No Ovulation Signs Pregnant Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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me again - July 28

I am now cd 19 and have had no usual ovulation signs. BD'd 3 days prior to expected ovulation. Has anyone had a cycle that they seemed to have missed ovulation, but turned out they had conceived that cycle? I keep wondering if the sperm were waiting in the tube and then fertilized the egg right away (keeping away the normal ovulation signs) I know I just have to wait, but any input is helpful. THANKS!


Bump - July 28



dagirl - July 29

Oh my god!!! That is exactly what happened to me this month!!! I asked the question, maybe i didn't make sense~! and no one replied. BUT you explained it perfectly! :))))) Ive been dying to find this out for 2 weeks now and hopefully WE will!!!! All I can tell you is it happened to me and believe me when i say...I KNOW EXACTLY WHEN IM OVULATING EVERY MONTH! This month......NOTHING! It is sooooo weird. Im due for AF tomorrow (today since its after midnight) I'm getting all of the AF symptoms, I keep running to the bathroom thinking that BIATCH is here but NOT YET.......:))))) I wanna be prego sooooo bad. I m/c in april and have been tryig since. Ill keep uyou posted and u do the same. If your trying....GOOD LUCK GIRLFRIEND and LOADS OF MACK TRUCKS OF BABYDUST TO YOU AND EEVERYONE ELSE!!!! p.s. Im gonna wait till sunday to test if the Biatch hasn't shown up!


me - July 29

Oh good, I am so glad you understand what I mean. I too posted before but no one seemed to know what I meant. Let's hope were're right! I will let you know. I'm working today, but I'll look forward to hearing from you tonight after I get home; maybe you'll get your BFP! Stay away af!!!! I too, know when I'm ovulating so I'm curious what's going on this cycle. I have to wait to test as I'm only cd 20. THANKS FOR POSTING and I loved the "MACK TRUCKS OF BABYDUST"--same to you!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - July 29

If you ovulated you would get the normal ovulation signs, even if the sperm were there ready to pounce. My guess is that one ovary decided to take a time out on account of the hot weather (lol) and things will get back to normal next month. But you never can be sure.... Good luck!


Jenn - July 29

I am in the same boat with you girls. I mc in april also and before then I always knew when I ovulated, but since the mc I have had no signs. this month i took some opks(not very consistently) but all were negative. my question to grandpa viv or anyone would be can you ovulate without getting the cm?


Jess - July 29

i am feeling the same guys. i usually have white discharge but this time just having watery discharge, anyone like that feeling the same. i have some other symptoms as well but am hearing all the other ladies having white or thick discharge?? so confused....pls help


Jenn - July 29

another question....when ovulating is your cm always stretchy? discharge a sign of ovulation?


Di - July 29

Ok last month i ovulated june20-23 and of course had intercourse( 34day cycle). ok then instead of haveing my period the 9th of July i started spotting for a week starting the 6th of july. It was brown and black discharge with a little redishorange color.the whole period could have fit on one of those small panty liners. I have had the feeling like i am going to throw up and stinging feelings in my b___bs and cramps this whole month. Also i have not yet ovulated when i was supposed to. Of course i took so many test during and after my weird period but i haven't done it lately. so i don't want to get my hopes up for nothing. What to do.


me - July 30

dagirl--any news?? Have you taken a hpt? Ladies, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens; please post updates.


me - July 30

Oh, sorry you said you're waiting to test until Sunday--good idea!


me - July 30

Di, when did you last test. Maybe you'll get a BFP! Maybe you should test again with first moringing pee.


dagirl - July 30

To: "me". Well the biatch still sin't here...thank god! I know I said Im gonna wait till sunday to test BUT I DUNNO IF I CAN WAIT!!!! What about you?? When is that biatch due? p.s. Did my delivery of baby dust in a mack truck get to you? lol ;) BTW Im still getting cramps on & off but like she's here...its weird! But now Im getting like ovulation cramps on my right side which is F****** weird....maybe its pregnancy cramps!!! One more thing....Since i was prego before...NOTHING is the smae as last time. I aint getting any symptoms except cramps, sore b___bs/nipples and I have a serious stuffed nose but runny at the same time! LAST TIME: I got cramps, almost barfed when I sprayed one little squirt of my perfume ( it was sooo strong and I didnt know why) I was hangry all the time even after I ate a horse...I was still starving AND I got heartburn one night sooooooooo bad I didnt even know what heartburn was cuz i never had it in my life until that night...tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing worked...UNTIL the guy I worked with threw me his bottle of GAVISCON...It went away about 20 min later. (I didnt sleep at all that night...stayed up all night and went to work) After all those symptoms, I didnt even THINK that I was prego!!! Until the day after "that biatch was due"!!! None of that is happening and thats whats weird too. Oh yeah...usually I'm bloated out to CHINA a couple days before AF is due....and today (due for AF) Im not! Anyways....I'll keep you posted if she doesnt show up and and I take a HPT. If I do one tomorrow (sat) Ill let you know, If i wait till sunday...Ill let you know...if that stunned biatch does come...Ill let u know! Im too excited but i dont wanna get disappointed cuz ive done that for a couple months! Everytime i tested....BFN and the she showed up an hour later...what a d__n waste of money!!! We dont have dollar tree stores or stores that sell em for $1...all ours cost minimum $15 each....a bunch of scamming stores! I saved one from last month....Im gonna test with taht and save my self some cash! GOOD LUCK TO YOU...let me know what happens with u. MORE MACK TRUCKS PLEASE!!!! TO EVERYBODY!


