Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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Lctoo - December 21

I am just 36 and have been TTC for only three Months. This month was my first time charting my ovulation using an OPK. I ovulated on day 16/17 of my cycle. 10 days after OD I experience a small amount of brown liquid discharge. Since then nothing.

It's now day 28 of my cycle and nothing. 2 early detection pregnancy tests came back BFN. Last one was yesterday. 

Could it be too early to test? If technically implantation only happened 10 days after OD. How long until HCG shows up in early section tests? I think my LHP is 13 days which tells me AF should arrive tomorrow. Has anyone else had this same experience? 




Gabby2323 - January 15


I am new to this site and im not the one to write anything and I see that no one has been on for awhile. well anyways I just had a question my period is suppose to start the 16th of this month but last week on the 10th i went to the bathroom and wiped and had a brown scanty stain on the toilet paper and thought it couldnt be my period because i am very regular and way to early for it to be my period and its not red it was brown and just when i wiped the scanty brown discharge went on for 4 days but very very light spotting i did have mild cramps for one day i only used a pantyliner this stuff was brown. its the 15th today and no signs of my period usually i would be having cramps. my bbs have been having this tingly/burning sensation i have been so tired. idk what to think if it was implantation bleeding when should i test?? anyone please


DarkWildWaters - September 4

Hi ladies

I'm new here and found this thread while google searching this exact issue.
I am 36 and my husband and I have been trying for 2 years. We had a missed miscarriage in September last year followed by D&C. Before the miscarriage, my normal cycle was 28 days with 6-8 day period, lots of cramping, bloating and discomfort. After miscarriage, no period for 4 months then from January this year my cycle started at 24 days with 4-5 day periods with severe cramping and massive blood clots. My cycle has stayed regular at 24-25 days with 4-5 days period and 1 heavy day with cramps since January until now. No BFP in this time despite trying to get fertile and ovulation dates exactly right. I got my "period" 3 days ago on day 25 of my cycle, but it was brown discharge on day 1 (very light, no cramping or discomfort at all), day 2 was a bit more discharge so I used a tampon but on removal of tampon, it was slightly stained darkish red/brown. Day 3 which is today, NOTHING, no spotting, no cramping. I have been exhausted beyond explanation for a week (which I kept thinking was just because of my job, stress etc) I have also had a headache for a week. Did preg test today, it's negative. I'm so confused and concerned that there is something wrong with me, my last gynae checkup was 3 months ago, he says I'm perfectly healthy.

It's been an exhausting ride after miscarriage to wait for BFP every month and get hopes up and then be dissapointed. But I have never in my life had a 2 day "period" (<< pretend period). So now I guess I wait again... and soooooo tired. PS. sore boobs today... but I dare not even consider getting excited, not after losing a baby at 12 weeks PG...

Signed with love, hope and exhaustion <3


KiarraEvans3 - October 29

Krista, hi. I read your comment and I have had 3 successful pregnancies and 2 misscarriages. With my first pregnancy I had bled and thought it was my period (I did notice it was lighter than usual but I didn't think anything of it because I did still have cramps and also have endomitriosis.) The only thing that was "off" was the fact I only bled for 5 days, my normal period was a little darker and usually lasts 7-8 days. And then with my second child I had thought that I had my period, again, just a little lighter and shorter and then fund out I was pregnant at 13 weeks. Lol but everybody is different. Some women don't experience anything or experience the bleeding but not the cramps and then the rest of us get it all lol it is like a period but usually lighter. 


PaigeB - January 29

Hi. I have a question for you guys. My period usually starts at the begginning of one month then the month after that middle then the month after that at the end of a month. December I had my period at the very end. My periods usually last 4-5 days. It started on the 29th i think of december and stopped on the 2nd or 3rd of Jan. Well before i went to work this friday i noticed i was bleedly very light pink and i usually have really bad cramps when i first start. I'm not even cramping with this. i'm not sure what to do about this. I don't wanna put to much thought into it incase i'm not prego but if i am then i am. This has never happened to me before and i'm really confused. Because in all honesty i don't wanna get my hopes up. My nipples only sensitive for a week before this happened tho. I just thought i'd ask around to people that might have gone through this. like i had said i've never had a period where i didn't cramp so bad and this one i have no cramps what so ever. so not sure what to make of it. Thanks to all who answer this.


StirCrazy - February 2

Hi, I know this is old but if I just had implantation bleeding I'll talk about it. I am going to test today. So I started Jan. 10th 2017. Average for cycles 26. I started last month on cd 22. So early right! Anyway on the 29th, I checked cervix to find dark reddish blood. None came out. Next day, wiped brown. The 31st more red. Yesterday Feb. 1st, water brown. All the way up until today my cervix has been med and firm. This morning at 11dpo high and very soft. The only thing I noticed was a headache that started on the 29th. My breasts always hurt after period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but I have to call it neg, because time was over 10 min. The line is blue and same thickness. So going to go today and get and other test. I will post in and other while and if the same tomorrow. After due on the 5th.


mmvv - February 24


I'm only new to this forum, hi everyone!

