Boyfriend Wants Me To Abort

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mummy0001 - April 3

I'm stuck in the same boat, I'm now 4/5 weeks pregnant. My partner is not happy about me being pregnant and want me to terminate asap. I had an abortion about 3 years ago an it was the worst thing I have ever gone through in my life, I cried and cried so much the even the nurses kept asking if I wanted to go ahead with it all. I did which was because of a terrible relationship and because I already had one child who was not even 2 at the time and I was very ill so couldn't cope with any other things happening at that time... Anyway I had the termination and have never felt happy about it so please think about what your going to do hun because it is irriversable. I have to go through it all again, I know I do, I just dont want to as I'm 26 and I'm so ready to have another baby, I want this child but cannot go through another failed relationship and have another child without a father in his life. It broke my heart when things didnt work out with my first childs father (because I wanted him to be a good dad) Im scared to death of what to do so I completely understand what your going through. I wish I could offer some advice and help you all I can do is give you my experiences and maybe that can help? I dont know really every one is different. I do wish each and every one of you the best though, and hopefully we will all be ok xxxx


JordanaK - October 5

So true about how men think they are 'thee man ' when they get you into bed,  but quickly demote themselves to douchebags when they say 'abort or I'm gone'. 

I'm in the same situation now. Only 3 months knowing theguy. My fault for not forcing a condom and when he didn't pull out,  I took the morning after pill but it didn't work. And I'm more than happy it didn't,  because this is a huge blessing to me,  but asked me to have an abortion and that he just wants to be friends now. 

I'm 32 and  can handle this on my own, but it's frustrating that he bailed. When I felt pregnant early on, he assured me that we will be good,  and that maybe this is our fate. After 4 postive tests, and the reality sinking in, he went back on his word. I pray for him and pray for our baby to be healthy and loved by him.   


Grandpa Viv - October 6

Jordana, do your best to have him present in the delivery room - an incredible bonding opportunity. Congratulations!


portialeeporsche - January 10

GUYS Ihave a very problem, i am 4weeks pregnant and boyfriends wants me to abort de child, ihad an abortion  before and stil regreting even now and ihave a 5 year old son and now pregnant still a student please help,,and i love him alot dnt want to loose both of them.


Afandi - September 25

Hi, mummy0001,
Your story is really touching, and I wish I had an engineer’s way of helping you sort it out. But wait a bit. You have mentioned that you are ready for a second child even though your husband wants you to terminate it. My dear, life is precious, please talk to your boyfriend about it. I believe you can come to some form of an agreement. The fear of giving birth to a fatherless child is really haunting you, and if you allow it to control you, you may end up losing that child. Look at the opportunity you will give to the child whether he has a father or not. Look at what God commanded us to do. Go to the world and fill it. Don’t look at material things look at the overall picture. Who said that a child brought by a single mother cannot achieve anything? There are so many personalities you should look upon to inspire you to carry the pregnancy. Barack Obama was brought up by a single mother, yet he rose through ranks to become the world’s president. So my dear doesn't terminate that pregnancy.


Lostless - December 6

I'm confused on what I should do .I am 4 weeks pregnant 35 years old and my boyfriend doesn't want the baby .I am already feeling sick and he does not even care .I love him but don't want to force him .He says his parents will not like me because I already have another daughter and he was expected to marry someone who doesn't have a child .I want to  keep the baby but will I not be selfish .What am I supposed to do help me please .


Grandpa Viv - December 6

Evidently he was never planning a permanent relationship on account of your child and his parents. How old is he that his parents still have such influence? This decision is for you and your daughter to make alone. He may or may not stick around for the friends with benefits aspect. Don’t let him guilt you with accusations of selfishness. 



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