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mm28 - June 8

Welcome bbenac - congrats on the twins! I did the Nuchal test at 13 weeks and the measurements came back normal, also did the blood tests and got normal results for DS/Tris 13 and 18. I think with twins the numbers are slightly 'abnormal' so they account for the fact that there's 2 babies before they calculate your risk. You should check with your doctor, but Trisomy 18 is so extremely rare that you should try not to worry much about it. Ashley - how did your us go? Did you find out genders? I'm doing great other than some strong cramping lately. From what I've read it's normal but of course I'm going to worry about it! Sometimes it feels like I pulled an ab muscle, and sometimes it feels like a stabbing pain, really low, that takes my breath away. In any case it happens infrequently through the day and then goes away, so I guess I will wait and ask the Dr. about it next time.


Jaqi - June 8

Hey guys, hope everyone is well! I have a question for everyone in here. I know this sounds gross, but heck, I don't have anyone else to ask and I am waiting for the nurse to call back. I will be 21 wks tomorrow and was wondering if you guys have had problems with leaking or discharge...and not in the b___bage It's down there Lately, it comes and goes, but I use liners so that I am not uncomfortable and changing underwear every 2 seconds and OMG they aren't helping today. Have any of y'all had that problem? It comes and goes for the last couple of weeks. Anyone else?


mm28 - June 8

Jaqi - yes i've had that problem practically since the beginning of the pregnancy but not as extreme as you're describing. I hear it's normal. Let us know what the nurse says!


Ashley2121 - June 8

bbenac - Welcome and congrats! I will be going for some 16 week blood work this week, but I am nervous to because I have heard that the AFP test has a high false positive rate, espicially with twins. So I am trying not to put to much on it. mm28 - the u/s went good but no genders yet!!! He did say that if he had to guess (and he stressed it was a guess) one of them looks like a girl. I am going crazy with anxiety!!!! Jaqi - Its normal. As long as its white/LIGHT yellow, your good. I have it pretty bad too. Some days its worse than others, but I wear pantyliners everyday just to be safe. Hope everyone continues doing well!!


bbenac - June 9

mm28- do you remember what your results were (numbers) from the Nuchal test?


bbenac - June 9

Is there anyone that's not finding out what they are having?


mm28 - June 9

I think my Nuchal test measurements were somewhere around 1.2 - I remember the sono tech said if they were below 3.0 that was good. We definitely wanted to know whether we were having 2 boys/2 girls or one of each. It seemed too overwhelming to prepare for twins without knowing. Plus if you watch the sonograms it can be hard to avoid seeing sometimes!


Ashley2121 - June 9

We definitely need to find out what we are having. I am so a___l when it comes to planning and getting things ready that I NEED TO KNOW :) bbebac - will you be finding out?


bbenac - June 9

It's still a family debate :) I don't want to find out what we're having... we found out for my son, I want to be surprised this time. My husband wants to find out.. I think he's giving in though :)


Ashley2121 - June 12

I went to the drs today. Just as I thought only the blood test today - 2 more weeks until I can find the gender out :( Hope everyone else is doing good!


hope-31 - June 16

hi ladies i am 10weeks 4days pregnant with fraternal twins conceived through our 1st ivf with a 2embryo transfer. i have my 1st appnt tomorrow morning with the ob/gyn . i have had bad morning sickness and puking since 6 and a half weeks and really tired and backaches. i get the pains and cramping too and i know its normal.


Ashley2121 - June 17

hope31 - Welcome and congrats on your babies! Keep us posted on how your appt goes. Hows everyone else doing?


mm28 - June 22

Welcome hope! Congrats on the twins! Sorry to hear about your sickness and pains, but they should subside any day now.....:) Just got back from my 19wk ultrasound and we had the 'birth talk' with one of the nurses....and I found out that my OB's policy for 1st time mothers of twins is to go straight to C-section unless there are extenuating circ_mstances. So it appears I have no choice in the matter. At least I know so I can prepare for the surgery/recovery. And my OB is one of the best ob-gyn surgeons in TX so I do feel I'm in good hands. Still a bit disappointing though :(


Ashley2121 - June 22

mm28 - I had the "birth talk" with my dr at 15 weeks because it was weighing on my mind quite a bit. He said that as long as the babies are healthy and in the right position I can try to deliver v____ally. We will only do a c section if necessary. He did say that 60% of twins are born via c section. He has even had a few instances where the 1st twin was born v____ally and the 2nd was c section.I was so relieved to hear it too because I had heard how many drs hear "twins" and automatically schedule a csection. If you really want to try v____ally I am sure you could speak to him about it - it is ultimtaly yours and your hubbys decision and you do have a choice. I dont mean to sound negative or anything I just think you should have a say in how your babies are born too :) So I hope I didnt offend you :) I had actucally came across a website about this topic - it was interesting to look at


bbenac - June 22

my Dr said as long as baby A is head down, we could go ahead v____ally... especially if they are BOTH head down, no problem... the grey area is if baby A is head down and baby B is breech, I could deliver baby A and hope baby B repositions or the Dr could try to help baby B reposition, but if baby B remains breech I would have to have a c section. If baby A is breech, they will automatically have a c section.


mm28 - June 23

Yeah, I always thought that if both babies were head down = v____al birth, any other positions = c-section. I guess in my Ob's experience the 2nd twin frequently has difficulties (i.e. turning into a tough position or going into distress) after the 1st baby has been born, putting the 2nd baby in danger of trauma during birth, so c-section is often the end result anyway. He said 2nd or 3rd time mothers can sometimes do v____al births because they tend to be easier (joints are looser, etc.). He is an older, catholic, conservative man and I can't imagine he would be the type to make this stuff up. They say they will let me go into labor naturally and then do the c-section. In the end I don't really care as long as I have 2 healthy babies, and if the odds are better doing a c-section, I will suck it up and do it :)



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