Pregancy Chances After Having Two Periods

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Stan - July 2

This is very naive, but are there any chances of a woman being pregnant even though she already had 2 healthy periods after having s_x and now missed a third one. The first period was 10 days after having s_x and the second was 28 days after the 1st period. If pregnancy is not the cause of a missed 3rd period, then what could be? Much Thanks.


SaraH - July 3

If her periods were normal then no she is not pregnant (a women ovulates approximately 13 day's before she get's her period so the s_x was probably after she'd ovulated anyways since she got her period 10 day's later). The second period sounds like it was a normal time after the first as well. I'm a__suming that there has been no more intercourse (you can get pregnant from fooling around even w/o "s_x" if you get sperm on your fingers and toutch her or have genital to genital contact even if you don't ender her) since the time you mentioned; so that she has not possibly gotten pregnant since her last period? If there hasn't been intercourse recently then she is not pregnant. Often women will ovulate later in their cycle then normal if they are stressed or if they have been sick. This happens to most women from time to time, and will make her period late w/o her being pregnant. Good luck


Stan - July 3

Although the timing of the second period was normal, however, she had a little less flow in her second period. There has been no intimate contact whatsoever in between all this time and she shows no signs whatsoevr of nausea, b___st soreness, swelling and other signs of early pregnancy. She's been working out much more than usual and taking some medicines to control a gastric problem. Also, she has a history of delayed periods. Please advice. ?


SaraH - July 3

From what you've said she is not pregnant. So stop worrying about it. She's probably just late, as you said she has a history of it...she's just late. If she hasn't had s_x recently she isn't pregnant. So relax about it.


Ankitha - November 26

I'm also having the same problem. I had sex with my bf on sept 16. Actually he didn't cum inside me,he ejaculated on bedsheet. Probably after 15 minutes he washes his hands , after another 15 minutes he put his finger inside me. I'm not sure that sperm was still there on his hand. Fortunately i got my period on expected day ie, on sept 24. In the following month i got my period on October 20nd. But in November my period haven't came yet. Does it mean i'm pregnant?? 


Grandpa Viv - November 26

Ankitha, you are not pregnant though it appears your period is a bit delayed this month. Your sex was only a week before your expected period, thus not on the fertile window. Also you have had two normal periods since the incident and have no early pregnancy signs. Run a home test if you are still in doubt. 


Ankitha - November 26

I was taking vitmain syrup and pill for acidity. Does these medicines can affect my periods


Grandpa Viv - November 27

I doubt those things could affect your period. Stress, worry, travel, sickness, underweight, and various other factors would more likely be the cause. 


Ankitha - November 27

Usually i had a regular a period. I think this is for the first my period is delaying these much days. The signs of my periods were pimples and abdominal cramps. This month also pimples came in my face, bt compared to all my previous periods this month my abdominal cramp is less. It will last only upto 5 or 6 seconds - December 22

Ankitha, please help me....

my gf is facing the same situation. what was your problem?

please help me.... please understand our situation.......


Grandpa Viv - December 22

Rajesh, give us some more details if you want an informed reply. 


Kingkhan - May 9

I have sex with my gf in December then i gave her unwanted 72 and then we have sex on 28 January after this again i gave her unwanted 71. Then she got her periods on February as well as on March but after that she didn't get periods on april and not yet in may... 


Kingkhan - May 9

Is there any chance that she is pregnant..?? 



Grandpa Viv - May 9

Khan, she does not seem to be complaining of other early pregnancy signs, so there is probably some other explanation for the missing periods. Have her run a home pregnancy test to prove this, then make a doctor appointment to get her period regulated. Birth control pills might help. 



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