Im Only 14 And Im Pregnate

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alexa lloyd - January 26

no they can not cause my dad tried to make me give it up and i asked a doctor and he said that it is my choice.Even though im 14 i know i made a good choice


Mommy - January 27

To everyone who says that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a good mom if you are a teen, you have no idea what you are talking about. Planning a baby at a young age is not wise and anyone who thinks it will be easy is wrong. BUT, to say that teen moms are all horrible and it is NOT possible to be a good mom is ignorant. I am a teen mom and I'm doing better than most people older than me. Obviously no one is perfect, but I don't drink or smoke or do any drugs at all and niether does my DH. We do not allow our kids around anyone like that, we do not use welfare for anything and my DH works for everything we have. I became a mom at 16 then again at 17, both times on B/C. Even though these girls are young and it will undoubtably be harder, it is possible. Of course I know she would have had her baby quite a while ago, but there are probably others in the same situation. I am not encouraging teens to go out and get pregnant on purpose, but to those who took precautions that didn't work should not be talked down to because of biased opinions. People are supposed to come here for support. Last I checked this forum was not called the JUDGE ME BY MY AGE forum. Do unto others, or imagine it was your child who was worried and wanted to do the best they could and were getting yelled at for it. I bet you would be mad. Some of you should be so ashamed of yourselves, unless you like making a *in your own words* little girl feel worse about an already tough situation.


Jess - January 28

I can only offer yuo a wee bit of advice. When i was 19 I had to have an abortion because medications i was on caused serious birth defects. The baby would have been in pain and would have dies with in a year or two. I had a very good support system, and the decision was very difficult for my boyfriend and myself to make. We are expecting again, 2 years later, and everything looks good. I am pro choice but i personally believe that abortion shouldnt be used as birth control, but it is your body. You are no longer a child, that was also your decision. Abortion is NOT easy. AMny will say it is an easy way out, but they are WRONG.It is very traumatic. Just do what is best for the baby as well as for yourself. Remember there are many families out there that are willing to help out the mother of the child they will adopt. Develope a plan, and remember, don't drop out of school. You have to be a role model if you keep the child. Dont let him or her think that when things get rough you can just give up!


Alexis - January 29

Well here it is Im 22 with 2 kids a husband and another baby on the way. Ok i can speak from someone who's parents made them get an abortion and its stuck with you for the rest of your life. First that child didnt ask to be here but remember that baby comes first not your boyfriend so that baby will always be apart of you . Due time your parents will learn to live with it. I promise you that


stefani theodoridis - February 16

i am pregnate and i am only 13


BABY GURL - February 21



steffoss - January 16

hunny i think you need to do what YOU feel right. But if you want to adopt that baby .. please contact me .. I have 2 amazing boys but my baby was born premature so we cant naturally have anymore. My Husband and I are "well off " and can give a baby all its needs and wants .. Think hard sweetie and have a serious talk with your mom and your boyfriend. Stephanie


lunamoo - January 17

Ummm, this thread is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!


mrs. c - January 17

many of you are misinformed. I am not for abortion by any means, however the comments being made about her not having rights till she is 18 is very untrue. by law once a female becomes pregnant she is emancipated particularly concerning medical care. crazy i know! however no matter what the age, once you become pregnant you have all rights to what does or does not happen to yourself and your baby. parents no longer have say. so if you were 8 and got pregnant by law u have the power to decide. now i know this seems crazy because what does an eight year old know about a baby nontheless there health but thats the law. i work in the high schools as a counselor and i deal with pregnancy issues all the time. this law only accounts for pregnancy though. thats what happens when you have babies having babies, and we see it more and more everyday. My suggestion for you young lady is to speak with your parents about you being pregnant. at your age you ARE going to need help and support, even if you say that u are willing to spend all your time and effort to keep it. Thats all well but what good will you be to your child uneducated if you plan to work work work to support a baby. i know thats not what u said but reality check is that having a bay is not cheap. i am 10 wks pregnant right now, married, and finishing my masters. it is still not easy. please dont underestimate your parents. yes, they will be dissapointed and u must understand that but they will be your greatest support system at this time, not your boyfriend who has to put his life on hold as well at this time. and lets face it females take on the most responsibility in terms of dropping everything to care for there babies. good luck


needanswers1 - February 5

its your decision but you need to have a support system i got pregnant with my son at sixteen and i did it i recommend staying in school though it so hard to go back and do it later get it done life will be so much different but it can be done stay strong god bless you sweety


cajgoodwin - February 7

I think you should give the baby up for adoption so he can get the proper care and parenting that it needs! and start using condoms or just stop having s_x your to young anyway!!!!!


Anna923 - February 9

I read something i was shocked by. That being a teen its impossible to be a good mom, well if thats true then what about adults how many times do they screw up. I have to say that everybody makes mistakes but that every body can be a good parents in its own way.


Zoey Anna Whitaker - November 3

Hello, I'm Zoey and I'm new to this discussion board. I am not going to be discriminate. I think that what you should do is come up with a future plan for you and your baby. I don't think that it's good for you to be going around and having s_x with men you don't know. Let me tell you, that becoming pregnant at an early age will ruin the rest of your life. It's your life and you shouldn't be affecting it like that. I mean, it is your decision if you chose to become pregnant but it's the wrong one. Or were you molested or did you agree to have s_x with this young man? Remember, you don't have to tell me anything deep if you don't want to. I'm here to listen. If you have any questions please contact me at this website.


Zoey Anna Whitaker - November 3

Alexis, I just want to say that it is good and all that you have a baby, but it is not good that you think that you made a good choice. If you kept that baby, you will realize that it will affect the rest of your education and you don't have any hard working money to keep both of them in schools and make sure their cared for. I hope that you made a good plan to watch after YOUR kids. My name is Zoey and I'm new. I'm not pregnant and I have not suffered a loss.


Denizerer - May 29

Hey Mommy,

I totally agree with you. Teens are not to be judged. They are to be understood, helped and supported. And with all their experiences, they'll grow up even wiser and stronger than you think they are. 



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