Pregnant From Fingering

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tera24 - July 28

I think im pregnant from that too but im not on birth control. its possible.


baby1forme - July 29

Ladies...... no, no, no, no, no, no you CANNOT get pregnant from fingering. Even using no protection and having a man ejaculate inside of you , which deposits MILLIONS of sperm, only provides a 25% chance at best. The chances of becoming pregnant from dried up precom containing maybe a afraction of that combined with the air exposure and limited amount of fluid with which to swim, brings your chances to ZERO. Please stop worrying.


Racso - August 6

Ok I also need help on this I've read everyone's responses and yeah although the chances are quite slim I am scared c___pless The scenario:I like to finger my gf a lot when we get into the mood but usually we get into the mood by making out which I've felt makes me pre-c_m I went to the bathroom and may or maynot have had pre-c_m on my finger from the hand i used to unrinate with which was the one I fingered her with but she never made me c_m or anything just pre-c_m and she's late about a week now and she has a few symptoms like back aches and her b___sts being tender help much appreciated, thanks.


kristamariieee. - October 18

Ummmm. I've never had s_x before I got pregnant and I am now 25 weeks pregnant. So yes, you CAN get pregnant from fingering. That's how I did. If there is c_m on his hands [which it has to be a great deal of it] and he fingers you, there is a possibility! So stop saying you can't get pregnant from fingering because you can.


delaina - October 22

as far as i know from school sperm dies when it hits the airunless its in a pool of its own gooz


ln - December 20

my bf fingered me, n i dk if he had c_m on his fingers or not, n i'm a virgin, and it would terrify me to know that i'm going to have a baby, n i haven't even had s_x. but YES you could get pregnant, because the sperm lives from half to 4 hours outside of body, or until it dries off completly. I'M SURE OF THIS!! and if it get with contact with v____a (if it's wet), then the sperm could swim up to the v____al pool, and u could get pregnan. It's hard for me to say this since i'm in the situation.


twentyone85girl - December 27

man stop having s_x untill you know about s_x and sorry but thats just sad.. if your on b/c and take it right you cant get pregnant.. and prec_m has such a small amount of sperm that its very unlikely..its not impossible but the chances are very low..its not worth risking though



Me and my boyfriend where lying down on the couch, an hour later he unb___toned me and he started to touch my c___t with his fingers..he didnt go inside me. i never touched his p___s..but i don't know if he had pre c_m from hours before. he just touched me and of course, being a 15 year old, im paranoid to the max is there any way i can be pregnant? and i too, am on birth control


cookie dough - August 15

WOW. I am SOOOOOOO FREAKING OVER THIS ISSUE!!!! I feel your pain all u girls who have been fingered and are trying desperately to remember "did he have c_m on his fingers, did it touch me, he went deep did I get pregnant?" I know it's highly unlikely, but I am so afraid that it might have happened. I come from a very strict family, and it would be hell to tell them that I got pregnant! I am sooooooooooooooooooo scared!!! Help


Naina - January 8

hey guys thanx,m a lot relieved with this discussion. n so do i think its a stupidity that one can become pregnant like this.i too had the same expeience nm waiting for the Date for which every girl is dying to get down.


Naina - January 8

and while we were on the bed being naked we jst rubbed each others body,i mean down there too ofcourse..


simplyuhd0rkxp - February 7

im in this situation too and im freaking out. im not on birth control though. he fingered me but we're not sure if he had prec_m on his fingers or not. im thinking of taking the morning after pill just in case. what should i do?


Dr Oz. - October 21

Yes Its very possible especially for teenage girls with blonde hair. If the guy is younger his sperm is more likely to live on his finger if its up your v____a. Many teen girls have come to me asking if they were. I told them it is very likely and only one that was ON birth control wasn't pregnant. And you can be a virgin and get pregnant.


Dr Oz. - October 21

Yes its very likely. Especially for blonde teenage girls. If the guy is younger the sperm will stay alive longer on his finger up your v____a. Many girls have came to me and every single one have been pregnant except one she was on birth control too. So best of luck


Afandi - September 25

Of course, it is not possible to conceive by fingering. You see we need to understand the process of conceiving. It happens when a sperm meets a ready egg in the fallopian tube. The sperms compete against each other, and millions of them fail to get past the cervix. This means that less than 25 % of the sperm will find their way to the cervix and less than 10% will be able to swim and meet the egg in the fallopian tube. So as far as I am concerned, the lady is just worrying for no apparent reason. Even if we assume that the finger was laced with sperm cells, it is not possible for the sperm to swim past the cervix up to the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg. I think instead of continuing to worry you need to get to a doctor and have a PG test carried. 



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