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faceleo - July 15

my boyfriend was rubbing his p__s against my hips as he was laying at my backside. he was nude but i was wearing lawn fabric trouser, he ejaculated on my backside on my trouser. and then he rubbed his finger on my trouser against my va___a. i think my trouser was not wet from his semen at my va___a.but not 100% sure. is there any possibility that sperms passed through my trouser and went to met the ovum?? i am nervous. i had my periods at regular date but little heavy and blackish in color and remain for 7 days as usual. then after some days of my these periods i fell cramping and abdominal pain and dizziness. and now i am on 24th day of my cycle..but till no periods..may be on tomorrow or on next 2-3 days....please tell me that am i pregnant???/ please reply soon..please


Grandpa Viv - July 15

Sperm would not pa__s through trousers and undies. A finger with sperm on it directly in your v____a would be something to worry about. S_xual experimentation like this can upset your hormones and give you a weird cycle. The two of you are going to go a little further each time. It is in your interest to discuss contraception with him, and with your mother if you can. Better that than be caught unaware. You are most likely to want to give in when your libido is high, close to ovulation, the worst time to make a mistake. Best of luck!


faceleo - July 18

hello.....i had my periods on Monday morning 16-07-12 and on Tuesday night it stopped means i had periods for two days on 25th day of my the right time of my periods date...flow was heavy as usual in these two days...color was blackish..but my periods always remain 7 days...but today on date 18 no more what is the reason behind these short or two days periods??? is it sign of pregnancy?? but you said that sperms dont pa__s through whats the problem?? what is this meaning of two day periods ??? please reply as soon as possible...


Grandpa Viv - July 19

I'm confused about the dates. Was the boyfriend incident in early June, but you went on to have a period on schedule about June 20th. Now your July 16th period was short? If you were now 7 weeks pregnant I think you would have a lot more early pregnancy signs to talk about -nausea for a start. GL!


faceleo - July 20

ops....on 18 evening bleeding started i am on my periods...bleeding is continuous....bleeding stopped only from night of 18 to evening of 18...then regular flow started again...and no other what can be the possible reason for this break in the periods????? thanks


faceleo - July 20

my boyfriend incident was on 12th or 13th of june...and on june 22 my scheduled date i had my periods little heavy and darkish as i told you earlier...thanks


Grandpa Viv - July 20

S_x 10 days before your expected period is not in the fertile window. I don't think you are pregnant. S_xual experimentation may have stimulated more hormones than usual, causing a weird menstruation. Are you old enough to have an annual gynecologist visit? Why don't you have your mom set one up, and you can talk to the gyn about birth control while you are at it. GL!


dekraytom - September 14

I got it . Thanks


faceleo - September 18

i want to ask a general it possible to have normal periods of 6-7 days in pregnancy?? or periods completely stop after fertilization???


faceleo - September 18

please rep soon


Grandpa Viv - September 18

faceleo, about one in four women have some kind of bleed at period time in the first trimester, but it is usually lighter and shorter than usual. Test if in doubt. GL!


acoriana85 - September 20

hi i had my period twice last month on aug8 for like 3 days and then i got it again on aug30 ,i always have my period on the begging of the month ,today is sep20 and i havent got my period yet,i dont even know when should i be expecting my period for this month ,can somebody help me please ,i have been having cramps wich makes me think that its my period coming but nothing yet ,thanks


Grandpa Viv - September 22

Acorn, are you s_xually active and not using good birth control? You had a 22 day cycle instead of 30 in August, and that might be all. If the Aug 30 was light and short it might have been implantation from s_x around Aug 24, but then I would be expecting more early signs by now - fatigue, b___st and nip signs, backache, peeing, lotion discharge, vivd dreams and other stuff. Tests are cheap enough, esp at the Dollar Store. GL!


acoriana85 - September 24

Grandpa Viv- hi m not on birth control and i have been trying to get pregnant,i have been peeing alot and having alot of appet_te ,and my nipples are very itching even my stomach too ,i did a pregnancy test yesterday and it showed negative ,do you it was early to do the pregnancy test?? thanks


acoriana85 - September 24

and my period on the aug30 was kind of brown at the begging and heavy !!!


acoriana85 - September 25

Grandpa Viv - i did a pregnancy test from dollar store last morning and i showed positive but very light ,then i tried few hours later and i came out negative ,i dont understand why , im confused !!!


Grandpa Viv - September 25

Acorn, a faint positive is encouragement enough. Wait a few days and try again - the line should be getting stronger. In the short term, say a day, the hormone levels may fluctuate depending on the time of day and how much you had to drink recently. It's not clear when you might have ovulated and got pregnant, probably a week or ten days ago. Test again next Saturday using first morning pee. GL!



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