When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

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MNMOM - April 16

Just wondering how many weeks you were when you finally gave in and started wearing maternity clothes - specifically pants since those are what seem to get tight first! I always am reluctant to take the plunge and feel so self-conscious when I first have to show up at work wearing maternity clothes. My regular pants don't button, so I wear them unbuttoned with my shirt over the top, but it feels silly to be wearing unbuttoned pants at work!


les706 - April 16

I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow and my pants starting feeling tight last week. Certain days and certain times of the day are worse than others. I can still usually b___ton my pants, but not always comfortably. So I went to Target and bought two belly bands...you can wear your pants unb___toned and it covers it and holds them up so nobody notices. I am definitely not ready for maternity clothes yet, so this is a nice alternative.


MNMOM - April 16

Les-I bought one black belly band and one white belly band with my last pregnancy, I think I am going to have to get them out and make use of them now again. I should have specified in my original post that this is not my first child - I was able to go a long time without maternity clothes when it was my first pregnancy! I am 12 1/2 weeks pg with baby #3, and I only have one pair of pants that still b___ton comfortably, the rest, forget it! I think this "in between" stage is the most frustrating part of the process!


babyblue2 - April 16

I am pg with #4, and jumped in to wearing the maternity pants almost right away. I hate when things are tight on my belly, and it just seemed to make my morning sickness worse, so I started wearing my maternity pants to keep things loose. With my first, I prolonged the maternity clothes til almost 5 months... but the more kids you have, the sooner you show, and the less you begin to care!! LOL


augustmommy3 - April 16

well, i am 25 weeks and i still wear my regular pants. The don't really b___ton, so i just use a belt to cover up :) i was looking for those belly bands and could find one in target. As far as pants go, even the smallest size maternity pants are too big for me. My belly is not big, and i just look silly with maternity clothes because it doesn't look like i am in a need of any. :) i definitely need some pants because mine are just getting way too tight!


wunder75 - April 20

I started around 15 weeks but could still sort of do regular pants. It was actually my shirts that had to go first because most sit right at my waiste and with bigger b___sts, they had all become mid-drifts. Not s_xy at this age with a little pooch. As of 16 weeks, I just jumped right into maternity pants because I couldn't sit down with my regular pants b___toned. I didn't want to fool with a belly band.


sbea - April 21

As with Wunder I am almost 17 weeks now and what when first was the shirts. They were fitted and well muffin tops aren't so hot. Plus you can see the pull across my chest since my b___st have gone up 2 cup sizes. I have a hard time though still with just finding fitting tops as smalls are to big but extra small to tight! As for the pants. i want to hold out as long as possible. I know my but will grow so I don't want to buy maternity pants for them not to fit in a couple of months. I have my sisters pants which are about 4 sizes bigger than mine before pregnancy. They make it more comfortable and fit quite well. If I could find a belly band I would try it. But I don't have the time or energy to search for one where I am.


littlekmom - May 2

MNMom, I'm 13 weeks today and have been in maternity clothes this entire week. I'm sure it wasn't this early last time (with my first), but I totally have a baby bump now (even though the baby is only three inches long).


mama4andmore - May 4

this is my 5th baby i am 17 weeks and just had to buy a pair of maternity pants. I don't look pregnant and for a min. I though about just buying a larger size pants, but I figured that would just be silly since I was only going to get bigger and they would soon be of great use. I don't really like them. I don't like the kind with the bands that go all the way around. Anything tight on my belly also hurts and makes me feel as though I can't breath. However Motherhood has this new band that goes all the way around but its really thin almost like panty hose. I also feel silly walking around the office with my pants undone. It annoys me. So everyone really differs on the maternity thing. Oh and you don't always show sooner. I am at the end of my 4th month Next week starts my 5th month!!! However no one at my work knows I am preggo.


gaer - May 13

I think by next week Ill need a few pairs of pants. My fave jeans are not overly tight, but they hurt when I sit... my tummy is very sensitive to any pressure at all. Im 12 weeks tomorow, 3rd baby. I think I might try those underbelly jeans... anyone else try and like those? Right now I cant see it being attractive cause my tummy isnt hard, lol, baby is just shoving my jelly roll out for all to see... :) My MIL gasped "really?" when I said I hadnt gained any weight yet... lol... the chubby tum was just tucked in 2 months ago... cant wait till its obvious its a baby. But then I remember how fast you get beyond that cute comfy stage....


beckster519 - May 13

I will be 13 weeks on Tuesday, and I am wearing maternity pants now, mostly because they are comfortable. I did buy a couple of belly bands, and I am able to wear a couple of my pairs of pants with that. I found them online pretty cheap, and cute patterns. I like a few of you started wearing maternity pants because i felt silly walking around the office with my pants unb___toned.


MNMOM - May 14

gaer-your post made me laugh, thanks I really needed that yesterday! I was laughing because I was totally knowing what you were saying with the belly roll popping out for the world to see! OMG that was hilarious! It is horrifying when the belly roll can't be tucked in anymore but it clearly does not look like a nice baby bump even though we are pregnant! That was a funny a___logy! :)


prayn4baby - May 19

Well, I finally gave in today. I'm 12 weeks 3 days and i'm still ok in stretchy materials, but the pants i wear to work aren't stretchy so i went to the used clothing store and bought a couple capri's. I was using the Be Band from Target but it kept rolling up when i would sit down, and it wasn't very comfortable. I can't believe i already had to buy some maternity pants.... I am only 5'1" though so i think that has a little to do with it!


sonia86 - March 11

I was so tired of wearing baggy kurtas during my pregnancy. So I went online and came across Morphmaternity. The have such a wide range of maternity kurtas which fit well, are stylish and totally affordable. Such a blessing!


jullyrobart - March 23

When I was pregnant, I have bought the maternity wear from fertilemind.com.au and started the wearing after 14 weeks. But It varies with person to person. Most of the women start wearing maternity cloth after 16 weeks.


NElizabeth - June 23

I started showing at 12 weeks. My cloths were super tight so early in the pregnancy. By 15 weeks I couldn't wear any bras with under-wires or skirts that weren't stretchy and loose around the waste.


ahidakar - July 6

I started showing at 12 weeks. My cloths were super tight so early in the pregnancy. By 15 weeks I couldn't wear any bras with under-wires or skirts that weren't stretchy and loose around the waste.



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