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FirstTimeMommy08 - November 2

Hey grandpa viv

Today (nov 2nd) i am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant after trying for 5 years but.....

Me and my boyfriend broke up in june. Stupid me i dont know why i did it but i did it, i slept with someone else june 17th ????. I had a VERY HEAVY period june 27th reg 4-5 days my cycles are normally 30-32 days. 

In july me and my boyfriend was still talking and having sex ALOT. At the end of july like the 29th-30th i had spotting for 4 hours then stopped never happend before. On Aug 1st i went to a drs appointment and had a positive test.

The next day in the evening i had cramping so i went to the ER. And ultrasound was done but only saw a sac then said im 95% chance for a misscarriage with hcg level 90. August 10th i went back to the ER another ultrasound measured me at 5 weeks 2 days no heartbeat or fetal pole. With hcg of 1750Both those were transvaginal

Went to the drs and he took blood my hcg levels were still doubling so he said no d and c yet he sent me for another ultrasound Aug 16th the tech did an abdomen ultrasound and only saw the sac. Then he decided to do a transvaginal to make sure and after 10-15 mins he said i found a VERY tiny fetal pole and a heartbeat of 86 at 6weeks 1 day. 

Then i went to repeat a transvaginal Aug 23. I measured 7 weeks 1 day heartbeat of 108. Again transvaginal ultrasounf done sept 6th measured 9weeks snd 1day heartbeat was 180

At my final ultrasound just a abdomen one i measured 13 weeks 1day. 

I know theres DNA Testing but ill lose my boyfriend forever if its june guy. 

My questions are

When did i concieve?

Why isnt the ultrasound and lmp matching? Ultrasound puts my LMP at july 4th

Is my boyfriend the father? Coneption wouldnt be further then gestational age and if it was june guy wouldnt i measure 20weeks?


Grandpa Viv - November 2

You conceived at ovulation July 18th. Weeks of pregnancy are counted from LMP while fetal age is two weeks less. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 2

So there would be no way i had concieved in june?


my real LMP was june 27th, but all my ultrasounds put me at july 4th. Why is that?


and if i concieved in june would they have added the two weeks and my hcg levels would be higher thrb 90 in aug?


ty for helping by the way. I always see you help so many on here


Grandpa Viv - November 2

You were were probably on a 35 day cycle in July. Ultrasound dating assumes a 28 day cycle. 

HCG levels vary dramatically from one pregnancy to another. 

There’s no chance of pregnancy from June sex. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 2

Thank you so much. Ive seen you everywhere on here and i knew you were the one to go too!


so i could of just ovulatered later then i thought? 

And thats weird about hcg because i figured a conception in june with the hcg level 90 in august would be extremely low i was told they should double every 48hrs jntil the 6th week


And it would be unlikely for that many ultrasounds in the early pergnancy to be wrong correct


sorry for all the questions i just want to be certain i can 100% mark june out. My boyfriend would like to tell his family and im a bit nervous


Grandpa Viv - November 3

Sorry you have been worrying about this for so long. It seems your boyfriend also knows of your dilemma. It’s past time to tell his parents. You are close to feeling movements 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 3

No thats the issue. He doesnt actually know i was with someone else. He feels its his but the concern of us being together for 5 years and only got pregnant once resulted in m/c isnt sitting well will him. If i tell him the truth ill lose him and if the dna says its not his as well ????


but i just need to know for sure if its 100% his. So i can be at ease. I asked many women due in April they said its impossible i concieved in june. But id like your advice and input on it so ican tell his parents


Grandpa Viv - November 4

There’s no chance you are pregnant from June sex. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 4

Thank you so much Grandpa Viv. Ive asked many and all said the same as you. I thought it was my boyfriends but i have that ‘what if’ in my  Head and start overthinking and over analyzing everything.  And I know it’s not good that im stressing.  I’ve seen you help Manny on here and I had to ask you 


 It was just weird that I tried for five years and got pregnant around the time we broke up 


Grandpa Viv - November 5

Pregnancy hormones cause emotional stress which may cause a relationship to fold. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 5

Thank you so much. 


One last time it is 100% my boyfriends and i can stop worrying?


Grandpa Viv - November 7



FirstTimeMommy08 - November 7

Thank you you have been such a big help.


i have one more question i dont know if you will know...


i was born with glaucoma a very bad case of it i had 65 surgeries since 2 weeks old and a cornea transplant. Im scared my baby will have it.  Whatd the chances? It doesnt run in my family im the only one


Grandpa Viv - November 7

I read that primary glaucoma can be inherited, that 1 in 10,000 babies are born with it and the probability is quite a bit higher if it is in the family already. It is mostly a disease that gets worse with age. Your doctor will advise you to have your child tested yearly so that any treatment can start early. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 7

Yes people in my family had got it in old age. But mine was when i was born. I also have tubes in my eyes yo release  pressure and I’m scared that I will pass this along to the Beby



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