Period Twice In One Month

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lil-worried-1 - February 29

wow i finally found a site that will give me an answer, me and my parnter have been trying for 4 months now and every since we start my periods have come earlier and earlier (periods normaly came on the 10th of every month and lasted 7 days all the time). and feb the 4th i got them and had unprotected s_x for about 4 days and on the 25th i had light brown spotting and then on the 27 i got them again but this time they are heavier and alot more pain then usual.... could i be pregnant or should i got see a doctor??? im worried


aishlingkardashian - March 2

You Could Be But Go The Doctors Just To Be Safe Hun [3


keeping quiet - August 19

it happening to me too! i wanna know whats going on, i have taken a home pregnancy test and it came up negative. its been exactly 1 week since i had my period last and its the same with the darker blood and then it goes lighter! im on the pill and dont want to be pregnant! WHHYYYY????


acoriana85 - September 20

hi i had my period twice last month on aug8 for like 3 days and then i got it again on aug30 ,i always have my period on the begging of the month ,today is sep20 and i havent got my period yet,i dont even know when should i be expecting my period for this month ,can somebody help me please ,i have been having cramps wich makes me think that its my period coming but nothing yet ,thanks


hzigler - March 30

I had my period on the third of march and it was normal it ended on the tenth and then i started to spot on the 12th and didnt stop Spotting till the 18th. My doctor said i could get pregnant again in a year after i had my son. Could.i be pregnant or what does it mean


07ari - November 3

Ok so me and my partner been trying to have a baby. I started my period on the beginning of the month on  oct 8th 2015 , than we had s_x on my fertility days and even on my ovulation day which were the days my app says on my phone. But than on the 31st of october i got my period again? So i am lost and confused. I was really hoping that i would be pregnant ???


Grandpa Viv - November 5

Under the best of circumstances there is only a 30% chance of getting pregnant in a month of trying. You could hope that your second period was  implantation spotting but it sounds heavy for that. Run a home urine pregnancy test next weekend to be sure.


07ari - November 6

i was suppose to start my period on the 8th or 9th of this month and i statred the 31st which that only make it 23 days. Im usually 31 days ?



Grandpa Viv - November 7

Ari, you aren't reciting a list of early pregnancy signs so it's hard to encourage that thought. Run a home test tomorrow morning just to make sure. Then you are going to have to figure out if the early period reset your cycle. Do you know the signs of ovulation - stretchy mucus and soft high open wet cervix, which for you should be about 17 days after lmp.


07ari - November 7

Grandpa Viv, Thats what i was thinking that my period might change to the end of the month instead of the beginning. Cause i have a little boy already and it dont seem to have any symptoms. But just to make sure i will take a test! And do you think  a cyst will make it harder for me to concieve? And the 17 days are after your last day on your period or the day you start ?


Grandpa Viv - November 9

17 days after the beginning of lmp. Usually that is 14 days but your cycle is 3 days longer than average. Sex in the several days leading up to ovulation gives the best chance. Most cysts resolve by themselves.


07ari - November 10

Grandpa Viv, Okay cause the lmp was 6 days long ? So if i satrted my period on the 31st and ended on the 5th, my period was 6 days long. So what day would i be my ovulation day if you dont mind me asking. I just want to know to make sure i have it right ?



Grandpa Viv - November 12

Ari, the number of days of menstruation are not relevant. The best estimate of ovulation is 14 days before the beginning of your next expected period which for you is 17 days after the start of the last period. Watch for those ovulation signs and you will know your body better.


07ari - November 12

Okay Thank you Grandpa Viv .


Nitz - March 16

Hey! Megan

Can you tell me what were your results? I'm experiencing the same thing and this even confused my menstruation cycle. I'm not even sure when to take the urine test! 

Please reply


Arelyred - November 12

I have regular periods cycle of 23-25 but my period of the month of  Oct I got it twice, on the 7-10 and I got it again on Oct 23-26 I'm sexually active, and On the 7of Nov I notice spotting lasted 2 days could I be pregnant? I'm freaking out 



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