Showing Above Belly Button

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Nicole - June 2

I am 13w4d and I began "showing" above my belly b___ton at 8 weeks. And no, I am not overweight at all. In fact, I am VERY athletic and had a very flat stomach before I got pregnant. My dr said it could be twins or it could be "swelling." Don't ask from what cuz I don't know. But my point is everybody is different. Some people start to show early cuz they are small. Others show early cuz that's just how they're body is reacting. Don't get upset when people try to say you are fat. Maybe they are just angry about being pregnant in the first place. Enjoy your pregnancy and everything that comes with it!!!


Amy - June 2

Each person is going to show at different times depending on their weight and so on. During seems like almost everything is "normal"! So, don't worry if you are showing a little differently than someone else. As for the uterus pushing everything up and out, I believe there is some truth to that. Obviously, the uterus is still low, but it seems possible that other organs are being misplaced and have to readjust within the area. For the true answers and facts, I'm sure your doctor will be glad to answer your questions. Take care!


to aisha - June 2

i talked ti my iob today and she said sometimes an egg can implant itself higher on the uterus, not altogether common, but it does happen-making you stick out higher rather than lower......


poor michelle - June 2

she asked a question and her thread turned into an attack on Aisha who's first post was a rather logical one but someone had to call her the "fat police". How stupid. Aisha is right, technically the uterus is below the navel at 14 weeks, and maybe her exp. with weight loss made her wonder if the gal was over weight. Face it, not all the gals posting her are at a normal weight. And the way she described the over weight thing was very nice, and not offensive. So whoever the person " ... " is, she was the one been offensive. This isn't a weight issue, we're all just here to share knowledge and learn something new.


Mimi - June 2

Let me tell Aisha that I was about 12 weeks and showing above my belly. But I also have a umbilical hernia. That is when your intestines have a good chance of "poking" out of your body. I have to place a maternity belt over my belly so the hernia will not poke out any further. It is a pain in my a>>! I am now 23 weeks and look sooooo huge!


ok, ok - June 2

good grief... let's stop getting all over Aisha's b___t about your own uterus, and showing above the belly b___ton. Michelle has already had her question answered. So if you want to respond any further, point it in Michelle's direction rather than Aisha. Some of you gals here are so immature.


Aisha - June 2

Besos ! Thank you to the ones that understood the point I was making and for the record my original comment about fat on the tummy was coming from personal knowledge.Ie. I had three kids and lost loads of weight BUT guess what never left me...YES thats right that little excess fat that I had from three previous that being the case I always felt I was showing before my time when really what it was for me was relaxed tummy muscles that never really snapped back(tummy tuck here i come) and I look bigger than i should be. I know I look bigger because I can grab skin from my tummy and trust me it aint organs or baby..this is ALL The thing is I enjoyed reading some of the posts because its amazing how quick some of you were to jump to a conclusion that was totally erroneous. i tell you this much for those that are having their better learn some patience and try to find out facts before getting all bent outta shape. Its never that serious yknow. Alls well that ends well and I hope michelle got the answers that she wanted. ~1~


Michelle - June 2

I did aisha...and then some! ;)


Kylie - June 3

Hey guys, i am 19wks and i am showing just under my belly b___ton its that normal?


Erika - June 3

No Kylie! It's not normal at all....rush to the ER at once!


amy - June 3

hi I am just turning 16 week and am overweight, but within a few days I grew alot over belly b___ton and right under chest. Wasnt sure if I just gained a few pounds or am starting to show


Kylie - June 3

Stuff off m8, grow up


Bitch - June 3

Aisha, Aisha- you are a complete moron. I am overweight and YES I do look like a pregnant woman. You cannot catagorize everyone into the same spectrum. There are different ways that women carry their babies and each causes the body to change DIFFERENTLY. If someone is overweight, that's their choice, they don't need you trying to tell them that they are overweight. I believe that we know that without your so-called expertise.


i m Sweet - May 19

Hi, I am new to this forum and I am 5 weeks pregnent and feels the same.My above belly portion is swelled, I am little bit tensed .Is it normal? I am also not able to get appointment before my 8 weeks.please do reply me.ASAP



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