Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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shanny - September 2

there are sooooo many different opinions on implantation bleeding on this site so i just thought that it would be a great idea if people who have been or are pregnant and had implantation bleeding could come on this thread and tell us about when they got it, what it looks like, how long it lasts ect. that way people who want to know more about implantation bleeding can read this thread and find out what they need to know. so if you have had it before can you please describe it for us? thanks alot!!!!


swanofspeedys - September 2

Hi Shanny,this is my seventh pregnancy,i,m at week five,i ovulated on 14th-August,implatation bleed occured on the 23rd-August,it was two thick pinkish lines within some cervical mucas not unlike a mini show before labour begins,with three of my other pregnancies i also had an implantation bleed,the bleed also is accompanied by strong menstrual pains,i never had blood as a flow,more of a staining.Everyone is different,each pregnancy is different,i have known friends to have mini periods,lighter and shorter and their doctors have informed them that they were implantation bleeds,good-luck.


Jen - September 2

I had implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy and it had alot of yellow mucous and dark blood, wasn't even enough to use a tampon, mostly just when I wiped. Lasted for three days and I got a postive hpt about 2 weeks later. I had this bleeding a week before I was suppose to get my period. At first I thought it was my period just because it was blood, but it stayed brown, not red like a normal period. I had no cramping and at the time the only symptoms I was experiencing was fatigue. Hope this helps. Oh, I didn't have it with my second pregnancy, but I misscarried, I don't know if that matters.


leonia - September 2

i had implantation bleeding that was very similar to a period.only it lasted 3days .but was heavy and everything.depends upon the person i guess.i have 2 boys happened both times.


shanny - September 3

thanks alot ladies, the reason i wanted to know is that i started bleeding almost a week before my AF was due and it lasted 4 days. it was only light bleeding, enough to fill half a tampax a day, i had no cramping. normally i get lots of cramping and lots of blood that lasts 8 days. im always a regular 28 days aswell so i cant understand why i bled so early and had so little. im hoping it was implantation bleeding though. thanks for replying.


Blaire - September 3

Shanny-I am in a similar situation as you. I am normally very regular with my period. My husband and I are ttc, and I started bleeding about 4 days before my expected period. It only lasted about 2.5 to 3 days (normal period is about 5 days). The only thing different with mine is that I did have some cramping which kindof worries me b/c of possible miscarriage (if I am pregnant). would love to hear more info from anyone else who has been in a similar situation.


shanny - September 4

when was your period due? have you taken a test? my implantation bleeding (if thats what it is) started 10 days before expected af, i still have to wait and see if mine comes


Krista - September 4

Hi, my period was due three days ago, but I woke up this morning to my period. Its lighter blood than normal, but my cramps are terrible. Has anyone experienced implantation bleeding WITH their regular period cramps?


shanny - September 4

hi, i dont think that you get cramps with implantation bleeding. i think you are probably having a late period. sorry x x x


rachypoo - September 4

ib should be spotting brown or browny pink no red blood and no heavyness or like a period it should be shorter and spotting not enough for a tampon to fill it can last anywhere between a few minutes hours or days.


Elena - September 4

Thanks to everyone for their experience on here. I am 36 yo and trying to get pregnant for the first time. Hubby and I have only really been trying for 2 mts. I have an appointment w/ my doc this week because I didn't think I was spike on the tests. I felt yesterday like I was getting my period a week early. I felt bloated, I was having cravings, I was tired and then BAM! Some brownish blood when I went to the bathroom. I thought great! I am going to become irregular! I have also had a lot of discharge which is unusual for me. Now I don't know. I guess I will have to wait and see. Maybe the doc's appt. will be good news!


leonia - September 4

hi everyone ,rachypoo i have to say that comment is wrong because i know different.yes it can be red and yes it can be like a small period.i went through it twice.should remember that every woman is different and no 2 will experience the same thing.


Steenibambini - September 13

Hubby and I are trying to get pregnant. I thought I was noticing signs of pregnancy for the past week or so - nausea, fatigue, darkened areola, montgomery's tubercles - but then I noticed some pink spotting two days ago. Yesterday I had brown spotting. Both times was just when wiping, nothing on my underwear or anything. But today, which is when I was supposed to get my period, I've been having MAJOR cramps and the flow is still just as light. Went to the clinic and the doc said my urine test came back negative. I'm pretty sure it's implantation bleeding. So I'm gonna test myself again (today was probably just too early to test). Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!


Erin - September 13

I had two pregnancies but only one was successful. In both, I had implantation spotting. In my first, I had a tiny bit of pink blood (like 2-3 drops) on the tissue in the morning when I wiped at 6 days past ovulation. I had it once more the next morning. I got my positive pregnancy test at 8 days past ovulation (a full week before my period was due). With my second pregnancy (ended in m/c at 6 weeks), I had a tiny bit of pink spotting (just like before) around 9 days past ovulation and not again. I got my positive test around 10 or 11 days past ovulation. Hope that helps!


Molly - September 15

My husband and I tried for a baby for the first time on 9/3/05. Ten days later, I took two pregnancy tests. Both were positive! This morning, two mornings after the positive tests, I had a little bit of bleeding. I am not too concerned and have mostly thought of it as implantation bleeding. I am a little concerned, though, because I am having light cramping low in my abdomen. I have had cramping all along, though (since (9/4)... all but about three days. Was just wondering if anyone had any advice on this... I know there is no "normal," but is this "okay"?


To Molly - September 17

Molly I am a RN in the labor and delivery department of a major hospital and I hav to say that you do not normally get a positive HPT until approx. 6-8 days after implantation, so I am not sure that your bleeding is IB. You may want to talk with your doctor.


Karen - September 18

I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding the day my period was due - three days after already getting a BFP. I didn't wake up with it but it showed up around 10 a.m. - no cramping was accompanied with the "show". It was light pink and brown. It lasted for a couple of hours - used a light pad - probably two tablespoons in total and then it was gone. My pregnancy guide says it can take up to 13 days for the egg to implant - my midwife says that my bleeding was "old blood" and she suspects it was from implantation. Hope this helps.



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