Can You Get Pregnant While Already Being Pregnant

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dani. - June 24

E586467 i know you think you are an expert because your friends think they are, but i asked my Dr.(who i think actualy IS an expert) and he said the same as missynrylie, as did my sister who is a nurse.


E586467 - June 24

dani until recently I would have agreed with you about it being impossible, but after this Q was posted I had to find out for sure. I never claimed to be an expert & how can you claim that your doctor is anymore expert than mine (or my friends professor who is TEACHING MEDICAL SCIENCE), I suggest next time you ask your doctor be more specific & ask about SUPERFETATION. It is an actual medical condition & although EXTREMELY rare is does exist. Just like other freak medical conditions that are a bit of a mystery, this is one of them & it is very naive to a__sume that just because it's not commonly heard of that it can't happen. Doctors make new medical discoveries all the time, which as you know help cure diseases etc & I feel sorry for you if are stuck with one of those doctors not willing to even look into the possibility that something other than the norm exists.


meke - January 29

IamOne..Don't you think that it is more of a possiblity that your mom was pregnant with twins from day one and like hundreds of other expecting mothers (especially before the time of ultra sounds) you were just not detected until much later? It is very common for mothers expecting twins not so know it right away because one baby is alway in the way of the other, especially before the times of heart moniters. I mean you kind of gave the answer to why your heart beat was not dectected. /if your brother was always laying over you it would muffle the sound of your heart beat and probably would slow down your development as well. I mean im no doctor, but im just trying to use a bit of common sense here. Does anyone else agree with me? Please tell me if I sound ridiculous..


meke - January 29

To gotsnipped: Is that a true story. if so it is hilarious and does your sister know that your are posting it?


darkiwi789 - March 2

Ok. I am studying to be a medical a__sistant and a girl in my cla__s had this happen to her. It can happen. Its super rare. But it is possible. Think about it this way. Up until about 20 years ago I think it was 20 years ago it wasn't that long ago. But until then we didn't have an idea or a theory as to what our appendix was for. Now we have an idea but we are still not sure. So who is to say what is possible or not possible???


taylor21 - February 26

idk if im pregnent but i just had a baby 12-27-10 and i think i mite be pergnent again but i haven't had s_x sence 12-25-10 but i had a pearod althought out my pergnancy i was on it 2 days before i had s_x could i be pregnant again????


angel_baby - June 15

You are are one real horrible person gotsnipped not only is your uncle having incest with his niece but to say he found a real women because his poor wife couldnt have kids, his wife is better off without that horrible guy in her life and she should go and find herself a real man, because a real man is some one who is caring and understanding and stays with only his wife when the going gets tough, but you know what they say what goes around comes around and when it does it will be poetic justice.


confused33 - August 20

I too am rather curious about this. My situation is a little bit different, but we will see if anything comes of this. I got pregnant on or around April 12th 2011 around week 6 of this pregnancy the fetus quit developing however I carried the little bean for a good while the entire time thinking I was still pregnant. I had s_x with my husband on June 24th and then had the miscarriage of our fist pregnancy on June 26th. I began to have pregnancy symptoms again around August 2nd and took a test that was positive. I was over the moon!! So happy! I a__sumed the baby was conceived on July 10th and that I was 6 weeks exactly when I went for my first ultra sound. Turns out the baby measured 7 weeks and 5 days at that time, this was three days ago on Wednesday August 15th. That would mean that today I am 8 weeks and 1 day along. 8 weeks and one day ago was June 24th, two days before I miscarried our first pregnancy. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE????? Can you be carrying and still get pregnant? At first I thought surely I am only 6 weeks along and the baby is just developing faster than normal, but I am beginning to have my doubts. I am also concerned because I drank heavily due to the tremendous loss I was feeling at the time, good god I hope this little guy IS just a faster developer. At my first U/S we couldn't see the heartbeat, but I am having my blood taken every other day to test for hormone level growth, and I go back this next Wed. for another U/S and I am praying all is well.


Grandpa Viv - August 21

Confused, is this another case of confusion over the traditional way of dating a pregnancy - from the theoretical date of the last menstrual period? Yes, that date was June 24th, but the ovulation that went along with that was two weeks later, about July 10th. I am thinking that your body already knew the first pregnancy was not viable and was cranking up the hormones for a new cycle. Your post does raise the interesting question of what would have happened if the miscarriage had been two weeks later. Would you have ovulated anyway? Is there a window of a few days between ovulation and implantation where a miscarriage can occur? Who knows! Anyway, congratulations on a new beginning. GL!


