Pregnant From Fingering

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anon. - January 31

Ok, I was fooling around with my boyfriend around the 9th of this month, had just finished up my period. We didn't have s_x, but did everything else. I'm on birthcontrol, take it regularily, ect. Is it possible that if he fingered me I could get pregnant? If he had some prec_m on his fingers? I'm not even sure if he did, I'm jumping to conclusions and freaking out. I'm so worried and stressed, I've caused all these symptoms for myself. Oh..and this friday I started spotting (not usualy for me) I'm not on any meds besides my bc, so I don't know whats causing the spotting. Help. Anyone?


anon - January 31

PLEASE anyone?


anon - February 2

it's a legit question, don't be so rude about it.


Unlike - February 2

Sweetie, it is unlikely that you are pregnant if you are taking your birthcontrol properly. It is also unlikely to get pregnant via fingering with some c_m on it. Although it is not unheard of you should take a test just to feel better and know for sure. Goodluck and try to be more careful next time!


dawabbit - February 3

I spent a good portion of my teenage life stressing out over things just like that. Everything ened up OK for me. But you probably should be more careful, What with STD's and all. Sucks but that's the way of the world these days.


mary - February 5

no you can't be pregnant and the spootting probably just stress take a test and stop stressing


Amina - May 9

I am freaking out about the exact same thing actually. But i serously believe that if he didn;t come, and didn't get it on the hand or finger that he was fingering you with that you are ok. i was looking everywhere for this question and an answer to it. unfortunately i havent but I am still searching. Maybe if you find the answer to it, you can post it so i can read it. I really am losing my mind right. i want to let you know that you are not alone and that other girls are facing the same thing that you are right now. Don't worry and just pray, Because God is there whether you believe it or not. By Takea care. Amina :)





muneca - May 13

i dont can get pregnant from a you are just so cute!you remind me of myself when i was 16!think of it like this MANY women try to get pregnant by their husbands and nothing happens for a long time.and they usually have s_x and he c_ms inside her. and if you are on birth control your chances are really tiny even if for some wild reason you were trying to get pregnant. so you dont trip next time tell your man to wash his hands or put a condom on his finger sorry, you laugh at it when your older trust me.but just in case to make u feel better...a pregnancy test wont hurt. p.s. some women spot because of stress..(i did) and also some women spot aroung the time they ovulate


D-gurl - May 17

don't worry, i'm freaking out over the same thing! and so far everyone tells me that it is possible but very unlikely! and i am not on birth control!


Carri - May 18

Well, first of all it is highly unlikely but I do suggest that you find someone in the medical profession you can discuss s_x with and learn more about it before you continue participation.


sara - May 18

i'm freaking about the same thing! there are just no answers anywhere. my period is usually irregular-- and i havn't gotten it in a while.. but i'm still freaked out. my b___bs are sensitive all the time... and i'm just hoping for an answer or my period. ah!


Scott - May 22

Same with my girlfriend.. and every site has a different opinion.. but again.. how many times do you hear somone get pregnant from not having s_x? it very rarly happens.. my advice to everyone worrying about this.. basically, don't worry.. and if your late on your period, take a test.. its better to know for sure..


to anon - May 23

i think that it is highly unlikely that you have become pregnant, just be careful...because it isnt impossible to get pg that way...just rare. to becky! what is your problem?!! saying those things to her were so uncalled for! shame on you for being so rude and inconciderate! her question is just as valid as anyone elses, and she did get plenty of responses despite your accusations of her being my question for you is...who is the stupid one now???? good luck anon...and remember to just be more careful in the future.


Bay - May 27

omg...i am in the same situation. me and my boyfriend had all of our clothes on and i gave him a hand job. after i was finished, he b___toned and zipped up his pants and then fingered me. he said that he didnt have anything on the hand that he fingered me with, but i dont know. could i be pregnant?


melissa - May 27

there is no way you could get pregnate from fingering


Dr. Pettid - May 27

Yes u can get pregnant if you were fingered shes not that stupid! The same crisis happened to a friend of mine SPERM LASTS UP TO 48 HOURS you could be pregnant if his sperm in anyway came in contact. How do you think artificial insimination is possible?



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