Am I Pregnant?

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as256 - August 18

So, I had sex on day 7 using the pull-out method. My period was supposed to come around day 10 (not completely sure, I could've miscalculated it). Today it is day 18 and there's still no sign of it. It rarely gets late, only 1 day or two max. I have had really bad cramps in the last 2 days and this morning when I was relieved thinking my period was here because I was feeling really wet, it was only some small watery brown dots. I am really worried because I'm a teen and wouldn't know what to do. Can I just be being paranoid and miscalculated it?


Bethany22 - August 18

Hey, there! There is a possibility that you could be pregnant. However, if you aren't ready then don't worry. You are probably just being paranoid. I would suggest visit a doctor to be sure. It is always safer to know for sure. Don't assume things on your own. Take a test!


AmeliaPark - August 18

Hey there! I understand that you're in your teens so you are worried. I'd say wait a few days. A week maximum and then do something about it. You should try visiting a clinic afterward if you don't get your period. Don't be paranoid. However, there is a chance you could be. Don't get too stressed, just buy a pregnancy test. Ask your boyfriend to get you one.


Grandpa Viv - August 18

Hi as256. Are you using "day" as the day in August? We are usually talking about day of the monthly cycle starting with the first day of your last period. For you that might have been July 13th. Sex around July 27th or a little before would have been high risk. Sex three days before your period is low risk.

Weird cramps and lotion discharge are early signs of pregnancy, most often accompanied by unusual fatigue, emotions, breast and nipple signs, changes in appetite, peeing, backache, acne and other stuff. You are more than a week late. If you have some mixture of these signs and had sexual exposure around July 27th, it is time to run a home pregnancy test. Good luck!


gervette - September 2

My last regular period started on July 26th and ended July 29th. I ovulated on August 6th and had unprotected sex with my husband on August 2d and 6th. Started cramping on August 9th and started feeling nauseous on August 13th. Then I got what seemed light period with period cramps on August 18th, the only thing usual with those periods was that they were a lot lighter than usual I barely filled a tampon on the first day when I usually go through at least 3 super absorbent ones. As for the next days, it was pretty much nothing and more pink-red. Took a pregnancy test on August 17 and it came back negative took another one on August 27 still negative but my nausea just got worst and started having food aversion and gagging on some food smell and I'm feeling tired Way more than usual and I frequently have very mild period cramps don't know what to do or what to think.


Sharr224 - December 19

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KELE - January 23

please help

currently i sleep a lot it even worries me, im always tired with no energy

my right breast have a small liquid leaking on it , im not self lately

did pregnanc test from home and they came negative

what could be the matter here


Grandpa Viv - January 26

KELE, your hormones can be upset for reasons other than pregnancy - glands not working right or an ovarian cyst. It will take a doctor and some tests to figure it out. Good luck!



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