2 Tests With White Lines. And I Pregnant Or Nott

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Mamaharper25 - June 8

Hey guys I'm new to here . I have 2 kids of my own plus a step kid and had a miscarriage in 2013. Anyway I missed my period 3 weeks ago only bled when i wiped one time my nipples hurt the past two days so I took 2 first response pink tests. Both of them had the control line but right away White line showed up on both tests. I didnt use fmp What does this mean???


Kerrshay - June 27

See your doctor for a pregnanct blood test just to be sure.


Moona - June 28

Hey dear lady, I saw your post. I will suggest you try a complete checkup from your nearest and best gynecologist. As soon as possible you should do it. You also have to discuss it with the doctor. A doctor can guide you in a good way. My friend also has the same problem. She faced infertility for a long period of time. She was so depressed. I know how it can get. It’s really a tough time. I hope you’re coping well with it all. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this. We’re here for you. I couldn’t get pregnant either. I resorted to surrogacy as my best option. In that way, the baby is genetically yours. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I hope you can look into it. Convince your DH, find a good clinic. It really matters. I think it’ll be great. Good luck!


Moona - June 30

Hey dear, How are you? Hope you will be fine. I have read your post. It can be a sign that you are pregnant again. If it is true. Then I am really very happy for you. But I will suggest you take a visit to your doctor. It will be more good for you. A doctor can advise you best. Just think positive and go to the clinic. Good luck.


Moona - June 30

Hello sister, I will suggest you take it seriously. If you really want to be a mother again. Then you have to take care of your self. And go to the best clinic. Discuss all the matter with your doctor. And then follow your diet chart. You also should stay away from all kind of stress in this condition. Make a healthy diet chart for you. Wish you good luck.


gemi - July 1

Mama sharper hi! Hope you are doing great. I have read your post. don’t you worry dear? I think you should do this test after a weak ago. If these two lines become clear then you are pregnant. Then I will be very happy for you that you will be pregnant again. Try to consult it with your doctor for guidance. I think he will guide you in a better way. but first, do this yourself. I hope everything will be all right. But during this time, you should take complete bed rest. And take care of your health. Its very important condition for a lady to be pregnant. One thing more, dear try to do a test from your fresh urine.


Moona - July 3

Hi there, How are you? I have seen your post. I have come to know about you. I think you should go to the clinic. It is not clearly definable that you are pregnant or not. You just need to take a complete health checkup. And then the matter show clearly. Iknow you are thinking positively. It is a very good thing. But you have to think that if you are not pregnant then doesn't matter. Just keep trying. All will be done well.


Moona - July 3

Hello there how are you, Hope you will be fine. I have read your post. It is good to see you. I am not sure about your pregnancy as well. But I want to say to you that if that two line will be clearly shown in the next test then you will be pregnant. So I will suggest to you that if this test is not clear. Then you have to go again to the clinic. Best of luck.



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