No Ovulation Signs Pregnant Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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KIMBERLY - September 3



staci - September 3

hey everyone! well AF was suppose to be here yesterday or today and still no sign of her!! woo hoo! i took a dollar tree test and got a 2nd faint gray line? anybody ever have theirs do that? wondering if it was to early that is why it's gray or it is just where the + line is supposed to be or something, used 1st am pee, thought for sure it would come out with 2 pink lines! :( my cp is so high can't reach it, it keeps going to medium to very high, but it has stayed high for a day so keeps going from sticky to wet also...and alot of stomach upsets, like having to run to the loo for #2 few times a day(sorry TMI!) just want every one to know my symptoms so they can give me good feed back! with my 1st i had that problem, almost like it was my morning sickness.....any way how is every one else doing? hopefully great! you ladies have a good weekend!


r - September 3

a grey line means nothing i got one other day and i am 6dpo its got to be a colour line i have been floowing your posts staci for a while now what are your symptoms


diya1105 - June 15

Hello Ladies, Let me tell you my story.We have been TTCing for about 3 months with no luck. This time I have no signs of ovulation. No CM. and also I am using the Clear blue Fertility monitor which is saying that I have not yet ovulated. I am on CD 18. I usually have a regular cycle of 28-30 days. I had been to the doctor on day 14 since I had gained almost 15 lbs from no where. I do agree that I wasnt doing aything to loose wt but I wasnt doing anything to gain the wt either. So I was a bit worried since I was feeling bloated, weak and tierd, sleepy always. These are all the signs of hypothyroidism. I went to the doctor and she tested my urine and said that I tested negative for pregnancy. Its day 18 now and I have not ovulated.I stopped charting my BBt cos I started using the Fertility monitor. I still have not got the results from the lab for my thyroid check. They did an ultrasound for the thyroid too. I never pay attention to my CM but as you know you dont have to cos you know when its coming sometimes it comes as if I am having my periods.My back hurts a lot for the past 2 weeks. I cant sit for too long. Sleeping helps. I dont know whats going on. But If I tested -ve for pregnancy on day 14...and I did not ovulate this month, can I still be pregnant. I am 29 yrs old BTW. Hey girls....this is so frustrating. i hate this. why dont we just get preg the very first time we try and be happy ever after. God I hate this. My DH says that I am too stresed out and thats the reason I am not ovulating. Also even if you dont ovulate you can still get your periods. Am I right?


krissy2006 - June 15



krissy2006 - June 15

Ok that was completely random... when I read the post it only had the original posters posting... I then refreshed after I posted and all the other posts came up... ok this post is like 2 years old... NEVUHMIND!!! hahahahaha


staci - June 16

oh this is weird! I am one of the original posters!!! WOW!


Natasha2010 - March 29



patteme - October 20

Hi, I have been reading this chain of posts.. I have been TTC for about a yr.. I have been using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor since Feb. Every month it has told me when I was ovulating EXCEPT this month. I have had 2 bars since day 7 and it is now day 17. My cycle is anywhere from 24-27 days (was 24 last month).. After reading this chain, of coursed I pray this is my month :) Would love to hear if anyone else was not detecting their ovulation and found out that month they were pregnant..


Grandpa Viv - October 20

Patte, you might want to consider temperature charting. Ovulation prediction tells that the right hormones are present, but does not guarantee that ovulatin occured. Read up on GL!


