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fismama - May 27

Well I am good here..I have an appointment on the 8 th and then I start my two week appointments and then weekly's very weird this seems to be going very fast!! weather here has been STUPID although it is nice..usually this time of year it's in the 90f and it has been in the 50f but it looks like it is going to be getting nice now!! Rose~ I had PP with Fiona at the very being it caused me a lot of bleeding but when your further along like you are I think it's just a matter of resting and maybe a mom had it with me and at the very end put her on bed rest..But that was like 23 years ago so I think they can do more these days..and hell it will probably move by then..did they show it to you? Right now we are planning our baby shower, very stressful but fun!! I love planning things and I think planning it has made time go by really fast too! Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and is doing well...26 weeks tomorrow!!


Mandersmm - May 27

Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Nothing much going on over here. I have my glucose test on the 17 of next month and after that, I will start my two week appaointments. I'm being so lazy with this pregnancy. I have so much to do that I haven't even started yet. My youngest son is going to be 2 this Sunday so we're having a little party for him and after that, he's moving into the big boy bed in his brother's room. Once that's done, I have to start getting the baby's room ready - steam clean the carpet, scrub everything, etc. Hopefully I'll get everything done before it gets too hot out.


fismama - May 27

Ah a big boy bed!! we put Fiona in her big girl bed after we found out what we were having so she would get use to it! do you know what your having? Today the baby has been really active she has figured out that she has more room to swim!! It weird!! i have also been very lazy...I am all about getting things ready but I just can't get in the mood and when my mood kicks in Fiona is in bed for the night!


Mandersmm - May 27

fismama: We kept it a surprise this time. Since this might be the last one, I told my husband that I didn't want to find out. My oldest son is convinced it's a girl, though. I usually try to get the cleaning done after the kids go to bed but that only works for the downstairs and my room. Since my little one is still in the baby's room, I can't do anything after bedtime either.


jessi01 - May 27

hi everyone, i am currently 5 1/2 months prego with a girl, i have a 6 1/2 month old baby boy right now, i gto prego 2 months after having him, what a mircle, but we are excited and preparing for her arrivle, its gonna be hard but i am not the only person this has happend too. my due date was originally oct 4 but i have to have a scheduled c-section because i had a c-section with my son and because i got prego really fast the dr's are scared that my uterus could rupture so they say its safer for me to have a c-section again, oh well i have no other choice, so they put me now for the end of sept, i gotta call when i am 30 weeks to schedule it, hope everyone is doing great, and pretty soon our babies will make their entrance.


rosenow - May 31

Hey girls. So glad to hear everyone is doing well! I am 26 weeks tomorrow! We ripped out the old floor int he babies room and put in hardwood. It's lovely. Now all I need is furniture. I have nothing ready at all really. Some babu clothes and diapers is about all. I am going to be picking up the baby crib this weekend. Toys-r-us is having their trade and save in Canada right now where you bring in your junk and they give you %20 off any new item! We are getting the car seat and crib! I can't wait to have some furniture in the baby room and start filling it with fun things. I am on bed rest so I don't think I will be having any showers. My families are all out of town so we'll have to see. I have an ultrasound on Wed to check the placenta previa and a couple other things they could not pick up during the anatomy scan. We still don't know what we are having and are waiting till delivery. Are any of you going to take prenatal cla__ses? or have you taken them already? I live in a really small town and we are not able to take the cla__ses when they are offered. What should I do to get prepared? Do you think the health nurse might talk with us one on one?


Tifney - June 9

hey i am due sept 19th and my baby's room is almost ready. i have had a verry abnormal pregnancy up to this point. for the first three months i was having regular periods and didnt even think i was was pregnant. then i went to the doctor over an odd pain in my side and found out that i was pregnant. it was weird. then i left my boyfriend becuause he was abusive to then only end up dating one of my ex's from junior high school. i still loved him after all of these years. whell back to the pregnancy thing. i found out i was having a boy and then only 3 weeks later was in a car acciddent. the car that i was in got lifted off the ground and completley spun around. i was really scarry. i fell verry little movement now from my son but the doctor says that is nothing to worry about. i only have gained 9 pounds the whole pregnancy and it has slowed down my sons growth. has anybody else had that problem. whell its nice that there is a chat for all of us september mommies.


rosenow - June 17

Hey girls. I started us on the 3rd trimester board. Come on over when you are ready!!!! Labour HERE WE COME!



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