I am hoping that since I get u/s every other week we can tell soon, my next appt is on the 5th when I will be 14w5d - keeping my fingers crossed!! Have you thought of any names yet?


Jaqi - May 26

Hey guys!! I am 19wks today with twin boys...just found out last Thrs they were boys! I live in Ft. Worth. I hope I can join you ladies ;o) I am also on the May/Jun IVF forum and the October Mommy forum. Ashley - just curious, but why do you get a sono every other week? I am due Oct. 20 but they will probably be here around the end of September viz good o'le c-sec. I will take the c-sec pain vs the other...hehe. Nice to meet you ladies and look forward to talking to y'all!


Ashley2121 - May 26

Of course you can join :) I get a u/s every other week because of the twins. Having twins is considered high risk and its normal to be seen every 2-3 weeks. I also think its because I had some very small "bleeding" (if you can call it that - very small amount). My OB is also an infertility and high risk specialist. I saw him due to infertility and now see him because I am pregnant. But anyways I love that I go every other week, its so rea__suring. I am due November 29th but will be 38 weeks on November 15th which is considered full term for twins. I look forward to getting to know all of you too!! :) Ashley 24 years old Michigan No kids.....yet


Jaqi - May 27

Ashley - That is cool that you get to go every other week. I had asked why I don't go more often than I do because I am also having twins, and she said that I am considered A-, which is "normal." I hate waiting every 3-4wks to go to hear the HBs or get a sono. I just went May 21 and found out that they are both boys and go back on June 18 for another sono and check-up. She said they are going to start measuring me and all that junk to watch for pre-term labor. I will be 22wks at that point. I just want to make it to at least 36wks and I will be good to go! I love getting the sonos; it eases my mind and DH's mind.


Ashley2121 - May 27

Have you thought of any names? Are these your 1sts?


mm28 - May 27

Jaqi - I'm from Austin, right down the highway from you! It has been so ridiculously hot here - I'm not looking forward to August when I will be huge and the temps are 100+! I am considered high risk and so I have sonograms every 3 weeks. But so far so good - I got my bloodwork back yesterday and the babies are at extremely low risk for down syndrome, etc. Ashley - my due date is Nov 15, but the doctors said they would not let the babies get past 38 weeks, which is November 1st, and we should expect them more like mid-October. It's so confusing, I never know what to say when people ask when the twins are due! We haven't decided on names yet - we'll wait until my Dr. can tell me for sure what we're having. So far they think one is a girl and one is ???. My husband will have a heart attack if we have two girls :) Keep me updated ladies - it's great to know other people going through the same issues.


Ashley2121 - May 27

mm28 - When people (who arent family) ask me when I am due I just say mid November - that seems to satisfy them. Thats great about your blood work! We have only come up with names if its a boy and girl. Which I am really hoping they are :) I think my hubby would have a heart attack too if its 2 girls - hes already told me he couldnt handle 3 of me :) I dont think I could either hehehe. But the names for a b/g are Connor James and Caylee Elizabeth (middle names are mine and hubbys). We have no idea of any though if its 2 of the same.


Jaqi - May 27

mm28 - You are not far at all!!! The last time I was in Austin was 2-3yrs ago for the Daughtry concert at Stubb's. We drove there...rocked out...and drove back. I used to drive to Austin or Round Rock and eat lunch, then drive back. That is what happens when you have ADD and get Oh yeah, the weather is gonna be awesome, huh!! That is awesome that you b/w came back w/ good results!! We opted against the testing. These are the first for both of us and we figured that if they are going to have medical problems, then that is the way God is going to give them to us. We are not big religious people (as in, we are Catholic and do what we need to do. We go to church when it is open and not packed w/ people telling us how to pray and believe and handle our business, but if you get down to it, we have proabably violated almost every rule..hehe). I was a bad Catholic school girl :oP We had to go through IVF because I have Stage IV Endo and my tubes are totally blocked with scars; everything else is good to go. So, I feel like I don't have the right or option to be too choosy. God won't give us more than we can handle, is how we look at it. We are still working on names. If it would have been 2 girls, then it would have been Camille Elisabeth and Isabella Danielle. The first boy will be named after DH, and will be a III. We want a special name for the other so that he won't feel like he wasn't special enough to get DH's name. The second will also have a middle name; DH does not.