DAGIRL - BFP!!!!!!!!!!! - July 30

To: all you wonderful ladies!!!! Well I posted a response last night at 2:10 am. I promised I'd keep u updated so here it goes! I woke up at 9am.....had to pee so bad so I did...thought I should test....BUT I DIDNT. Went back to bed.....just woke up now 5 hours later....thought about testing for a half hour....held it as long as i could to make my decision ( cuz i said i would test sunday) and was trying to convince myself to do it now instead of tomorrow because AF still wasn't here...after mch debating with my self....I ran upstairs (to see if my hubby was home) HE WASN"T!!! and I didnt want him to be here when i did because I wanna suprise him if I am...So I i tested....BFPPPPPP!!!!!!!! I was kinda in shock like could this be for real!!!!! The 2 lines were so dark!!! I was soooooooo happy...I was screaming to myself and my heart started pounding cuz I couldnt beleieve it!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am pregnant!!! WOW.....this is the best feeling Ive had in a long time! Last time i was pg before i m/c....the line was soooo faint u couldnt almost see it...i confirmed it with a blood test back then at the doctors which relieved me...but for some reason I feel now that maybe the faint line was a sign of a m/c back then...i dunno. The good news is it aint faint this time! Im glad I didnt wait till sunday (tomorrow). lets get back to the original topic of this..."no ovulation signs + pregnant?" I gotta tell you guys what "me" said about "if the sperm were waining in the tube and then fertilized the egg right away keeping the normal ovualtion signs away IS POSSIBLE!!! and I'm a 100% sure that this is what happened to me!!! SO to answer that question...YES IT CAN HAPPEN...Im living proof!!!! So to Jenn, Jess, Di and "me" (btw what is ur name "me"?) I feel like im talking to myself when i call u me! LOL. YES IS THE ANSWER. And as for you di, Ive learnt never to take a test early....It just a waste of money and very depressing to get a BFN when it is not possible to detect the hcg levels in the arly stages. I suggest you wait until the day ur Af is due at the earliest if u cant wait till the day after...I know its HARD but just try thinking about other things and keep ur self occupied until that tiem so ur not let down...over & over again! I been there...done that several times and finally I learnt to be patient. Patience is a virtue...and patience could be a BFP! Ok ladies, I listed my symptoms from before (last time i was pg) and this time from what i could tell....(on the previous response) But there are a couple of symptoms I just thought about since yesterday that were there but didnt click in till now. I will share them all with you! (btw every preganancy is different..i didnt believe that until today seeing how both of them are completely different) here they are: This month my boons were sore/nipples. They were extremely itchy, i scratched all month...even my boss was like are you ok? I didnt think of anything at the time. I got a stuffy nose really bad (still stuffy) but RUNNy at the same time! I sneezed every single day at least 6-10 times...I am NOT bloated AT ALL, (usually I get soooo bloated my gut reaches CHINA! (that usually happens a few days before af is due) I got a little gas...(but i thought it was AF) I got cramps on and off for at least 2 weeks before af was due ( usually i get cramps but only a couple of days before af is due) I got kind of a clear CM since last week....(i never get that other that when im ovulatng) Im not hungry that much ( LAST TIME I ate like a pig and no matter how much I ate, I was still starving) Last time I got heartburn....THIS TIME NOTHING! I never felt nausous either times. Oh yeah... I never get HOT, Im usually cold...this time....I would be so hot to the point i'd sweat ( i never sweat) but just thought its summer time! Last couple of nights, Ive woken up in the middle of the night sweating...(so hot) and wondered why because where we sleep it is very having the air conditioning on but would be hot and sweaty. (even this morning...thats why i woke up) threw the covers off me ( i never do that) I usually cuddle with my hubby but it gets too hot now I push him away while im sleeping (poor guy) thinks i dont love him anymore! LOOOOOOOOL!!! I do smoke....but lately, I just havent really wanted it and it doesnt taste good to me anymore..(which is great cuz i wanted to quit and now I am gonna quit forsure!) Food just tasted a bit strange to me..but only certain things. I did ask my friends who would be out eating dinner with me to taste my food and tell me if it tasted weird to them... all of them said NO. I even sent back my dinner 3 times and told the waitress...this tastes weird! They re-made it three didnt make a difference! I jsut started getting like ovulation cramps yesterday (they are diff than menstral cramps) Not bad but just uncomfy on my right side, Oh yeah and I love my not loving it as much right now. I usually break out with zits before AF, this time I didnt....Just one one big a__s one but thought it was because of Af. Last time I was very tired all the time, could keep my eyes oen past 11pm...this time Im NOT. Ive been staying up till 3-4 am and then going to work at 9 after getting only 3-4 hours of sleep. I usually hate cooking!!! Now I dont mind it..even my hubby wondered why he's being fed everyday! Usually I make him take me out or pick up fats food just to avoid cooking! looooooooooool Last time...I ahd to pee all the time....Im peeing often now but not as bad or as often! I HATE DRINKING I am and I actually prefer it over my diet pepsi ( just thought i was thirsty) oh and ive been getting a dry mouth which is wanting water...last night I went to my moms for a barbq... she made steaks, chicken, salad, mushrooms, fish, rice and cooked tomatoes...everthing I ate was disgusting...I even told her that! All my sisters said i was f******. Cuz they said it was delicious! and I usually cant wait to eat her cooking cuz I love her cooking...last night...NOPE! and one last thing....Im horney more than ever!!!! lollllll which my hubby doesnt mind one bit! Well I hope I have told you as much as I possibly can to helo you all out! If I get anymore...Ill keep u updated. P.S. there are more MACK trucks of baby dust being delivered tonight!!! Good luck to you allllllllllllll. (btw I work for Mack) loooooooool. Keep me posted girls!!!! oOH YEAH, TO JENN: WHen a woman ovualates, she usually gets cm. Thats why i was wondering what as goin on this month when i never did, so I guess it is possible not to since i didnt this time and I am pregnant! YES discharge is a sign of ovulation. Hope that helps! AND JESS: watery discharge??? DO u mean like a clear discharge?? If so, then that could be ovualtion... mine was always clear and watery... never thick and white..hope that helps!


