I Don't Know If I'm Paranoid Or Pregnant

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Star34 - June 30

I had protected but also slightly unprotected sex on the 21st of this month, 4 days after my period ended.  I took a take action pill the next day and since then I have been having cramping,  excessive salivation but nothing really else.  I am also one of those people who tend to research everything and panic.  I really don't want to be pregnant.  I took a test last night and it was negative and I talked to a friend who has kids and she says I should be fine but I don't know.  I'm not due for my next period until 10 days from now.  What should I do? I can't think of any way to de-stress myself because my mind tends to wander and freak out. 


Grandpa Viv - July 1

Star, the chance of pregnancy is very low. Run a home test only if your next period shows up late or lite. Consider going on hormone birth control to minimize further worries. 


Moona - July 3

Hello sister. I am very sorry for you. That if you are thinking you are pregnant. I want to tell you that there are very very low chances for your pregnancy. If you want to know reality then you should go to the clinic. It will be benefited to you. Your doctor can guide you the best things. You have to take some yoga exercises. ANd also need to take rest. Your internal situation telling that you are so much weak. So you should take some healthy food. You need rest also. If you ignore it then not will get good news I am sure. So you have to do something for you as soon as possible. I will suggest you go and take some test. Make a complete checkup for your health. And follow the doctor's instructions. I will pray for you. Wish you best of luck.


Moona - July 3

Hey dear sister. I have come to know about your condition. I think you are not pregnant. These are signs of some other issues. You have to take good care of your self. Just go to the clinic as soon as possible. I am very sure that they will guide you in the very good way. You need to take some important test. And then you will clearly know about the matter. But you have no need to take tension. I am very hopeful for you. Your condition is not critical. You will be blessed soon with a child according to my opinion. Just need to visit the clinic. So could know about the matter. Just stay strong and think positive. Hope all will be good for you. Good luck for alwys dear.



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