maya0200 - January 9

I just read the posts that were were written in 2005 - 8 years ago!!!! (but I guess bodies don't change), and it was exactly the question I googled. I wrote: does no ovulation discharge mean pregnancy? And I got the answer from one girl (dagirl). I have been trying to get pregnant for several months but only this month was really adamant about it. I tried to conceive a couple of days before ovulation and not on ovulation day (some theory about trying to conceive a girl). Then I did NOT get the usual gelatin like discharge I get EVERY SINGLE month. I thought it was a good sign. I was completely dry for days. Then one day I was talking to my cousin about it and it was about 7-8 days after what would be conception and I said I had to run to the bathroom - and AHOY - there was a little pinkish bleeding. I was so happy, because last time I had this pinky blood I was pregnant and knew it right away because of the bleeding. I told my cousin what I found and then was sure for a week that I was pregnant. I couldn't wait to do the test however. I bought a test yesterday - 5 days before period date and it was negative (the test was for 4 days before). I wasn't sure EXACTLY if it was 4-5 days before cuase there were 31 days last month. I couldn't wait so I did it and I did the next one the next day (today) and again it was negative. I was in shock yesterday and so sad, but then I started googling to calm myself. Ive had some very light bleeding which I don't usually have since then. But you never know. Every time it's so different. I can't wait till period. I am so anxious to find out already and will feel so stupid if I'm not cause I was sure I was and started telling people (haha talk about the 3 month wait. I didn't even wait for a result). SO - If it turns out IAM PREGNANT I will post it TO GIVE HOPE TO GIRLS who also have these signs and don't know what to make of them.


Grandpa Viv - January 10

I don't have much faith in tests before period due, and some women don't get a positive until two weeks late. More important at this stage - do you have other early signs beside implantation spotting , fatigue, peeing more, weird cramps, b___st and nip signs, appet_te ans smells different? GL with your net test.


Grandpa Viv - January 10

I don't have much faith in tests before period due, and some women don't get a positive until two weeks late. More important at this stage - do you have other early signs beside implantation spotting , fatigue, peeing more, weird cramps, b___st and nip signs, appet_te ans smells different? GL with your net test.


colorfuldelusions - November 15

I know this post is old.... But l, I'm having the same symptoms. I had a m/c in April. After 8 years trying to conceive. Pretty devastating. But i have pcos. And make way too much P/G hormone so the baby wasn't able to latch on. After the M/C tho my cycles are like clock work. Before, I'd maybe have a visit from A/F twice a year. Now, she's here, with her hated arrival, exactly on time. When I'm half ay through my cycle, sex is so painful I feel like I'm gunna jump out of the bed and run away from my


Girlwillis - October 25

Dagirl, or hopefully someone sees this, is what ive been looking for... first off im not trying to get pregnant so i apologise in advance to anybody who may be having difficulty... but i had this weirdness too. Normally my ovulation is painful and uncomfortable and theres alot of pressure happening and im normally so wet I could bring the sahara to life ... My periods are extremely regular and i always get symptoms right on the ovulation day my trackers predict...

However I spent this past weekend with a guy Im seeing and it was a... active weekend... however he always used the withdrawal method, even though once i got carried away and i think some may have slipped through... and on top of that with the frequency with which we were intimate i read some sperm may still get through in pre-ejaculation fluid... ANYWAY...

So I had frequent intercourse for 3 days straight even though we were "careful", for 3 days leading up to ovulation, but not on that day and i got NONE of the normal symptoms...  like normally i swear the egg is running a switch blade along my tubes and its always to the side... now 2 going on 3 DPO i had one day of rather minimal dryish white discharge and today a small amount of watery discharge and pretty consistent very mild and would be unnoticeable cramping if i wasnt very in tune with my body. It is highly unusual not to have almost period-level pain with my ovulation and also to have so little discharge, so here I am scouring the internet trying to find somebody, ANYBODY who notices things thus early!

Like i said, not TTC but would be STOKED to slap my guys face on a little rugrat. What do yall think my chances are?


Grandpa Viv - October 25

Hi GirlWillis! I'm going to guess that your lack of usual ovulation signs had something to do with your marathon sessions in the preceding days. Your guy's withdrawal procedures were not optimal. I imagine that in some multi-session encounters he could have re-entered with sperm still in his urethra from the previous session.

The marathon could also be affecting your post-ovulation experience. Four or five dpo you could perhaps feel some weird cramps as implantation starts. Other early signs could include fatigue, headache and sore breasts before the next period. Save your testing money until the period is late or light, and a second test might be necessary a week after the first.  Good luck!



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