I'm not sure how old this post is, but I am experiencing the exact same thing.

My AF is usually like clockwork & heavy/clots so horrible, with cramps, migraines the works & last for 5-7 days. I had my last PMS on the 1st of Feb & was quite light, no clots & only lasted 3 days. Now I have had very light bleeding/spotting a week before my period is due which would be tomorrow 25th Feb. The brown/spotting started on the 19th Feb & lasted 4 days. Very unusual for me. I had no pain what so ever. Odd migraine, but I do suffer from chronic migraine anyway, so normal for me unfortunately. Iv'e had scans to rule out cysts, polys or fibroid. The only thing I can think of is implantation bleeding. Did you find out if you were pregnant or not Shanny??


Toribennett - April 10

 Hello everyone. I had an act topic pregnancy December 2015.  My periods have been kind of different ever sense. On Saturday, April 8, 2017 I had brown blood at 3 AM around 3 PM I had a clear fluid was a little more brown blood and pink blood later on my period is three days late and for the past three days I have only had blood when I wipe.  No cramps whatsoever no period Symptoms whatsoever.  Anyone else experienced this ?


Toribennett - April 10

SO were you pregnant after all ?


Lu23 - May 24

I just wrote a whole bunch but don't see it 


Lu23 - May 24

Never mind I see it now 


Lu23 - May 24

So yes like I was saying: My partner and I are trying to get pregnant. I have my period every 27 days. I am never late. My period was due on May 18th. I was late this month and on the 5th day it would have been late (May 22) I started to spot lite red (two drops). Then stopped for 3 hours, then started again just a little more than the first time (dark red-brown) and stopped, then 3 hours later started again and stopped. The next day was heavy like a period (May 23) and then this morning there was nothing on my pad. Then it started again and stopped but much liter. Now theres only two drops on my pad dark red/brown. If I were to go to the bathroom right now and actually go, there might be some more blood to come out by pushing but blood will not come out on its own unless it's two drops. Other than the heavy bleeding on May 23rd it's been like that (blood not coming out on its own unless pushing in the bathroom). My normal periods are on time, heavy the first 2-3 days then go to lite for the next 3-4 days. What do you guys think and I wonder if It is implantation bleeding? 


Clmhunt - September 4

Hello everyone, I'm not sure what exactly is happening with my body. In late Janurary I decided to stop taking birth control because I felt like it was destroying my body. I started taking vitex vitamins to help regulate my periods. In late june, I was diagnosed with major depression and perscribed to take celexa. Me and my partner do not use any protection. Since I started Celexa I have missed my period  once and tested negative. I figured it was due to the Celexa. 4 days after being intimate, I started what I believe to be my first period in aproximately 2 months; however I did not experience any cramping whatsoever before during or after my period which is abnormal. My period also was extremely light and only last about 3 days. For the most part it was pinkish brown, but sometimes it was red. After my period I just seem hungrier than usual and experiencing fatigue. Is this a sign of being pregnant? Im not nauseous, and Im not necessarily experiencing cramping. Just constipaton and gassy (sorry for tmi). If I am pregnant this will be my first. Please help. When should I test, what should I do?     


Riah - September 8

I had my period on aug 17-22 I had unprotected sex on aug 25-27! I was suppose to ovulate on aug 30! On sep 6th I woke up and went to urinate and it was pink mucous on the tissue! I waited for the remainder of the day it was just a small amount when I wiped watery and pink? The next day it was completely gone away! I am not due for my period until another 8-9 days!  Could this be impantion bleeding? Could I be pregnant?


Kaikenn15 - September 14

Hello everyone, I'm me on here I just wanted to see everyone's thought. So I've been trying to get pregnant with no success. I went into preterm labor last January and have been having trouble conceiving since. I come on every 25 days like clock work, for 4 days and usually I have really heavy periods and bad cramps. This month I was 3 days late and extremely light and no cramps. I'm kinda scared to take a test, I don't want to be disappointed again but this is something new.


guineapig - October 12

Ok so i wish i had paid more attention to my cycle. In march of this year i documented my days. So using an app i have worked out my cycle is 30 days. so on monday i had cramping and a watery brown liquid which continued for 3 days with some stringy brown stuff, sorry if thats too much information. Anyway no red blood at all and no tampon needed, this has never happened to me before. Als iv'e been feeling tired with a headache for a few days. According to the app if that was a period then it was 6/7 days early. So i did a pregnancy test, over excited i didn't do it first thing in the morning and when it was negative i threw it in the bin without waiting the full 3 mins :(. When do you think i should i wait to retest properly? Maybe it was just a period and i'm over thinking things. thanks in advance.



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