Jazzy81 - January 5

Well i am to another case of anythings possible. I believe that if a pregnancy is not growing developing as it should then it must somehow be possible. I was nearly six weeks pregnant, when i started miscarrying. At least thats what the useless hospital i used said, then they claimed eptopic, but then back to a m/c. Anyways i never actually found out at that early stage what went on, however a few days later i was getting sharp pains in my lower right pelvic area. A pain i had at the first stages of the pregnancy, which i think was implantation cramping, but had no idea at the time i was pregnant. We did tests to make sure i wasnt in pain from still having anyything left in me, as the hosp never told me what actually happened nor cleaned anything out. But tests came back fine, all hgc had totally dropped back down to a non viable pregnancy, def no baby no nothing. Not long after i was a mess emotionally from losing it and had come off anti deps so i def thought my emotions were a result of these things. However being regular on my cycles the month came no blood, and i figured it was because my cycle was not back to normal this close. But i still had some weird strange feeling telling me to take s test. And it was faintly positive! Then i did about another 4-5 tests over the next week then a doctors hgc test to confirm pregnancy. I had no idea what was happening. It was not twins i had a scan with the previous one and levels tested and i def had nothing there after the m/c. So how on earth was i pregnant by a couple of weeks when id just lost one in the same month? A few doctors have told me i must have been ovulating dropping an egg while pregnant, we looked at my dates, and the babies conception date was within a six day time frame of the other one aborting. I am now four months pregnant, looking back the second lot of pains in my pelvis i went in for a few days after my m/c must have been the same implantation cramping, but no one had any clue as thus was the furthest thing we thought possible. Now how is it possible? Im thinking clearly your body knows in slight advance that the pregnancy was not developing and i still ovulated as a result, or somehow im one of the few that had more than one egg drop but at diff times. I still am very confused myself, but stranger things happen in life, but theres def a lot that goes on that we will prob never find out, but i dont think unless ur a scientific expert who tests these things, anyone has the right to say if its possible or not. Heck even my docs dont get it, so who Really knows


Jazzy81 - January 5

For anyone wanting to know dates i m/c on the 27th sept 11, i had a dating scan at 5 weeks and gave me the exact dates. It took me back to the 3rd october only six days between, so conception was around these dates, and also the same time when i had my cramping. So docs have said must have dropped an egg around or just before losing the other one. Strange but true


Grandpa Viv - January 5

Jazz, thanks for the input. To my way of thinking an impending miscarriage indicates the body does not believe a pregnancy exists, and it is time to start ovulation again. A woman can get pregnant after a miscarriage or a full term birth without ever having an intervening menstruation.


mom,wife,nurse - December 17

Yes, it's called superfetation. It's rare but it does happen. As long as you have ovaries you can ovulate despite what form of BC you use or age.


toni21 - December 27

i was told i was 10-12 weeks pregnant and i was waiting for my scan but only 2 days before it i woke up covered in blood and in agony so i went to hospital they confirmed i had miscarried the placenta and everything came out but when i went for a scan to make sure my womb was empty it turned out i was still pregnant but only 6 weeks and it was still in my uterus and that didnt make sense bec i found out i was pregnant more than six weeks ago and yes i did have s_x around 6 or 7 weeks ago but i was pregnant when i had s_x which confused me as i thought you cant get pregnant after already getting pregnant but twins isnt possible if they are weeks apart bec that doesnt make sense im really struggling to understand this as my doctors were baffled and decided to stick with i was having twins and my midwife got my dates wrong but i only had s_x 3 times and found out the next month (so about 6 weeks later) that i was pregnant i had to wait 2 weeks to see a midwife then nearly 3 weeks for a scan and i only had s_x twice while i was pregnant i asked if the reason i miscarried was bec i got pregnant again so my body disposed of what was already there for the new baby but they said its impossible, im just trying to understand whats happening here if anyone can help id be grateful


Grandpa Viv - December 28

Toni, may I guess that your body knew it had a failed pregnancy and decided to start ovulating again. The actual expulsion of the first fetus atarted a few weeks later than expected.



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