Could I Be Pregnant Please Help Me

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Feathers87 - December 3

I had unprotected sex two days after my period and he came in me. He went in again a short time after but he didn’t come in me the second time. It was day 10 of my cycle and my ovualation is tomorrow if my period tracker is right. I’m just wondering could I be pregnant when it was so soon after my period? Just to clarify I had unprotected sex on the 30th November and I ovulate on the 4th December. Any help is appreciated 


Grandpa Viv - December 5

Yep, cycle day 10 could do it. Sperm can last for 5 days inside. It's too late for PlanB. If the egg was fertilized it would try to implant early next week and you might feel a weird cramp. You are in the two week  wait. Other signs that might come along before your next period include breast and nip signs, emotions, peeing more and unusual fatigue. Run a home test when your period shows up late or light. Best of luck!


Feathers87 - December 5

So yesterday I was meant to ovulate according to my period app but I’ve had no stretchy discharge just clear which breaks easily. I’m wondering is that a sign or is that normal if I was meant to have ovulated yesterday?


Grandpa Viv - December 7

I don't think you can attach much importance to signs in the first days after ovulation. Implantation is not until four or five days later, which is when the body would start to send signals. Sometimes a woman will claim she "knew immediately", implying that the fertilized egg has a means of signalling before implantation. There's no science behind that as far as I know. You'll just have to be patient.


Vincywarrior37 - February 18

Hi ladies I'm new to this group just have some questions, I'm irregular cycle but last year I lost like 20lbs, my cycle came in December 29th till January 7th. I follow an app and it said my OV week was from the 24-30 of jan. We had some ttc around my fertile days. Anyway my period was supposed to start the 12th of February I'm now 6 days late. I had some cramping and Lowe back pains thinking okay my period on it's way but nothing as yet. Im scared to take an hpt test only because I don't want to be disappointed. I did has some days I felt awful after eating certain foods. Still having cramping off and on. My husband has been feeling sick lately vomiting and fever, and heartburns. Please can I possibly be pregnant anyone had this issue??



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