Ashley2121 - June 2

Hello, how are you ladies doing? Not to much going on with me. Been feeling great, my next appt is on Friday. Hope all is well :)


Jaqi - June 2

Hey guys, what's up? Munchmom - where the hell are you girl????? Is everything ok??? Let us know!!!! I am 20wks today...yea!!!!!! I go back on June 18 for sono/visit. For any of y'all as far along as me or around there, do you guys get heavy feelings in your pelvic area? Feels like a bladder infection sometimes but I don't have one. My last ua was normal. Then it goes away. Sometimes it depends on how I am sitting down and stuff. I figure this is normal but, since I am paranoid..haha, I figured I would feel better if I asked. Well, this is my last day of work for the week...woo hooo. I'm taking off tomorrow and thrs; off on fridays. This Saturday we are going to the George Strait concert!!! I'm looking forward to that, so is DH. Well, I think I have been feeling some kicks and punches but not sure. All seem to be happening on my right side. I guess they like that side better. Where is everyone at??? I see u Ashley but nobody else :o(


mm28 - June 3

Hi all, sorry to be absent for so long. My husband had back surgery (disc fusion) on Friday and I had no idea it would be such a tough recovery. Today (Wednesday) is the first day I left him alone at home. Hopefully he will be ok but I am nervous about him trying to walk around by himself (like most men he thinks he can push the limits of what Dr. told him to do/don't do). Some good news - I went to the ob yesterday for a sonogram - he said the babies look great and they are definitely....TWO GIRLS!!! I think they will be adorable but my husband is a bit disappointed that he won't have a boy to teach football. He'll get over it I'm sure! We have so many girls names we like it's hard to decide. Jaqi - I like Isabella a lot, too. Also Ava, and Hailey - although one of our good friends used Hailey for her daughter's middle name, so I'm afraid she would be territorial about the name should we choose it. How are you guys doing? Ashley when will you find out the s_xes? Jaqi I constantly feel a lot of weight low in my pelvic area but I a__sumed it was just the stretching of the uterus pushing on all the other abdominal organs, not to mention the extra weight of babies and related fluids, etc. The twins are about 6 ounces each and measuring almost 17 weeks. I'm feeling generally great and the time seems to fly by.


Ashley2121 - June 3

mm28 - Sorry to hear about your hubbys surgery. TWO GIRLS?? Thats so exciting. Hopefully I can find out soon. I have a drs appt on Friday when I will be 14w5d so maybe they will be able to tell, even if its just a little. Hope everyone is doing good :)


bbenac - June 8

Hello Everyone and Congratulations!!!! I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins and was wondering how many of you did the Nuchal Test and if you had any good information on results... my results to the first part came back that there's no result for Trisomy 18 with twins, did anyone else get the same?


mm28 - June 8

Welcome bbenac - congrats on the twins! I did the Nuchal test at 13 weeks and the measurements came back normal, also did the blood tests and got normal results for DS/Tris 13 and 18. I think with twins the numbers are slightly 'abnormal' so they account for the fact that there's 2 babies before they calculate your risk. You should check with your doctor, but Trisomy 18 is so extremely rare that you should try not to worry much about it. Ashley - how did your us go? Did you find out genders? I'm doing great other than some strong cramping lately. From what I've read it's normal but of course I'm going to worry about it! Sometimes it feels like I pulled an ab muscle, and sometimes it feels like a stabbing pain, really low, that takes my breath away. In any case it happens infrequently through the day and then goes away, so I guess I will wait and ask the Dr. about it next time.



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