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bellybubble - December 17

Hey Ladies! Anyone got any good ideas for easy and quick lunches at work. Getting sick of having salad, salad, and salad? Oh and soup! I am sure this has probably been asked before but i couldnt find it? Thanks for any help.


Emmie - December 18

wraps, burritos, sub sandwichs, pizza, veggie and meat with dip


HeatherIsHopeful - December 30

good luck getting people to post here... I tried, people just dont seem to come to this forum much. *sigh* It would be great though!!


cors1wfe - January 1

Pita and Hummus is great and good for you - I like whole wheat pitas. Pita pockets stuffed with chicken or egg salad delicious and satisfying. I like any kind of lean cuisine with extra veggies or unfortunately salad - have to tried different dressings sometimes that can break salad overdose.


bellybubble - January 1

Thanks for those tips ladies! I would do more wraps and things but i didnt think i was meant to eat cold chicken and ham etc??


cors1wfe - January 1

If I think of anything else I'll be back - I am going back to work on Monday and I really have to watch my weigh with this 3rd baby I know I'll be getting creative since the cheeseburger diet I was on during my last pregnancy gave me a 9.5 pound son I'll be making better food choices. LOL Good luck I'll let you know what I come up with


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 2

I know exactly what you mean, I got so tired of the same thing for you have anything that allows you to heat up food or no?


early40 - January 3

I know how you feel. I and end up starving myself at work. I drink a litre of water in the morning before brushing my teeth. My first meal will be cereal after an hour. Lunch will be Provita with cottage cheese, or double b___ter popcorns, or fruit (not banana), and a lot of water in between. I sometimes drink tea/coffee (no caffeine) That keeps me going for a day. Then I have supper at 6 and have a break before going to bed. It is working for me. good luck


cors1wfe - January 3

I just thought of something super easy and you can change it up daily. I almost forgot my most favorite easy lunch ever - cheese, meat and crackers - you can use sliced cheese - speadable cheese like laughing cow or cream cheese or all types of your favorite crackers and then ham turkey salami whatever you like and then I top my cheese, meat, crackers with sweet pickle slices - yummy, filling, and not bad for you sinc I usually use 2% or light cheese but you are a skinny minny let the fat roll baby!


bellybubble - January 3

Hi again ladies - well i have just cottened on to water crackers with cottage cheese and a bit of pesto and with homus, avo and tomato - really yummy. I am having tuna and salad today though - first time i have eaten tinned tuna since prego cause i read its ok then read its not ok - but i just spoke to my friend who at it all the time and her baby was fine - dont get me wrong I am not going to eat it every day - but twice a week with salad should be ok???


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 3

My doctor said no more then 2 cans per week, so if you eat it twice it should be fine...but you can always ask your doctor to make sure.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - May 4

Raw zucchini spaghetti (made from a spiral slicer) and spaghetti sauce. Easy and YUMMY!



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