Hot Flashes And Pregnancy

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Rainey - September 22

Tina- Coincidence or not, I tried to get pregnant for 2 months and then on the 3rd month I used progesterone cream and I got pregnant. Though I miscarred 8 weeks later, I still think the cream is what helped me so when we try again next week, I am definitely using it. I start using it 2 days after interecourse and it worked! Good luck to you!


Tina - September 22

Hi Rainey, thanks for the support. Though Natural Progesterone Cream won't prevent a miscarry due to chromosomal defects, it will support a healthy pregnancy. I just feel that my doctor could have discussed what was going on with me physically and informed me of other alternatives. It's been 9 months of trying to become pregnant again and having these symptoms on top of the monthly disappointments has motivated me to learn what I can and try something that seems like common sense. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Tara - October 3

Hi...well, i dont wanna get my hopes up but ive been trying to get pregnant since our daughter turned 1yr old. For the past few years my periods have been relatively right on. Usually the last week of the month. I skipped 9 months after Emma was born but they came back right on schedule at the end of the month again and i didnt miss one until now. I started sorta in August, two days later than the month before but still it came the last week of the month. September has come and gone and I haven't gotten my period yet. It's now been about 6 days. I have a few symptoms such as light cramping off n on, sore b___sts, tiredness, dizziness sometimes, a bit of nausea here n there, i eat when im not even hungry and am still hungry after eating at other times. I also have been going to the bathroom a lot and getting hot flashes. I havent take a test yet because im afraid to get my hopes up. I was hot all the time when i was pregnant with Emma and i dont usually get hot flashes other times. Id like to think im pregnant but im afraid to take a test. What do you think? More of a chance of pregnant or not pregnant?


Elizabeth - October 7

I'm just barely pregnant- there is some confusion about my due date because my last period was almost two weeks long, but my nurse practiotiner put me at about 2 weeks. I can't believe how bad the hot flashes are!! I didn't have them with my first pregnancy but they're awful now. Don't worry- it took me a really long time to get pregnant both times- but it finally happened. I know it will for you too.


Kat - October 19

I have been pregnant twice and both times those were the first two symptoms, hot flashes and just knowing that I was pregnant. It sounds like you could be. However, I have also heard of girls having hot flashes as a PMS symptom. But for me the most reliable thing was just knowing that I was pregant. You couldn't convince me otherwise, I just knew it (verses the other thing, ok I think I could be, hope I am etc (which is almost never true). Also, my levels of hcg are almost always low in the first month. The first time I went to the dr and told him my symptoms he said something about scheduling a glucose test. I said I will come back for your glucose test in 2 weeks but only if you promise to do the preg test first because I know I am pregnant. I went back two weeks later and it was + so lower hcg levels are not out of the question. If the stress of not knowing is getting to you, get your dr to call in a blood hcg test which is more accurate. Either way...Good luck.


Want to know - November 7

I am 23 and there is a possibility that i am pregnant. I had a hot flash today and never have before. Should i be worried or just a__sume it is a symptom


ej - November 8

Hi I am 19, i had a miscarriage earlier this year late January.I feel that I am pregnant, my period is 2 weeks late and yesterday I occasionally noticed some brownish spotting in my underware, more so when I wipe from going to the restroom, but not with every restroom visit, but most. I have been having hot flashes and night sweats for the last week now, and my b___st look bigger but are "really"sore. I thought that I was pregnant before I missed my period and took an early hpt around 3 days before my missed period...negative. I took three more hpt test since then...stillnegative, I haven't taken any in the last week, is it possible that I am pregnant??? Please help


want to know - November 9

I havnt had more than one hot flash. I read that hot flashes and night sweats are definetly signs of early pregnancy and should stop in your next trimester. However i had a question about getting your period early when you think you are pregnant. I got mine 1 week early and that has never happened. I had spotting for 10 days prior to my early period. I thought i was pregnant but maybe not. Please help. Has this happend to anyone when they were pregnant. I am hanging on to the hope that i still might me.


Kathryn - December 1

I have also had got flashes and may be pregnant,but have had my period since the time i might have possibly concieved.


Christa - December 7

Does anyone know when hot flashes begin in pregnancy? My peak fertile day was 6 days ago. We've been trying for over a year now & am now on my second round of clomid. I wonder if implanation did occur, how soon will I feel the flashes & any other symtoms? Thanks!!


Jbear - December 7

Christa, some women don't get hot flashes at all...I didn't during my first pregnancy. The earliest symptom I had was sore b___sts about a week before my period was due. They were so sore I thought I had cancer or something (yes, I'm a worrier...) Anyhow, a lot of women don't have any symptoms until a missed period. So relax, and give your body time to do it's stuff...good luck!


Ali - December 8

Hey...I am not sure about hot flashes in pregnancy but I definetly have them and have had to stip down to nothing just to cool off. I was on Lupron last spring so I thought it was related to that, but my b___bs are sore, prominent blue veins and i am so bloated. I have not had my period back from the lupron injections so I never know when I am due...took one test which showed negative; but would only be a little over a week from conception. It is so frustrating! Anyone have any info on pregnancy after lupron?


patiently waiting - January 26

I've been having horendous hot flashes at night too. They don't seem to last long, but it's enough to wake me up. It has been almost ten weeks since my last period and no pregnancy test has shown positive yet! So now I'm just patiently waiting for my next doctor's appointment to do a scan to actually see if the baby is there or not. I asked him about the hot flashes on the last visit and he said that it was completely normal during pregnancy to have sudden temperature changes due to the body trying to maintain a specific temp. for the baby. If you're not pregnant, then it could be a premenstrual symptom caused from the rise in hormones.


SAM - February 23



Orangina - August 26

I was so excited to read I wasn't the only one. I am 37 and trying to get pregnant. I don't know if I am, I am not due for my period for another three days, but I have feeling quite queasy and the hot flashes last night and today are driving me nuts. I don't really think that we actually got our timing right this month, but knowing that this may be an early symptom gives me home. I took an at home test this morning and it was negative. I am not going to give up home and you shouldn't either. Let us know how it works out. Good luck everyone.


katrinadavies - December 23

I keep getting hot flashes as if my face is on fire but at the same time my arms are cold .. but yet I am hot , I have ma__sive nausea no cold or flu though tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get eating alot looks like im bloated , and other symptoms, yet two tests showed up negative im just wondering what's going on why am i cold and hot ? if anyone has felt like this please reply thanks- KD



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