faith - July 30

CONGRATULATIONS!!! have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!


me (Louise) - July 30

Dagirl(is that your name?LOL) HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT BEAUTIFUL NEWS. Good for you for waiting to test until af due; you're right about the waste of money and disapointments! You sound so happy. Have you told DH yet? How are you going to do it? Thank-you so much for the update, and for the symptoms. I think that is very helpful! BTW you really make me laugh with your funny little comments; and you work at MACK! That's great. So you really can send out the baby dust loads LOL! Take good care of yourself. Sounds like your body's craving healthy things and not wanting unhealthy things--that's great like you said what better time to quite! Oh, my best friend is about 9 weeks pregnant now, and she said the same thing about all the food tasting wrong. She normally is particular (but really likes) with food. Yet, now everything dissapoints her because it doesn't taste right.----------------Thank-you so much for the update because it gives me hope. I'm only cd 21 now so af isn't due for a week(if it comes on time). Lately my af has come at all different cd like sometimes day 28, 42,34, so it's hard to tell. Worse yet, I wonder if I ovulated today as my cervix is softened. However, I don't have my usual tell-tell CM. Our bodies can be so confusing! Men don't go through anywhere near the constant chages we ladies do! Thank-you, though, for understanding my post and proving it true!!!!! Maybe there's hope for me too. I have been quite ga__sy. I too, have felt interested in s_x. I don't think I'm having much else in the way of symptoms. Mostly the lack of ovulation signs has me wondering. Grandpa Viv, whoever he is, didn't think this would mean pregnancy, but you prove otherwise! If I'm pregnant, I would be at implantation time give or take a few days. They say the baby implants 7-10 days after fertilization (which can't be any sooner than ovulation). Then it takes a very minimum of 10 more days to detect the hCG on a test, usually more like 14 days, which puts you at you af due date. A girl at work is very pregnant, but she couldn't get a positive until af was 2 weeks late. She said that was annoying because she know she was pregnant. Anyways, I bet you get a girl because they say only the stronger, slower girls sperms are still around if you bd 2-3 days before ovulation. Maybe the girl sperms were there waiting just it time for the egg to release from the ovary (and the fast boy sperms got there too early and dies off) Well, that's what I've read anyway.-------------CONGRATULATIONS again, and please keep me posted. I'll do the same!


Jenn - July 30

dagirl, congratulations!! I cannot stop smiling I am so happy for you...and you have giving me so much hope that I can get pregnant too. I was so worried all month that I have not been ovulating and you have just proved to us all that it is possible!!! Thankyou and taje care of yourself and your new little bun in the oven.



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