Short Cervix Anyone Else

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Jenny M. - August 29

Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and my cervix is 2.7 cm. I am having a va___al ultrasound done in a couple of weeks to make sure that the cervix isn't shrinking. I would be interested in knowing if any of you ladies have had the same problem. It's not technically a "problem" yet. I'm not on bedrest and the doctor says that a cerclage is not necessary unless the next ultrasound shows that the cervix is shrinking. Maybe some of us have a naturally short cervix? Any stories would be appreciated. Thanks.


Sam - September 16

Hi Jenny, I am 20 wks also and was diagnosed withthe same thing yesterday. Mine is 23 mm. She told me not to worry (yeah right) and I should come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound, just to check it. She did not tell me not to exercise, or to take it easy or anything. Anyway, what ended up happening with you?


Julz - September 16

With both of my pervious pregnancies it was shown that I had a shortened cirvix, which subsequently dialated much earlier than expected (28 weeks) and landed me on bedrest both times. This time around, I have not yet had a v____al ultrasound but I have a feeling it will be the same thing.


Sam - September 16

So were your babies preemies? How long were you able to carry them?


Jaci - September 17

I was in the hospital last week (at 25 weeks) to keep an eye on my cervix. Last friday it was 2.8 and this past wednesday it was 2.1. I'm 50% effaced and on complete bedrest. I have to go in every week now to get an trans. vag. u/s and a pelvic exam. While I was in the hospital they gave me steriod shots for the babies lungs in case I go into premature labor. My cervical problems are due to cervical cancer surgery I had 2 years ago. When I first found out I was preg. my cervix was 3.4 cm. Everyone who posted here should keep us all updated because I don't know anyone who is going thru this and it would be interesting to hear your stories and what's going on with you and what your dr.'s are doing about it.


Jaci - September 17

Sorry...I wrote babies lungs....I only have one little stowaway. :)


Sam - September 19

OK, now I'm entirely freaked out, since yours is "longer" than mine already and you're on complete bedrest. Maybe it's because I don't have a history, or I'm not as far along as you, that she told me not to worry??? Anyway, I'm having a really hard time finding any information on the Internet about this. I can't believe I have to wait almost four weeks now to find out more. Pretty scary. What else have you learned about your situation, Jaci?


cj - September 19

At my last appt.(2 wks ago), my cervix was at 2.8. (down from 3.2 at my previous ultrasound) The doctor is having me come in tomorrow to have another v____al ultrasound to make sure it's not getting shorter. They said not to worry, that unless it changes in these 2 wks, there is nothing to be concerned about. They told me not to worry about avoiding s_x or strenuous exercise or anything - they really seemed like at this point I shouldn't be concerned, so try not to worry yet.


Jaci - September 19

Sam - how many cm's are you? your dr. hasn't told you NOT to do anything? Wow. I would definately keep on top of this. If it was me...I would definately get a second opinion. I had a dr. who was doing nothing or even worried about this and so I switched and now I have the greatest dr. ever who is monitoring me. You know you can request them to keep a closer eye on things by exams and u/s just to make you feel better. From my experience, you have to take your health care into your own mom has even said that and she's an RN and worked with many dr.'s who overlook things too much!! So, good luck. I go in to the dr. tomorrow at 8am to check my cervix again...hopefully I will be coming home and not have to stay in the hospital again!


Sam - September 20

Thanks for the advice. We are calling my doctor today to see why she told us what she did (which is just wait). She is a great doctor, and I trust her, but will seek a second opinion if necessary. She told me at my appointment on 9/15 that I was 23 mm. And I guess the borderline is 25 — above that, she said, she wouldn't have even said anything.


Jaci - September 23

Hey, Sam, what did your doctor say when you talked to her? Well, I went for my u/s on Tues. and my cervix is maintaining itself at 2.1 cm. Hopefully it will keep that up for another month or two.


Sam - September 25

Hi. We called the doctor and she said again, not to worry -- or stop doing anything -- and she will check it again when I go back in three weeks. She also said that she is very diligent and that if she thought there was a potential problem, she'd send me to a neonatologist immediately. So, I guess I just have to sit tight until I go back. I know there are a lot of other factors they consider, like dilation, effacement, etc. She also said her measurements could be skewed because my bladder was full. So I guess I just have to sit tight. Any updates on your end?


Jaci - September 25

I go to the doctor for an u/s and a check-up. Hopefully my cervix hasn't changed from last week. Last week it was the same as it was when I had to go in the hospital...2.1 cm. I'm still on complete bedrest. So, I'm hoping this bedrest is paying off by maintaining my short cervix! :S I hope everything remains good for you. Keep me posted!


Sam - September 26

Those are two drastically different diagnoses, aren't they? Especially since, if I'm relaying the measurements correctly, I'm almost right there with you as far as how short my cervix actually is. I'm guessing I just don't have all the otehr facts on which they base a decision. Because, like I said, she didn't even tell me to take it easy or lay off exercise. (I've been doing that anyway, just for peace of mind). Good luck, Jaci, and keep me posted.


angela - September 27

how does this get diagnosed in the first place? My doctor never does a v____al ultrasound or pelvic exam now that I'm out of the first trimester. I'd like to know how I check to know whether I could have this. Are there any signs? (bleeding, etc). Thanks


Jaci - September 27

I was being watched because of my history so it was sort of expected. There usually isn't any physical sign that you can watch for. My doctor has been doing v____al u/s (where they put a rod like thing up inside of me) since I was about 12 or 14 weeks. Then he did a pelvic exam about 2 weeks ago because my u/s showed my cervix being short. He said that I am 50% effaced (my cervix is thinning) and it shouldn't do that until towards the end of the pregnancy. So, that's how I was diagnosed. I would talk to your doctor and ask him/her if you are at risk.


Sam - September 27

Mine was also diagnosed during my regular ultrasound at 20 weeks. I will have a v____al u/s (more accurate) when I go back at 24 weeks. I have had no bleeding, cramping or anything, so I guess it's not something you'd know you have unless they find it during an ultrasound.



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