Pre Cum

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jane - July 25

pre c_m -wat is it and cant it really make u pregnant


megan - May 22

It is a small amount of seman released before ejaculation, and I got pregnant from it.


Alicis - June 18

I have heard from people that pre c_m can cause pregrancy. So i was wondering if this is true. Can i really get pregrant from pre c_m?


sara - June 30

Can prec_m make u pregnant ?


Suzanne - July 1

Yes its very possible to get pregnant from pre c_m alone especially if your partner has ejaculated already and this is his second time c_mming.


Nina - July 1

I think you cannot get pregnant by pre c_m. I can be wrong


pregnant - July 1

you can get pregnant from pre-c_m. it actually has more sperm in it then what comes out in actually ejacuation.


genita - July 2



MeL - July 10

i read so many articles and stuff on the net about if prec_m can get you pregnant. some say yes and some say no if your partner urinates after ejaculation.. i'm really confused whats the real answer?


kaycee - July 23

yes you can more sperm comes out in pre c_m


Rebecca - July 25

Pre c_m is just what was left behind from the last time a guy has ejaculated. I'm sure that it probably contains sperm, but it's obviously not as strong as the sperm that made it when he ejaculated. The chances of getting pregnant from pre c_m are slim, just protect yourself to be sure.


A MAN WHO CARES...... - December 16

I dont think so that a woman become pregnant due to the pre-lubricant(prec_m) of a man, unless he has experienced an orgasm already and having another penetration without washing and cleaning the LING (Urination can also clean the ducts, i guess). As we know that if woman is not feeling pleasure or feeling uncomfortable during penetration, that can be due to lack of proper lubrication in her v____a, the lubrication of v____a is not only important for penetration but also help the male sperms to slip inside to the opening of uterus. Just like this, men's prec_m allow the thick sperm to come outside and never make a man uncomfortable or feeling any kind of irritation otherwise some guys who are having thick sperms could experience the slight itching in the ducts, carrying the sperms to the outside. (Another advice to all readers specially women, that whenever ur partner wearing French Leather or Condom or any protection made by either rubber or latex ask him to stroke gently cuz not all women are aware about the side effect of this local protection. For a man it can be local but for a woman its not. Never let a man become in contact, if he is applying any sort of delay stuff, if that stuff touches you, the senses will be gone and when u start feeling again , there will be nothing but irritation or bleeding. (its all about observing the behaviour of couples, specially the role of men)


Crystal - December 28

what are your chances of getting pregnant from pre c_m and is it more powerful then regular ejaculation? i think i might be but i just want to see what my chances are?


gangster - January 1

i'm confused neither....please tell me the real answer


Brit - January 1

It's possible to get pregnant from pre c_m, but my husband and I have been having s_x for 5 years without pillls or condoms. He always pulls out. I've never been pregnant.


gangster - January 1

wow, cool, thats make me feel lot better now, thx for both answer.


carlos - January 2

if a girl and a guy are having s_x and shes wet and the guys is wet does dat gets da women pregnant?



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