For Those Of Us Waiting Let S Share Signs Amp Symptoms

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jojo - August 24

i am over a month late, 4 neg. tests, achy b___sts, not other sym


Gigi - August 24

Star - please let us know if you test tomorrow - good luck on a BFP! I am also around 8 or 9 dpo, have been getting af-like cramps since a couple of days, and lower back pain, and nausea starting yesterday... BABY DUST TO ALL!


star - August 25

Hi Gigi- still having cramps, very tired, no period, now one day sisters just came to visit and they said that my mother bought baby clothes for me, she told them that she thinks i am going to have a baby soon and that its going to be a girl, weird thing is, no body knows what i am going through!!! Also I had a dream around ovulation time that I had a baby and it came out so easy, I looked dream meanings up and they say that its usual to have those kinds of dreams during weird!! Its making me freak out, espeially since I wasn't even trying to get pregnant...but i would love to be


Kala - August 25

I'm waiting for August 31. I've been feeling really bloated and ga__sy (I can't stop farting actually) and my back feels like AF is coming tomorrow. I'm noticing some cramping in my stomach, and some egg-white discharge. I don't have tender b___sts though, but man I would love to! Anyone else here pg without the b___st symptoms?


nessie - August 26

Kala - yes, I fgot a BFP confirmed by the doctor today, and I do not have the b___st symptoms! I have read that you don't really get them as much the second time (I already have a daughter), but I have not noticed anything much different in the b___st department. Mind you, I am only 3 days past when AF was due, so maybe that is why...Good luck!!


Amira - August 26

My blood test results was less than 0.5 HCG and u need at least 5 to be preg so i guess its negative. Weird thing is i still feel like c___p, like i may be preg, but i know something would show up on a test after 13 weeks. A friend told me to look up hypothyroidism..anyone know anything about that?


star - August 27

Ok I am now 4 days light, major cramping has subsided and now I just feel different. As well as nipple being soar and feel tired. This morning I woke up and my stomach felt very warm and strange. I have got to be pregnant but I am not going to test until my visitors leave.


gk - August 29

Sorry but i have a question what is DPO stand for?


gk - August 29

Sorry but i have a question what does DPO stand for?


ruby - August 29

hi ladies!! i'm on cd 28 (my cycle lengths are normally all over the place), and i'm not sure when i ovulated...the thing i'm going by is the u/s my RE saw on the aug. 19th, which showed a follicle. beginning last week, my nipples have been very tender. also in the beginning of last week, my lower abdomen was extremely sore (as if i had done tons of stomach crunches)...that feeling has gone away, but my nipples are still the same. anyone with advice/similar situation? thanks a bunch!!!


kathy taylor - September 10

i have 4 hurnas and i have know liner in my stomac and i have to have a mush


Roias - January 17

I am 5 days late for my period, my b___st are sore starting from under my arms and out, I have cramps that feel like menstrual cramps, from my waist up my body is so sore, i feel naseau sometimes, i took a test on the 2 day late and it was negative. Also I quit smoking and I'm on antibotics could that maybe be preventing my period of coming? Or am I pregnant and it's too soon to test?


iampg - January 17

i'm 3 days late, no af bfn. think i'm on a longer than usual cycle (winter, less sun etc.) hope you get your bfp!


Roias - January 17

I just got my mens too bad, i'll try next month.


krissy2006 - January 18

Ladies, this post is VERY old... Start a new one so more ladies will participate!!! Just a suggestion :)


sandra - March 30

hi guys, i love this forum. it makes me feel like i'm not alone in this pursue of babyhood :) anyway i hope im pregnant this time. I'm 11 DPO, for this week, I've been awfully fatigued. I can't even walk fast. I've fainted once and I have not fainted for more than 10 yrs. I feel so lightheaded, dizzy at times. And I've got this horrible tension headaches for 3 days. I didnt take any medication just in case. My b___bs are sore and i have cramping like AF is coming. I'm due for my AF today and I hope to test on Sunday. I'm so tempted to test now! the wait is unbearable. I've had so many negatives though that it's a little unbelievable if this is a positive now :) but i'm always hoping!



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