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Amanda - October 11

My sister was told the same thing and she continued to have s_x, then she unfortunately had a miscarriage! Be CAREFUL!!!!!


Misty - December 4

I am 6 months pregnant - after my husband and I had s_x I had a slight discoloration in my discharge. It wasn't bright red blood but it was something. Earlier in my pregnancy I had a very slight case of placenta previa - however I was told at my last visit my placenta had moved away from my cervix and I was fine. At no point did my doctor tell me to stop having s_x. But after this slight spotting I'm really freaked I going into labor????


Jbear - December 5

Misty, I had the same problem but I didn't go into labor. We quit having s_x after that, but I also had a little spotting every time the doctor checked my cervix (from 34 weeks on).


m - December 12

having s_x cannot cause a is unfortunate, but if you are going to miscarry there is nothing you can do about early on. i know later in the third trimester they might be able to delay it but in the first trimester it is usually a genetic anomaly. i had s_x at nine weeks and the same thing happened i bled ALOT! for almost 14 hrs bright red blood. i was scared too, my doctor said to stay off my feet until i saw him which was a day and a half later. he said basically if you are miscarrying there isn't anything they can do. but i wasn't cramping and other than the bleeding i felt great. after i saw the dr., he said no s_x for a month!! but i did have spotting of the old blood for almost three weeks after that episode. i am happy to say all is well now we are at 20 weeks and just found out we are having a boy.


JTurner - December 18

I don't really have an answer to make you feel better, but I also had s_x last night and when I woke up this morning to go pee I had brownish mucusy looking blood/discharge. It took several wipes to get it all and now throughout the day I have a little everytime I wipe. I have had cramps quite a bit throughout this pregnancy. I am 8 wks. I thought for sure I was m/c bec. the same thing happened 6mths ago when I m/c, except directly after I started to have lots of bright blood clots. When I called my doc to see if I needed to go to the hospital the first question she asked me was when was the last time I had intercourse. of course it was last night. She said if the bleeding got worse and clottish then I should go to the hospital. I hope to God I'm not going through another m/c. I've already cried my eyes out all day bec. it feels inevitable. Maybe theres still hope though!!


bader - December 18



Charlotte - December 18

Just See what happen you might just have a Ceaseran. Talk to your docter at your next appoint ment and ask about your options.


frfwefqwe - December 18



Maria - December 22

I would just wait until your next exam. Then ask the dr. just so you can make sure the baby is ok.


glittergirl03191976 - July 7

I am approx. 8 weeks pregnant and my husband and I had s_x this past weekend and afterwords I was bleeding. I had a miscarriage in May of this year and got pregnant right away after that. I did some research on bleeding after s_x and this is what I found... "If you're only bleeding a little after intercourse -- spotting rather than flowing and you have no cramping -- you can probably rest easy. "It's not unusual for pregnant women to spot after intercourse in their second and third trimesters," says Dr. Riley. The increased blood supply to the cervix and v____al walls means that blood vessels are more likely to break during intercourse, especially on the surface of the cervix, where it may come into contact with a man's p___s." I ALSO FOUND THIS.... "Some women have implantation bleeding during early pregnancy. This usually occurs during the first few weeks of pregnancy. You may notice slight bleeding around the time your period was supposed to arrive. This happens because the fertilized egg is attaching to the uterine wall. Sometimes light bleeding or brown spotting will follow this. Your doctor may order tests to check your hormone levels. Often doctors will check HCG levels to see how far along you are in pregnancy. HCG levels should double approximately ever two days. Your doctor may check your levels more than once to see that they are rising appropriately. Low HCG levels can indicate a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. It is important to let your doctor know if you have any spotting or bleeding no matter how light it might be."


nevaeh8674 - July 30

This is my first pregnancy and so i am freaking out... I am 6 weeks pregnant and my husband and i had s_x last night and now this morning i am bleeding but it only shows when i wipe after i pee... no before i got pregnant sometimes this would happen... and maybe i am freaking out for no reason at all but i have been trying to get pregnant for years with my husband and i dont want anything to happen... can i please get some advice?


jujuanne - January 17

Just want everyone to know- I experienced bleeding after s_x. It was WAY more than spotting, but wasn't flowing. I was completely terrified. I've also had cramping the whole pregnancy. I'm nine weeks. Just went to the dr and everything is fine. Had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat! Please don't freak out if this happens to you. I feel so much better after getting checked out mind is at ease. Even if it did cost a bundle b/c my insurance at work isn't in effect yet:(


giuseph90 - December 1

Hi ladies, Obviously I'm not a woman but I'm writing here on behalf of my girl friend. We had s_x, then afterwards there's some blood on her v____a that we only noticed after we had s_x. It was a week before her period. Then 2 days after we had s_x again and the same thing happened. There's a small amount of blood again. What could this mean? Could this also mean that she's pregnant besides other diseases? She's scared to death and doesn't want to talk to me and so this post. Please help, I'm begging all of you. Also I hope it's alright if I post this same post to other threads just to get another perspective. I'll cooperate if it's not.


Grandpa Viv - December 1

That might be implantation spotting. Did you have unprotected s_x two weeks before her period was due, during her most fertile days? If she is getting pregnant, she may easily be super emotional, so be understanding.


Baby_No2 - January 10

Hi All. Ok I am sure you are all wondering about getting an answer back on bleeding after intercourse. Well I am 14weeks pregnant and about 4 days ago me and my partner had intercourse and about an half hour later I went to the bathroom and found blood, it was alot. It started to Drip out ever time I went to the toilet and you can only guess I was going every 5 min cause I was freaking out. I did not have any cramping following the bleeding. I did not go to the hospital right away. I got into bed and put my feet up and tried to calm down and rest. The next Morning the blood had subsided and when wiping it was pink then went clear for the day after keeping off my feet About 24 hours later from when the blood first started, I went to the bathroom and wiped myself to find dark brown and red blood, this convinced me that the bleeding was coming to an end, but it still worried me. I took a warm bath to relax and then kept off my feet and went to bed. Day3. Wiped and it was clear then it went pink. I did this cause I could only get an appointment with my Doctor on the Tuesday and the Bleeding started the Friday Night. It remained a lite pink. I saw the Dr today and baby is doing just fine. I have a small tear in my placenta that caused the bleeding and the Dr did say that it was my own choice not to go in to hospital, but it could have been worse. He has told me to stay away from intercourse for two weeks. Please this is only what happened to me and I do not say that you should do the same, I just felt like it was ok for me at the time and if the bleeding got a lot more I would have gone to hospital. (Please I advise that going to the Dr or Hospital is the best thing to do!!)


shawnaa_synae - January 21

I just used to be on the depo shot like a year and a half ago and during that time I would bleed time to time but it would be really light and only last a couple of days . Well on christmas day me and my husband been trying to make a baby and after a few days of doing so I started bleeding and I been bleedinf for 3 wks now and I'm starting to get nausea feelings and it gets worse when I drink water . It feels like I have to throwup but I never do . Well I really would like to know what's going on . Any suggestions that may help ? Please , and thank you



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