Has Anyone Had Brown Discharge Instead Of Period

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michelle - June 24

i am experiencing brown discharge instead of my usual heavy bleeding this month. normally my period comes on heavy without warning but this month all i am getting is brown discharge with blood tinge and some pink when i wipe. does anyone know what could be going on. i havent taken a pregnancy test as of yet. i have been doing this for 4 straight days now.


kl - June 24

michelle - i had the same thing this past week and now its gone...it could be implantation bleeding...i took a hpt and i got a very faint postive line...i will wait to test again this weekend


Erin - June 30

Hey everybody.. i am so glad that i came across this site and figured out that i was not the only one having this disgusting discharge.. i have been having these "black periods" as i call them.. haha! but i dont know what to think.. they are usually heavier than they have been, because i am on my period right now and it is really light. I dont know what to think.. if you guys could help me out it would be awesome. Thanks!


KRISTEN - July 13

HI me and my boyfriend are trying to concieve and I havent had a period since the middle of may, but this week I have a brownishh discharge, anyone know what that could mean?


Beverley - October 3

Well I don't have any answers for anybody but i'm hoping somebody can give me an answer!! I had unprotected s_x ,i'm not sure if he c_m in me but a couple days after I came on my period and my period is different this time. I normally comes on 5-6 days and i'm 5 days into my period and the first 2 days I had a light flow but the following days was just blood spots when i wipe myself or its only a little bit of thick brown stuff,sometimes nothing..my period was not like this before..normally i has a heavy flow non stop for the whole 5-6 days. I want to see what you think!!


keerthy - October 4

hey beverley this thread is tooo old.. why dont u join other threads!


lilabrooke - November 3

I am having the same thing going on right now 2 days late ttc and no period yet. We had one pregnancy test positive 3 days ago in the afternoon the following morning one said negative don't really know what was going on there besides the fact i was only asleep for 2 hours so excited about the first test to realize the 2nd test was done at 4 in the morning can someone please help!


lucian103 - March 5

Hey bonnie what happened today, what did your test say???


momof29598 - May 12

I am in my 40's and have been trying to get pregnant for 5 yrs. I have been missing the odd period. Three yrs ago it was just one month, then following yr the same and this yr, I have missed two with this months period being brown mucas with the odd dark red show. Mostly all the discharge has been on the paper when I use the washroom, and basically nothing on a pad that I would wear for an entire day. Any suggestions?


Cherrytran1028 - August 16

Someone help me 

I missed my period for 19days. I had sex on the 9th of July and I took a plan b and we use a condom. The last period I had was 23 of June. It now 8/16 so I am scared. All of my pregnancy tests came back negative. All 7.  I feel bloated, my boobs don’t hurt. I had brown discharge like on the 22 of July. But after 4 days it stop. But I started to get a little white m discharge. But it not here and I am scared. Yesterday which was the 8/16 I had brown discharge again mix with like little bit of blood.. it been 3 days.  Idk what is happening ????



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