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stressorpreg - April 14

I have gone through a string of physiological changes in the past four months and can't seem to get a convincing answer from a health professional. I will start from the beginning. mid-December: had s_x with a friend, using a condom. I am not on any BC pills. beginning January: my anticipated period for December came on the 42nd day. Bled brown for the first day and regular red for following two days. Urine and pregnancy tests came out negative. During this time, I was also moving across the country and beginning a new job. February: period came on 35th day and only lasted two days. My typical period lasts 3 days. March: period came on the 36th day. Bled brown on first two days, red on following two days, then post-menstrual spotting on fifth. A week before this period, I experienced premenstrual spotting. 3-4 days before this period came, I had a lot of unusual symptoms. I felt discomfort in my right pelvis, lower back ache, and abdominal discomfort. I got an internal/external pelvic ultrasound 3 days before my period and everything came out fine, including my urine/blood tests. A few days AFTER this period ended, I had unusual tingly nipples, jaw pain, pain in sternum/br___tbone, weird tingles throughout my body, pain in lower back and near shoulder blades. April - for the last month, the symptoms that have perpetuated include lower back pain and abdominal discomfort. I got a CT scan (contrast/IV), urine test, and blood test - everything came out fine again! (Now if I were really pregnant, I would have been 18 weeks at the time of the CT scan) I followed up with my doctor and she is attributing all of this to my stress. I am 10 days before my next expected period and I notice that my stomach is a little bigger. It looks more bloated than pregnant. I was standing in front of a mirror today and notice that my linea nigra is a little more pronounced. Today, I also discovered clear jelly-like va___al discharge when I wiped. I also have some hip discomfort, more of like an aching feeling- and my lower abdomen feels heavy. Lastly, I experiencing some MAJOR muscle spasms all throughout my body. For a few weeks, I have been watching what I eat and exercising more - but my symptoms continue. What could all this be? Pregnancy tests, pelvic ultrasound, and CT scan show no abnormalities!



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